the cozy coat n.
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The cozy Coat

The cozy Coat

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The cozy Coat

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  1. The cozy Coat Tim D. 13 U.S.A

  2. The Cozy Coat • Have you always been cold and could never heat up. I knew some people who are always like that and I wanted to help them I knew that there were coats and blankets to help them warm up. I heard there even was a heated coat but the coat was not weather proof. That was when I had an idea. I would have a water proof coat and put the wiring inside it. The coat would be light weight, comfortable, and cheaper than the heated coat.

  3. I Conducted Research • I did some research about the heated coats. All of the heated coats had wires on the outside or seemed very uncomfortable. • I also research why people were always cold. There was a disease called Reynaud’s disease that caused people to become numb and cold. I wanted my Inferno Coat to help them.

  4. Diagram of the Cozy Coat

  5. How to Build the Cozy Coat • How I made my Cozy Coat was I got a thin coat. • Next I inserted my heated material in the coat. • Then I put the power button inside one of the coats pocket. • Finally I turn on the coat and test it.

  6. Testing The Cozy Coat • Here is a diagram of how I tested my invention.

  7. Tweaks To My Cozy Coat Through my experiments, I discovered that I should add an extra layer inside of the coat so you don’t get too hot when the coat heat is on.

  8. Buy The Cozy Coat Are you ever cold outside and can never warm up? Now there is a way to warm up! The Cozy Coat is a heated, comfortable, stylish coat that is weather proof. The Inferno coat is also affordable, and has a 10 year warranty.