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COMPARATIVES. By Lilian Marchesoni http://lilianstoolbox.pbworks.com. COMPARATIVES. differences between two things, two people, or events. The horse is bigger than the pony. Short adjectives. adjective + - er tall  tall er. Saddam is taller than Niraji. Short adjectives. neat.

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  1. COMPARATIVES ByLilian Marchesoni http://lilianstoolbox.pbworks.com

  2. COMPARATIVES • differences between two things, two people, orevents The horse is bigger than the pony.

  3. Short adjectives • adjective + -er • tall taller Saddam is tallerthan Niraji.

  4. Short adjectives neat slow neater slower interesting young younger clean thin cleaner thinner talkative boring pretty intelligent prettier beautiful serious

  5. LONG adjectives • more +adjective • beautiful more beautiful Her nails are more beautiful than mine.

  6. Longadjectives trendy serious moreserious talkative warm moretalkative noisy interesting moreinteresting expensive nice moreexpensive attractive dirty moreattractive happy dangerous moredangerous


  8. Butch Spot

  9. Clux Molly

  10. Fred Phil

  11. Bongo Kinky

  12. Marvin Kitai

  13. Kitty Skinny

  14. Bill Gates Seu Creisson

  15. turtle leopard

  16. Kamal Abdalatif

  17. INSTRUCTIONS • Review the use of comparatives with adjectives using slides 2 to 6. • Hand-in slips with adjectives to students. They have to work in pairs. Slides 6 to 14 will move automatically after 1 minute and 30 seconds (that’s the time the pairs have to form a comparative sentence using one of the adjectives provided in theslips – youcanhavethemwritethesentencesontheir notebooks.) And becauseyou don’t have to stand next to the computer to change the slides; you can walk around the class and monitor your students’ production. By Lilian Marchesoni

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