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  1. Title of Presentation Subtitle/otherinformation Innovation in ASEAN A CriticalViewon ASEAN InnovationSystems STI Days, Bangkok, 21 January2014 EU-ASEAN S&T cooperation to jointly tackle societal challenges

  2. Fact Finding Mission • Previous Fact FindingMissions in 2008 and 2011, focused on S&T • Report: Spotlight on: Science and Technology CooperationbetweenSoutheastAsiaand Europe • Recent Fact Finding Mission in May-June 2014 in Indonesia, Malaysia,Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, focused on STI • Draft Report: Innovation and Innovation Policy in South East Asia • Subject: Innovation • Framework Conditionsfor Innovation • Critical Analysis of National Innovation Systems • Programmes and Instruments tosupportinnovation • International cooperation • Outcomes: • Report on innovation and international cooperation support schemes in Southeast Asia • Including IPR and MTA for 5 SEA countries

  3. Four interconnected sessions Bangkok Innovation in ASEAN: A CriticalViewon ASEAN InnovationSystems Innovation in ASEAN: InnovativeInnovation in the ASEAN Region IntellectualPropertyRights Workshop Material TransferAgreements Workshop

  4. Innovation in ASEAN: a Critical View on ASEAN Innovation Systems Objectives: Provide a critical view on the national innovation landscape in the ASEAN countries by invited experts from ASEAN Provide critical input to the draft country reports of the Fact Finding Mission Content of session: Brief overview (moderator) Outline of national innovation systems, future developments, and recommendations on improving framework conditions for Innovation (experts from ASEAN) Discussionand Q&A sessioninnovationframeworkconditions, innovationpolicyandpolicystructures, bottlenecks

  5. Overview of main findings: ASEAN Integration ASEAN Integration and Innovation: • Ongoing ASEAN and wider Asian economic integration is backdrop for need to invest in STI and capacity building • ASEAN vision 2020 and ASEAN Action Plan (APAST): substantial policy on S&T • ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): regional economic integration by 2015 with positive impact on innovation (IPR, infrastructures, Connectivity, ASEAN Scorecard system) • Free trade agreements (FTA) in the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA), and linkages in areas such as scientific cooperation (China, US, Japan, Korea, EU, Russia, Australia) • Bottlenecks: • allocating funds for STI, andredistributionacross borders • Illicitoutflow of capital (GFI), tax evasionby multinational companies

  6. Overview of main findings: Policy Bottlenecks Main bottlenecks: Low GERD, funding sources on STI Informal economy, illicit outflow of capital Financial frameworks conditions (financial and fiscal incentives, annual budget cycle) Complex and introverted institutional systems, redundancy in bureaucracy Lack of coordination between agencies, committees, councils, advisory bodies on STI Weak implementation of governmental rules or presidential regulations Government-driven, closed-shop, academia-focused approach to funding Level of higher education, vocal education, entrepreneurial mindset Commitment to abstract Long-Term STI Master and Action Plans

  7. Contact The final study will be available at: in June 2014