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Individual Project 3D Television PowerPoint Presentation
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Individual Project 3D Television

Individual Project 3D Television

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Individual Project 3D Television

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  1. Individual Project3D Television

  2. Overview of 3D Television technology • 3DTV is regarded by the experts and the general public as the next major step in video technologies;entertainment applications, as well as 3D video telephony, are among the commonly imagined utilizations of such a technology. As in every product, there are various different technological approaches also in 3DTV

  3. Will 3D TV be a success? • 3D at the cinema has been a runaway success and the major brands in home entertainment are hoping it takes off in the home too. Sky, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Toshiba and Philips have invested a lot in 3D. • Sky’s move to launch the first 3D TV service in Europe is very much in line with its ‘get there first’ innovation strategy (think Sky+ and HD TV), while Panasonic has placed 3D at the centre of its Viera TV Strategy and Samsung says it’s been working on perfecting the technology for the last five years. • The demonstrations we’ve seen have been impressive, both from Sky and on 3D Blu-ray systems. Good depth and resolution means, on first impressions, the TVs do exactly what they say on the tin – and deliver an impressive 3D effect.

  4. My Innovation • It consists of combining existing technology by implementing 3D TV with a programmable motorised chair. • There are 3D systems out there particulary in Japan, where there are glassless 3D TV systems. The technology will be implemented in this innovation. • Portable 4D technology will be developed for home/consumer use whereas previously only implemented in entertainment places such as Universal Studios. • Portable 4D Technology will be also be sold to movie production company like Warner Brothers, Paramount pictures and also Game developers such as EA games, SEGA, Ubisoft Activision.

  5. How will 3D works with 4D Technology? • As we know current 3D TV needs to work with 3D glasses. In order to integrate 4D with 3D technology, there are things we need to consider to get this innovation to happen. • Custom written software to be programmed to the 3D System board in the chair andGlassless 3D TV technology •

  6. Pros and Cons • Pro • - Glassless 3D experience • -Portable, does not have to be fixed in position • -Household consumer can experience 4D • Con • -Can be expensive for the average household • -Maintenance • -Takes space on lounge room • -

  7. Scenario • The package will come with a programmable motorised chair and a glassless 3D TV • With 4D technology, your whole body will feel the movement like G forces, turns making it a realistic movie/game experience. • This can be all configured on the custom built software. Movie and game developers can based their work on 4D technology to bring the hype and excitement to the customers.