defining a weed n.
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Defining a weed

Defining a weed

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Defining a weed

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  1. Defining a weed Manuel Reyes

  2. What is a weed? • A weed is a plant that has no use in a certain area • Also applies to trees and bushes • Four categories that make a plant, bush, or tree a weed

  3. Plants as obstacles • Any plant, tree, or bush that are obstacles to the development of desired vegetation, construction of a project, etc. in a certain area of land are referred as weeds • Stated by SigurHakansson, ” Weeds are those plants of the species that occur in situations where they are unwanted”

  4. Septic and non-septic Plants • Plants that are known to cause harm to animals, especially to people, are considered to be weeds • Likewise plants that are non-septic that causes hindrance to the growth of the desired vegetation are weeds

  5. Invasive plant species • Any plants that invade ecosystems of other plants are referred to being weeds because of the quick dominance they get • This is true because of certain societies that wish to protect the native ecosystems from becoming extinct

  6. Lack of acceptance “”You ought to cut those weeds down!” someone snarled, walking along the sidewalk. I stood in my sister Margot’s yard in an urban Richmond neighborhood, delighting in the native plants she had cultivated over the years: …” • Native plants are also referred to weeds because of the lack of acceptance they have from society • Clearly depicted in Laura Cunningham’s narration • Can as well be other plants that lack acceptance

  7. A weed • Weeds tend to be plants that fit any of the four categories shown before • These categories show that plants, trees, or bushes that have no use in a particular area are referred to being a weed • Ultimately the groups of society are the ones that define what a weed is