how silicon valley destroys luxury n.
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How Silicon Valley Destroys Luxury PowerPoint Presentation
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How Silicon Valley Destroys Luxury

How Silicon Valley Destroys Luxury

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How Silicon Valley Destroys Luxury

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  1. HowSilicon Valley Destroys Luxury Death by a Thousand (Surveillance) Cuts

  2. The Luxury Equation Luxury = Privacy + Discretion plus {Quality + Exclusivity} • Product-specific attributes are only half the equation for authentic luxury • Privacy + Discretion are essential elements of aluxeexperience

  3. Silicon Valley Degrades Luxury Experience Mass-Market Experience = Surveillance + Commodification • Surveillance drives profits, via ad-driven revenue paradigm But… • At the expense of traditional, real-world luxury expectations

  4. Silicon Valley Degrades Luxury Experience Luxury Experience = Privacy + Discretion Silicon Valley Destroys Both—By Design

  5. Death of (True) Online Luxury? • Ubiquitous virtual + physical surveillance (smartphone, wearables) is incompatible with a true luxury experience • Luxury consumers would not tolerate such surveillance tactics in the real world Solution? Online luxury experience must match real-world luxe expectations

  6. Consumers Crave Authentic Luxury • EU is leading the growing Web privacy backlash • Chinese consumers reject Western brands demonstrating lack of discretion (e.g., P&G’s SK-II debacle) • NSA leaks heighten U.S. (and global) consumer fears re privacy • Silicon Valley consumer surveillance dwarfs NSA Educated consumers will demand Privacy + Discretion in ecommerce—especially from luxury brands

  7. Primoux Restores Luxury to Ecommerce Luxury Experience = Privacy + Discretion • Mass-market ecommerce (Amazon, et al) sets high service level But… • Critical elements of authentic luxury experience are stripped away • Surveillance is basis of hundreds of billions of $ in wealth creation Primoux restores authentic luxury to online experience

  8. Silicon Valley = FauxLuxe • Global affluents crave Western luxury—NOTsurveillance • Silicon Valley ad + branding tools are incompatible with authentic luxury experience

  9. Primoux is Ideal Luxury Brand Partner Primoux restores authentic online luxury by mastering four (4) key customer engagement principles: • Privacy: private brand relationships shielded from surveillance • Discretion: VIP treatment throughout entire brand experience • Trust: match real-world luxury experience online • Relationship: direct connection to bona fide customers

  10. Primoux is Ideal Luxury Brand Partner Primoux restores authentic luxury by delivering a superior online luxury experience: • Private iWorld creates direct connection with bona fide customer • Customer chooses which luxury brands to allow into her iWorld • Luxury brand now maintains ongoing relationship with delighted customer

  11. Primoux is Ideal Luxury Brand Partner • Personalized iWorldguarantees she views your brand as a “primoux” brand: Excellent + Trustworthy + Worthy of loyalty Primoux nurtures loyal, long-term relationships between luxury consumers and the high-end brands they love by creating the first authentic, personalized luxury online world for consumers

  12. Primoux is Ideal Luxury Brand Partner • Contact us to discuss how Primoux can partner with your brand to achieve global ecommerce success Contact: Marvin Goodwin, CEO Primoux Email: Twitter: @primoux Phone: 312.361.3638