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The GoToMeeting Attendee interface PowerPoint Presentation
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The GoToMeeting Attendee interface

The GoToMeeting Attendee interface

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The GoToMeeting Attendee interface

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  1. The GoToMeeting Attendee interface Call Cheryl if problems: 206-679-3071

  2. Using GoToMeeting features Select Mic & Speakers or telephone • Expand & collapse your Panel • View and select your audio • Submit a question or comment via Chat • Manage your own muting • Share and manage your webcam

  3. Connect to Telephone Audio • Locate Audio and select Telephone • Dial using the information provided • Once connected, enter your audio pin to identify your line • You are successfully connected to audio

  4. Claims, Evidence & Reasoning April 2, 2013

  5. Welcome Back Check-in • TEXT . . . .

  6. Progress Review

  7. Essential Questions/Agenda • What is reasoning in a scientific explanation? • How do I help my students with reasoning when making a scientific explanation?

  8. Success Criteria • I understand the difference between evidence and reasoning at the middle school level. • I have ideas and a plan to require students to do some reasoning when making a scientific explanation. • I know the homework assignment to be completed before April 23rd (at the Stanford Center)

  9. Initial Thoughts What do you now know about the “Reasoning” element of the CER framework? (Record your ideas.)

  10. Initial Thoughts What do you now know about the “Reasoning” element of the CER framework? (Record your ideas.)

  11. Reasoning: Text Example Read the 7th Grade Vignette on page 1 – 3. Mark (**) places where students are using reasoning to support their claims. • Be ready to share an idea – I may call on you if I don’t get any volunteers.

  12. Reasoning: Text Review • Read pages 24 – 25 on REASONING • Underline the most important sentence in that section related to student reasoning • Be ready to share . . .

  13. Breakouts: • Identify a recorder/reporter and a time keeper • Discuss: • Where is the reasoning in our assigned student sample? • What is the quality of the student reasoning in our assigned student sample? • What did you know about “reasoning” but now see in a different light?

  14. Reasoning: Physics Example • What type of pulley system requires the least force to move the block? A pulley system with two moveable pulleys and one fixed pulley required the least amount of force to move the block. This system took an average of 0.82 Newtons to move the block. We tried three other systems, but the closest one was still 0.23 Newtons more, because it required 1.05 Newtons. (Evidence) The fixed pulleys just change the direction of the force, while moveable pulleys reduce the amount of force. Using one fixed, let us have two moveable pulleys, which decreased the force more than just having one moveable pulley.

  15. Reasoning: Biology Example What will happen to the shark population if the Phytoplankton populations die out? The shark population will die out. The shark eats other fish such as the ocean fish and the lantern fish. The ocean fish and the lantern fish eat other organisms such as shrimp and copepods. The shrimp and copepods eat the phytoplankton. All of the other organisms in the food web depend on the phytoplankton, even if they do not directly eat them. Organisms are affected by other organisms in a food web even if they are not directly linked to them.

  16. Reasoning: Environmental Science Example Mr. Garcia: Do you think the climate is changing? Make sure you support your idea with evidence and reasoning. Olivia: I think the climate is changing because this fall has been really warm. Mariela: Does being warm just one fall count as evidence for climate change? Nate: No, climate is long term changes. It is just weather if it is one day or a month or a season. So I agree with Olivia that the climate is changing. But I think it is changing because the air temperature has slowly gotten warmer over a long time. The average temperature has increased like 2 degrees in the last 100 years.

  17. Breakouts • Group 1: Physics Example • Phone number: 712-429-0690 • Participant code: 899847# • Group 2: Biology Example • Phone number: 712-429-0690 • Participant code: 288019# • Group 3: Environmental Science Example • Phone number:712-429-0690 • Participant code: 991094# Pulley: By Sai K shanmugam,shanmugamstudio,Kollam (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Shark: By TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋) (Shark) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Climate Change: By Victor Korniyenko (From Wiki.) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

  18. Share Out • Group 1: Physics Example • Group 2: Biology Example • Group 3 : Environmental Science Example

  19. Instructional Planning Template Assignment: Write a scientific explanation that _______________________ Claim: (Write a statement that responds to the original problem about ________)  Evidence: (Provide scientific data to support your claim about __________________)  Reasoning: Write a statement that tells why your data counts as evidence to support your claim about ____________________________________________________ Your statement should include scientific principles that defend your claim and evidence.

  20. Instructional Planning Template • Write a scientific explanation that states whether new substances were formed after combining baking soda, powdered sugar, rock salt and phenol red.

  21. Evaluation • 3– Learnings (or things you see differently) • 2- Ideas to take away • 1 – The most important thing that we discuss during our next ONLINE follow-up event