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PRSSA National Convention

PRSSA National Convention. October 12-15 San Francisco. SET UP. Networking Dance ~ first night Keynote Speakers ~ 1/day Breakout Sessions ~ 3/day Networking Session ~ last day. FASHION PR. Jennifer Brow & Charlie Graham (Shop It To Me)

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PRSSA National Convention

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  1. PRSSA National Convention October 12-15 San Francisco

  2. SET UP • Networking Dance ~ first night • Keynote Speakers ~ 1/day • Breakout Sessions ~ 3/day • Networking Session ~ last day

  3. FASHION PR • Jennifer Brow & Charlie Graham (Shop It To Me) • Not nearly as glamorous as it seems; we can’t all be Kelly Cutrone! • Lots of behind the scenes work • Don’t necessarily have to be in LA or NY, plenty of headquarters for major brands around the country • EX: Modcloth/Urban Outfitters/Anthropolgy - Pennsylvania

  4. FASHION PR • PR is only part of the puzzle for a fashion brand • need a product people genuinely love enough to tell others about • Real metrics (purchases) vs. vanity metrics (nice tweets, magazine features, etc.) • BREAK IN: • Pick product/brand you are passionate about & use it frequently • Authenticity is a strong selling point • Game of relationships • Sharp/professional LinkedIn profile • Blog/know influencers • Start as a shop girl (or boy!) • Be flexible – fashion is always changing • Wear brand at interview and first week – live the brand

  5. MEDIA TRAINING: PREPARING YOUR CLIENT • Main theme: “Play the Devil’s Advocate”- question drilling • Think like media • Prepare plenty of questions/responses • Media Relations 3 C’s: • Control • Competence • Concern

  6. MEDIA TRAINING: PREPARING YOUR CLIENT • Logistics: • Consistent label/name • Do not go down the speculation path! • Open with brief summary- clarify • Appearance/Presentation: • Remain calm: listen, pause, think, THEN answer • Personable • Non-verbals matter • Never touch glasses • Where to look • Hand gestures

  7. + 7 Travel the World with PR • Shabnam Asthana (Empowered Solutions) • Morgan McLintic (Lewis PR) • NEED to have EXCELLENT communication skills because you wont always be face to face working internationally • Need to be aware of cultural nuances • PR markets differ in working practices, key tactics, legalities, communication style • Integrate trends... MASSIVE GLOBALIZATION

  8. + 8 Travel the World with PR • How to get into International PR • Intern at an organization with global offices • Study a second language • Follow global events • Study the news culture of other countries • Visit target locations on vacation • Start a blog about international PR • Write your own goal and tell people

  9. + 9 Spectacular Events on a Shoe String Budget • Noelle K. Afualo • Director of Public Relations for Simon Wong Engineering • Creativity drives the program • Raffles better than Silent Auctions • Under promise and over deliver • Know your budget- Set your goals • Sponsorship Program • Event Collateral • Bring the Fun!

  10. + 10 Back to the BAYsics • Emma Shiflett (Edelman) • Resume tips! • Save it as a PDF when emailing it to possible employers • Send to a friend first to make sure it looks correct when opened • Have an appropriate “Save As” name e.g. First Name Last Name • Don’t include an objective • Keep the layout simple • No crazy fonts or color • No pictures! • Ensure all blogs mentioned on resume are current • DO NOT include the blog you made a year ago for a class if you didn’t continue it after the class

  11. Back to the BAYsics • Cover Letters: to cover or not to cover? • Chances are, employers will look at your RESUME first • May not even read cover, so resume needs to be strongest • How to write a cover letter • Length: 2-3 short paragraphs • Content: Concrete points conveying your fit • Always proofread before sending! • Follow up: A basic “look forward to hearing from you” is good • Never a specific timeline

  12. IMC & The PR Professional{ Integrated Marketing Communications } • Dr. Mitchell Friedman (Associate Dean, Career Development and Student Affairs, Presidio Graduate School) • Making a case for broader PR • More than publicity, stressing the importance of IMC experience • “Aim to have the dominant creative idea” – Richard Edelman • Making the influential process a cross-functional process: plan and monitor different messages through different departments • PR degrees are changing • Labeled as “strategic communications”, “marketing”

  13. IMC & The PR Professional{ Integrated Marketing Communications } • Getting experience: • Work experience (internships, volunteer work, school courses) • Study experts in your field, find role models • Networking tips: • Find someone in your social media contacts who is studying in the same field as you, or living in the same area • Reach out to past employers (connections are everything) • Look through your high school alumni contacts • Market yourself differently: a balanced blend of personal & professional

  14. SPORTS PR • Andrew Nicholson, Director, New Media, Sacramento Kings • Goal: Foster emotional connection with fans • Motto: Content is king and the Kings are content • Black Thursday Social Media campaign • #BLACKTHURSDAY • Website Splash Page • Special Social media ticket offers • Videos

  15. SPORTS PR • Nima Zarrabi, Director of Marketing/Public Relations, REP1 Sports • TIPS: • Spend time with anyone you can learn from • Build relationships with collegiate athletes at school • Try to get clips at student newspaper • Put together a campaign for a local business • Keep your eye on the prize! Careers are like marathons, you have to build to get there • Details matter, it all starts with a phone call

  16. SOCIAL MEDIA & ELECTIONS • David Almacy, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategies, Edelman PR • 2/3 of Americans use a social network • Why target online voters? • People online are much more politically oriented • Facebook users are 2x more likely than non-users to be engaged in politics • 2004 Election • Barney Cam following President Bush’s dog around the White House


  18. SOCIAL MEDIA & ELECTIONS • POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN ELECTIONS: • Campaigns mostly use social media for dissemination, not dialogue • Campaign websites remain the hub of U.S. campaigns • Social Media empowers the non-elite in elections • Effective at raising money • Increased social media participants doesn’t necessarily increase political knowledge • Other people will take over your image if you don’t with online media • Leverage content from “people like us” to establish more credibility

  19. NAVIGATING LIFE AS A NEW PRO • Start at nonprofits (ie: event planning, social media) • Do your research to discover what facet of PR you want to get into • Don’t look for a company where you CAN FIT IN, look for a company that FITS YOU • You need to be passionate about what you do • Know your worth: don’t settle because you have skills and expertise • Do your homework to get a career • Discover your talents and make yourself indispensable • Don’t act like an intern, act like a team member

  20. PANDORA • Built 100M+ user base from Word-of-Mouth Marketing • Focus on doing good for musicians and listeners • MARKETING STRATEGIES • 1. Give them what they want • 2. Use personalized email marketing sparingly • 3. Keep it simple • 4. Focus on what customers want most

  21. DISNEYAND RESORT • Matt Prince, Senior Manager, Executive Communications • CSU Fullerton Alumni • “Brand You-The Secrets of Personal Branding” • Manages engagement for in-park programs • Gathers content around park and interacts with guests • Works at Disneyland office behind Cars Land

  22. HEARST CASTLE • SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17 @ 10 a.m. meet at PAC circle • EXCLUSIVE PRSSA tour of Hearst Castle decorated for Christmas • Wear comfortable shoes, bring a jacket and camera! • Once in a lifetime opportunity! Reserve a spot on the sign-up sheet.


  24. The End! 2013 Assembly – Albuquerque, NM 2013 Conference – Philadelphia, PA

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