amazing low pressure molding applications n.
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Amazing Low Pressure Molding Applications PowerPoint Presentation
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Amazing Low Pressure Molding Applications

Amazing Low Pressure Molding Applications

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Amazing Low Pressure Molding Applications

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  1. Amazing Low Pressure Molding Applications Now before you dig yourself in reading the several applications of low pressure molding process, it is important to first know something about the low pressure molding process. Well! It is a process done with hot melt adhesives which can achieve better sealing, better protection of electrical components giving them higher productivity. Also, this process is absolutely feasible to the environment and also lets the manufacturer to have the production done at a reduced cost. Few Highlighted Features of Low Pressure Molding  Low Injection Pressure It gives no damage to the components and helps in encapsulating the delicate components easily.  It Improves Productivity This process helps in attaining the faster cycle times and thereby increases the production rate and also it is a simple and clean process which don't require much effort. These were a few main features which we have discussed, now let's focus on its application areas where low pressure molding is highly found suitable and preferred.

  2. Automotive Electronics Undoubtedly, the automotive industry is having maximum benefits of this process as most of the components of the automotive industry are being made through the low pressure molding process. This process is applied in the manufacturing of various electronic systems and devices which are extremely found useful in the automobile industry. Few of such devices are pressure monitoring systems, PCB's, belt lock sensors, air quality sensors, antennas for RF devices, smart entry systems and lots more. Mobile Phone This is another intensive industry where low pressure molding is found very beneficial and is highly used for a variety of applications. The adhesives used for molding the components of the mobile phone industry are very much helpful in giving the water tightness, protection and encapsulate the component tightly and therefore aids in preventing the moisture to touch it. Due to this, mostly mobile phone batteries, antenna and other delicate items undergo this process. Medical Low pressure molding has revolutionized the medical industry by giving both the researchers and doctors safe and disposable equipment. This process has made it possible for manufacturers to manufacture devices that are far more efficient, safe and clean to use. Also, few surgical equipment are also being produced by this method and help the medical industry to have the frequently used equipment to be manufactured at a reduced cost. MRI machines, syringes, pharmaceutical packaging, bottles are a few such things which are being made through this process. Get more information please visit at - injection-molding.html Contact Us iMold USA LLC ADD: 2220 Hillcrest Street Orlando, FL 32803 Tel.: +1-407-9822797 Email: