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SCO OpenServer 6 The Most Reliable Operating System Just Got More Powerful John Maciaszek, Director OS Product Management Sandy Gupta, VP Engineering Richard Harry, SCO Engineering Director. Agenda. What’s New In OpenServer 6 New Kernel Features Hardware Support

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  1. SCO OpenServer 6The Most Reliable Operating System Just Got More PowerfulJohn Maciaszek, Director OS Product ManagementSandy Gupta, VP EngineeringRichard Harry, SCO Engineering Director

  2. Agenda • What’s New In OpenServer 6 • New Kernel Features • Hardware Support • Enhanced Security and Stability • Built for Agility Features • Investment Protection • Optional Services • Development System • Replication Tools • Licensing • Media Kits • Current Status & Certifications • SCO Support For OpenServer 6

  3. New & Enhanced Kernel Features

  4. OpenServer 5 Based on SVR3.2 UNIX OpenServer 6 Based on SVR5 UNIX A New Kernel

  5. Key Kernel Features • Multi-Threaded Fine Grain Locking SVR5 Kernel • Large File Support • Now up to 1 TB - Increased from 2GB • Freedom to grow your data bases • Increased CPU Support • Virtually linear scaling to 16 - Supports up to 32 • Memory Support up to 64GB • 16GB General Purpose - 64GB Shared • Improved Support for Async I/0 • Continue to process - I/O in background • SUPPORT FOR MODERN APPLICATIONS

  6. New Kernel - Improved Performance • Benchmarks real-life business server scenario of input, display, networking, disk I/O, etc. • Up-to 300% improvement for OpenServer 6

  7. New Kernel - Improved Performance • Benchmarks file & printer server performance • Up-to 400% improvement for OpenServer 6

  8. New Hardware Support

  9. OpenServer 6 – Hardware Support • OSR6 has the most current hardware support of any OpenServer release • Most hardware is automatically recognized by the OS • SCOadmin and the standard “mkdev” interfaces cover the balance • Certification tools are available for testing new OSR6 server deployments

  10. Hardware Support • OpenServer 6 Supports New & Diverse Hardware Technology • Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) for HP Proliant Products • provides support for both SAS and SATA hardware • replaces slower parallel technologies • will also control both Serial ATA and Serial Attached SCSI hard drives. • Native SATA • full support for Intel’s open Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) • includes features such as Native Command Queuing and Hot-Plug support. • USB Printer Support • DVD Backup Support • enables faster and more cost effective backup of valuable data.

  11. Hardware Support (2) • Fiber Channel-based SAN Support • Support for HP MSA 1500, 1000 and 500 systems. • QLogic Fiber Channel 22xx/23xx controllers. • Hardware RAID Support for the following: • Adaptec hardware RAID controllers • HP/Compaq RAID controllers • Intel integrated RAID • LSI MegaRAID • LSI Fusion-MPT RAID.

  12. Enhanced Security & Stability

  13. Enhanced Security Features • Architected for Superior Security • Security Audited For Quality • Performed 7500+ tests for known exploits • Product shipping free of any known exploits • Kernel Privileges • SVR5 provides fine a grain privilege mechanism • Minimizes system exposure to abuse • Auditing of Events • Encrypted File System and Archives • IPsec • TCP/IP Packet Encryption • Implements VPN

  14. Enhanced Security Features (2) • Updated OpenSSH and OpenSSL • Secure Communication across insecure networks • IPfilter based Firewall with NAT Functionality • Allows OSR6 to act as FireWall • Support for NFS v3 for large files • Emergency Recovery CD-R/RW Media Support

  15. Stability Features • New SVR5 Kernel with 20,000 Hours MTBSS • OSR6 Built to keep running as always • Dynamic Loadable Drivers • Loaded or unloaded on running system w/o reboot • Supports Hot plug of new devices • Hot Plug CPU, Memory and Device Support • Add CPUs or additional memory to running system • New VxFS Journaled Filesystem • Data Integrity protection for hardware failures

  16. Built for Agility

  17. Key Features • OpenServer 6 Supports Mobility and the Provisioning of Mobile Applications • Wireless Technology • Intel Centrino™ Wireless Technology • Provides laptops with fully integrated wireless LAN support • PRISM Wireless Technology • Apache 1.3 Web server • Tomcat Support for Java applets • Web Services toolkit for Java/C/C++/PHP/Perl • Web Services Substrate built for SOA Architecture • TCP Checksum offloading Support built in

  18. Key Features • Java 1.4.2 Standard Edition • Updated Mozilla 1.7 Browser and Java Plug-Ins • Popular MySQL and PostgreSQL Open Source Data Bases • File and Print with Samba 3.013 – replacing AFPS • Support for Virtualization Languages PHP and Perl

  19. New KDE Graphical User Interface • New Optional Graphical User Interface • User Selectable Alternative to XDT3

  20. A New Look • Added new graphical icons and splash screens to update look & feel OpenServer 6 OpenServer 5

  21. Open Source Software – SCO’s Heritage Continues • UNIX source code available for 20+ years • SCO first included open source software in its UNIX distributions in 1995 (Perl) • Open Source and SCO Today: • SCO optimizes MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, JBoss, Samba, Mozilla, Squid, KDE, Firefox, Perl, PHP and hundreds of others • SCO distributes under many different open source license types • SCO supports all the software it distributes

  22. Investment Protection

  23. Protecting Your Investment • Backward Compatibility with Prior SCO Operating Systems • OSR5 Family applications supported • UnixWare 7.1.x Applications supported • Xenix 286 Application Support as well • Well behaved Xenix applications – of course • Legacy HTFS Support • Can move existing file systems to OSR6 • OSR5 must have wd driver supplement installed before migrating • Wide Hardware Support • Supports Thousands of Applications • New and Legacy plus UW714 applications • OpenServer 6 Lowers TCO

  24. Single Certification for OSR6 and UW714 • Single Process for Certification of applications and drivers. • Applicable to OpenServer 6 and UnixWare 7.1.4 Certify on one and be certified on both • Certified Applications will run on either OSR6 or UW714 – Single application for SCO UNIX • Device drivers written to UW7 or OSR6 will run on both • OSR6 Uses UnixWare 7 Driver Model

  25. Optional Services

  26. Optional Services Changes • PowerTerm™ WebConnect • New Offering from Ericom • Provides centrally managed secure connectivity for Windows, UNIX, and Legacy Servers • Installs with 60-Day Evaluation License • Visit Breakout Session for more details • Samba (3.0.13) is the supported file and print solution for OSR6 • White Paper Coming to Web Shortly on migrating from AFPS • ODM and Mirroring ala UW714 • Coming in 4Q05

  27. Optional Services Changes • Current OSR5/UW7 Versions of Merge not supported on OSR6 • New MergePRO for OSR6 • Supports Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP • Capable of running multiple instances of each • Supports Cut & Paste from Windows to UNIX • Coming later this year

  28. Additional Connectivity Solutions • New Ericom® Solutions CD Coming 9/05 • Describes numerous connectivity products available from Ericom Software • PowerTerm® Host Publisherfrom SCO • Extends the reach of legacy applications • SCOx Web Service Substrate Services • Use the latest Web Services technology on SCO servers to access applications and databases – available now from SCO Professional Services.

  29. OpenServer 6 Development System

  30. Development System • Updated compilers and tools for OSR6 development • Married Compilers into a Single Set • Both C and C++ Compilers Enhanced for OSR6 • Produce SVR5 or OSR5 Mode ELF Binaries • SVR5 Mode will produce code for both OSR6 and UW714 when Single Certification Guidelines are followed • OSR5 Mode will produce binaries that are compatible with the OpenServer 5 Family • New Low Price License Required for the new Dev Sys • For more Details Visit the “Developing for SCO Platforms” Breakout

  31. OpenServer 6 Replication Tools

  32. OpenServer 6 Replication Toolkit • Mass Installation Toolkit (MIT) For OpenServer 6 • Currently in Beta - October FCS • PS solution template for custom replication and deployment of complete systems • Efficient, cost effective methodology for rolling out multiple similarly configured systems • Reduces deployment time • For More Details Visit the Replication Kit breakout Session – Tuesday 3PM Room 105

  33. OpenServer 6 Licensing

  34. OpenServer 6 Licensing • Two OpenServer 6 Editions • Enterprise – new enhanced defaults – same price • Starter – replaces Desktop and Host • Low Entry price of $599 • 2-Users • Expandable Users, Memory and CPUs • OpenServer 6 Upgrades from OSR506 and OSR507 • Release specific with different pricing • Upgrades get full benefit of new defaults • Trade-Ins for OSR505 and earlier releases

  35. OpenServer 6 – Editions • Changes indicated in Red • More value compared to prior editions • Upgrades get full benefit of the new defaults • Special 5-User Bump for Starter Edition

  36. OpenServer 6 Licensing • New SCO OpenServer 6 Licenses • New Edition Licenses for • Starter Edition • Enterprise Edition • New Memory Licenses • for 4GB (Starter), 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB • These are maximum limits not additive • New 5 User License for Starter Edition only • Standard User Licenses • for 5, 10, 25, 100 and 500 additional users • cannot be used with Starter Edition • CPU License (each additional physical CPU)

  37. OpenServer 6 Upgrade Licenses • Upgrade licenses only available for: • OpenServer 5.0.7 • OpenServer 5.0.6 • All Upgrade licenses are Edition and Release Specific • Upgrade License from OpenServer Enterprise -> • Enterprise Edition with 10 users and 4 CPUs • Can use existing(506/507) additional User and CPU Licenses • Upgrade License from OpenServer Desktop -> • Starter Edition with 4GB Memory • Can use existing additional CPU Licenses

  38. OpenServer 6 Upgrade Licenses (2) • Upgrade License from Host to Starter • Starter Edition with 5 users and 4 GB of Memory • Can use existing CPU Licenses • Cannot use additional User Licenses, they must be exchanged • Cross Upgrade License from Host to Enterprise • Enterprise Edition with 10 users and 4 CPUs • Can use existing CPU License and User Licenses • OSR507 SCO Update License Serves as Upgrade License to Install OpenServer 6

  39. OpenServer 6 Trade-In Licensing • Trade In Licences are Required for: • OpenServer Release 5.0.5 or earlier • Host and Desktop --> Starter • Enterprise --> Enterprise • Cross Trade-In from Host to Enterprise Available • Trade Ins for User and Processor Licenses are also required

  40. OpenServer 6 Additional Licensing Information • Stronger License Enforcement for OpenServer 6 • System will be shutdown after 60 minutes if: • the system has no valid license • the system has an expired license • New OpenServer 6 Development System License • Special Low License Price – No Upgrade Available • New NFR Kit License (Includes Starter and Enterprise) • Can defer License at ISL for a 60 day Enterprise Evaluation License • Ericom PowerTermTM WebConnect installs with a 50 user 60 day Evaluation License

  41. OpenServer 6 – Media Kits

  42. OpenServer 6 Media Kits • The Standard and Compact Media Kit includes: • The Base Operating System CD • SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 base OS • - including J2SE 1.4.2 - JRE and JDK • SCO OpenServer Release 6.0.0 Development System • The Optional Service CD • Ericom PowerTermTM WebConnect • System Certification Testsuite (SCT) • Squid 2.5STABLE9 • Tomcat 4.1.31 • French and German Message Catalogues

  43. OpenServer 6 Media Kits • In addition the Standard Media Kit will include: • A hardcopy of the Getting Started Guide • Note that Release Notes will not be in Hardcopy • Will be in /info on the Base CD • French and German Standard Media Kits with localized Getting Started Guide will ship in September

  44. OpenServer 6 – Current Status

  45. OpenServer 6 Status • Worldwide FCS – English Kits - June • Maintenance Pack 1 - Posted August 2 • This MP contains: • Dual Core Support • Mozilla 1.7.10 • Java 1.4.2_08 • Critical OS Fixes • French/German Media Kits in September • Maintenance Pack 2 Scheduled for 4Q

  46. OpenServer 6 – Certified Hardware

  47. HP Hardware Support • SCO OpenServer 6 certifications • 16 HP ProLiant server platforms • 6 HP StorageWorks systems • Fibre Channel support and Reliant HA clustering certifications for MSA1000 and MSA1500 • HBA Certification for the new HP SmartArray SA P600 SAS controller

  48. Computer Systems Certified for OSR6 – Thus Far

  49. New Channel Partner Certification Programs • SCO Distributors and Channel partners can now certify their white-box server solutions in the SCO Hardware Database. • Two new low cost programs now available to list your computer servers as Certified, or Compatible products with SCO Operating Systems • Rebranding Certification Program (RCP) • Computer System Listing Program (SLP) • Both use a New System Certification Tests (SCT) • can be downloaded at: http://www.sco.com/developers/hdk/testsuites/ • also available on the OSR6 Optional Services CD

  50. Rebranding Certification Program (RCP) • Program For SCO Authorized Distributors and Channel Partners • customers of major OEM suppliers • assemble "White Box" systems under own model name and model number • If OEM is participating in this program, andhas Certified a specific Server Board - the channel partner can re-certify the same system without retesting • Intel Servers available for the RCT Program: • http://wdb1.sco.com/hch_web/owa/hch_passthru_list_pkg.oem_list

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