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Famous Mathematician

Famous Mathematician

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Famous Mathematician

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  1. Leonhard Euler Famous Mathematician Maggie Chang Y8c Care Charles Babbage

  2. Leonhard Euler (Introduction): • He educated in Switzerland and entered the University of Base for education. • He is the most famous and the best student that John Bernoulli have. His success has exceed his teacher John Bernoulli. • Although he also studied theology and Hebrew, his impressive talent in mathematics. • On 7th January 1734, he married Katharina Gsell • He was totally blind and became chairman of mathematics there in 1733. • The greatest leading mathematician in the eighteenth century. • Leonhard Euler was a Swiss mathematician who made a huge presents to a wide range of mathematics and physics including analytic geometry, trigonometry, geometry, calculus and number theory • Born in Basel, Switzerland on April 15, 1707. • Suffered a stroke a died on 18th Sep, 1783. Famous For: Blind Mathematician

  3. LEONHARD EULER INFLUENCE TO THE SOCIETY • Euler present geometry, calculus, trigonometry, number theory subjects. He stood in the modern mathematical symbols, Greek symbols, to continue to use today. • He has find out the continue equations and the equations for the motion of incompressible fluid.

  4. Charles Babbage (Introduction): • Charles Babbage is the eldest child of Totnes family. • He attended entered Trinity College, Cambridgefor his university education. • Married a landowning Shropshire family, GeorgianaWhitmore. • He compiled the first actuarial tables and planned a machine calculator, the founder of the modern computer. • His invention let the nineteenth centre of British Science rebirth • Charles Babbage was an English mathematician, philosopher, creator and machine engineer who originated the concept of a program computer. • He was professor of mathematician in Cambridge. • Born in London, on December 26th, 1791. • Died on 18 October 1871. Famous For: invent computer abuses

  5. CHARLES BABBAGE INFLUENCE TO THE SOCIETY • Charles Babbage was an creator and mathematician whose mathematical machines were based on ideas that were later put to use in the modern computers. • He is the creator of the computer. He was also a finder in the scientific understanding of manufacture processes. • He found the Astronomical Society, which will became the Royal Astronomical Society later. • Astronomical is a natural science that deals with the study of object. Second difference machine

  6. Differences Differences: • Leonhard Euler finished the work that he create, but Charles Babbage didn’t finish any of the work that he create. • The things that they present was different from each other.

  7. Examples of their work in real life • Number Theory is a pattern of numbers: • In the real world many things are in patterns. Like the stairs in our school, the pattern of spider web and more kinds of pattern • Concept of a program computer: • It is used in many ways to improve program computer is important to us. We needs to research lot of things by the website, not only just the book.

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