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Silly Sally

Silly Sally

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Silly Sally

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    1. Silly Sally And Other Singularly Stupendous Tongue Twisters (Said Tongue-in-Cheek not seriously!) Written by Yours Truly

    2. Whats a Tongue Twister? ??? A phrase or sentence that is hard to say fast, usually because of alliteration1 or a sequence of nearly similar sounds. 1 Repetition of an initial sound usually of a consonant or cluster in two or more words of a phrase.

    3. Definitions for Silly Sally Tongue Twister Senseless (adj) without purpose; meaningless Simply (in this context) just, completely, absolutely Singularly (adv) uniquely, remarkably, especially Slimy (adj) covered with slime ? soft, moist, slippery, gooey stuff, or matter. Snack a small amount of food eaten between regular meals. Here, its used as a verb ? to eat a snack. Stupendous (adj) astonishing, breathtaking

    4. Definitions Tongue-in-Cheek humorously ironic, contrary to what is explicitly said. Insincere in a funny way. Yours Truly Spoken ? a casual way to refer to oneself. Written ? a way to say good-bye at the end of a letter or email, meaning, Your good and faithful friend.

    5. Silly Sally Silly Sally smiled as she snacked on some smelly seafood. Surely she shouldnt have smiled, since the smelly seafood was sort of slimy. So Silly Sallys smiles seemed simply senseless.

    6. Three Thirsty Brothers Three thick-skulled thoughtless thirsty brothers needed something to quench their thirst. The threesome did the unthinkable resorting to thievery not thinking thrice if this was really the thriftiest thing to do. Therefore, without putting on their thinking caps, they threw some clothes on themselves. Then they traipsed together to the store to get something to soothe their withered throats.

    7. When they got there, did they get the thrill of their lives! Their mother and father saw them thwarting their plan. Their mother said, You thankless thickheaded third-rate thugs! We ought to give all of you the thumb and throw you out of the house. Then their father threw in his two cents worth. Ive stuck with you through thick and thin! But now Im throwing in the towel, you through and through three-ring circus nitwits.

    8. Furthermore, their father gave them a thorough thrashing, thunderously thwacking them on their heads thirteen times. Now thats a thumping! One of the brothers said thusly, Thank you, dear thoughtful father. Methinks we needed that!

    9. The next one is more of a poem than a tongue twister. Notice that it focuses on the // sound.

    10. Vocabulary List for Andy asks Annie to a Dance adj = adjective e = expression n = noun s = slang v = verb Aggrieved (adj) having a grievance. Being wronged or offended by someone. Blast / Have a Blast (s / e) a fun time; have a great and exciting time. Example: Saturday evenings party was such a blast! Dapper (adj) smart in dress or appearance. Fat Chance (s) Very little chance, or none at all. Similar to slim chance. Get over it (e) accept a bad situation; overcome. Gal (s) a girl or woman.

    11. Granted accepted, admitted, acknowledged, assumed. Similar to the expression, take for granted. Lad (n) a boy or young man. Pass / Take a pass (e) Reject an invitation; refuse. Similar to pass up. Perfect Match (e) a person regarded as a suitable partner. Plain to see (e) obvious, evident, clearly understood. Prance (v) to move around in a lively way. Rather (in this context) somewhat, quite, to a certain degree. Sassy (adj) rude, disrespectful Unattached (adj) without a companion or date. Not in a committed relationship, i.e. not engaged or married.

    12. Andy asks Annie to a Dance Andy asked Annie, Is there any chance that youd like to go to the Saturday dance? Annie answered, taking a pass Guess what, Andy? Fat chance! Not satisfied at all with the sassy answer he received, Andy tried again feeling aggrieved. But, Annie! Actually, wed have a blast! Please reconsider, and do it quite fast!

    13. Granted, Andy, youre rather attractive thats plain to see. But abandon all hope, of going with me. Think of how Id look, in some brand new pants handsome and dapper, and ready to prance. Naturally, you want a cute gal like me. But youll get over it just wait and see! So the lad went to the dance, absolutely unattached and met a happy gal who was his perfect match!

    14. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? He would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as a woodchuck would, if a woodchuck could chuck wood.