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  1. Sun By: Dylan Beyerlein -Architectural Design II

  2. The Sun • The sun is a key component in life for: Surviving, food, light, building, but most importantly Energy. • The sun has always been this enormous mass of heat and light. Overtime people have tried to learn about it and get the most use out of it as possible.

  3. Solar Energy • Solar Energy is energy derived from the sun in the form of solar radiation. • It has been around since ancient times and has progressively gotten more advanced over the years. • It is a slightly expensive way to extract energy however very eco-friendly. • Not always sunny so sometimes ineffective.

  4. Solar Energy System

  5. Types of Solar Panels • Monocrystalline silicon (mono-silicon or single silicon) • Right now, these are the most efficient type of solar panels. In other words, when sunlight hits, more of it turns into electricity than any other type of panel. • As a result of their high silicon content, they’re also more expensive; but you need fewer of them. That’s why they’re ideal for roofs. They have square-ish like cells

  6. Polycrystalline silicon (multicrystalline, multi-silicon, ribbon) • Poly panels have lower silicon levels than mono panels. That makes them less expensive to produce, but they’re also slightly less efficient. • The good news is that their overall construction design can often make up for the efficiency loss, so they’re also good for roofs.

  7. BIPV (building integrated photovoltics) • BIPV’s can look like real roofing tiles (like solar shingles for example). It’s nice, but good looks equals higher costs. • Second, they’re way less efficient than conventional PV, so you need a sunny spacious roof to have a positive outcome.

  8. Solar hot water (thermal) panels • Finally, there’s another type of panel that has nothing to do with electricity. • Solar thermal panels produce hot water for your home and/or your pool. This means no hot water bill. • Some systems can even provide heat and air conditioning too.

  9. Photovoltaic Cells • The thicker the cell, the more efficient it will be, however more expensive.

  10. Passive Solar Design • Passive solar design refers to the use of the sun’s energy for the heating and cooling of living spaces. • Based of the elements and materials used in designing a house. • Uses operable windows, thermal mass, and thermal chimneys in design. ( Things that are store energy for a long period of time, using a dismal amount of energy.