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  1. Title Page NDE NPOESS Data Exploitation – NESDIS James G. (Jim) Yoe, NESDIS/OSD NDE Integration Coordinator COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  2. Overview • NESDIS NDE Review/Overview • COPC Action Item 2008-1.10 • Response and Recommendation • NDE Project Status • Summary – Issues COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  3. NDE Mission and Objectives Deliver NPOESS data products and assist NOAA and other civilian operational users to realize the potential of NPOESS observations • Disseminate NPOESS Data Records to real-time civilian users • Generate and disseminate tailored NPOESS Data Records • Generate and disseminate NOAA-unique products (enhanced data products constructed from NPOESS Data Records) • Deliver NOAA-unique products, product processing elements, and associated metadata to CLASS for long-term archiving • Provide services to customers, including NDE product training, product enhancement, and implementation support across NOAA • Provide software for NPOESS Data Record format translation and other data manipulations COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  4. NPOESS & NDE NOAAScience Center Generic NPOESSData NDE Enhanced Products Archive and Access Operational User Community NDE will be a critical link to achieve return on the NPOESS investment – beginning with NPP NPP NPOESS DataExploitation NPOESS Ground Systems NPOESS C1 (operated in ESPC) Ingest Process SafetyNet Quality Control Near Real-time Delivery Command and Control COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  5. NDE Management Team NDE Product Development Teams (STAR & Others) NOAA System Integration Teams (NCEP, CoastWatch, AWIPS & Others) NDE Project Manager Jim Silva NDE System Architect Geof Goodrum NDE Product Development Manager Tom Schott NDE Systems Integration Coordinator Jim Yoe ESPC System Development Team (OSDPD) Infrastructure Acquisition, Operations (OSDPD) Design Partners AWIPS Data Centers CLASS STAR COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  6. COPC Action Item 2008-1.10 • The prioritization of NESDIS NDE Initiatives as it relates to the time phasing of the NPP/NDE, requires further coordination. The NESDIS should work more closely with DoD partners and the JCSDA to ensure coordination of priorities. NESDIS should provide a review of these initiatives at the next COPC meeting. • AI arose from COPC reaction to the NPP Product Development phasing efforts (see next slides). COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  7. NDE Product Development • NDE supporting 3 major NOAA-Unique Product (NUPs) development lines • CrIS/ATMS Thinned Radiance • Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MIRS) • Sea Surface Temperature (SST) • Phased Approach for NPP • Phase I to provide legacy products for NOAA mission continuity • Phase II to provide other legacy products COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  8. NPP Phase 1 Phase 1 (3-20 months after NPP Launch): Legacy mission continuity replacement products comprised of currently funded NOAA Unique Products (NUPs) and xDRs COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  9. NPP Phase 2 Phase 2 (20 months after NPP Launch to 1 month prior to C1 launch): Additional legacy products and enhanced products comprised of NUPs and xDRs not linked to mission continuity COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  10. NDE Response to AI 2008-1.10 • JCSDA Director presented NDE’s NPP product phasing to Executive Team (DoD, NASA, & NOAA) • With understanding that ability to re-prioritize NUP development sharply limited by need to support NWP, funding availability, and time • JCSDA partners most interested in obtaining • CrIS/ATMS radiances • VIIRS Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMV winds) • Note that NOAA is supporting development of AVHRR AMVs w/o water vapor channel; if successful will apply to VIIRS • NOAA NDE also has identified additional “internal NUPs” which may be made available to DoD • CrIS/ATMS Principal Components from radiances - USN COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  11. NDE Response to AI 2008-1.10 • JCSDA ranks NPP preparation as highest priority • Prior to NPP launch, JCSDA will • Ingest simulated datasets to ensure that file formats and processing chain including CRTM (Community-based radiative transfer Model) are ready • Immediately after launch, JCSDA will • Start monitoring data quality of CrIS and ATMS against background and analysis fields; diagnostics will be made available to NPP team but not to the general public • Excerpted from L.P. Riishojgaard’s presentation to Sounding OAT • Recommendation: Close the Action Item COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  12. NDE Project Status • SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT : Subsystem Builds COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  13. Testing w/NPOESS Ground System System Interface Tests ahead ICT 14 (C3S): ~20 Jan 2009 ICT 10 (IDPS): ~9 Mar 2009 ICT 13 (Ancillary Data): ~May 2009 NCT 3 (EtE): ~15 June 2009 COTS Software Requirement for Java API Borland Visibroker licensing IT Security Identify NIST SP800-53 Security Controls Common and NDE System Specific Due 31 Oct 2008 NDE Architecture Status 13 COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  14. NDE Architecture Status IDPS Face to Face (8-9 Oct) Performance improvements (4 copy at NESDIS) Prototyping software for NPOESS Evaluating hardware for NPOESS Shared Architecture Presented NDE to GAS IPT as notional architecture for ESPC (16 Oct) Update and present at ESPC Evolution meeting (19 Dec) 14 COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  15. NDE Implementation Progress Data Handling System Development; Successful Ingest Demonstration at the September 26th NDE Quality Review Completed NDE Tailoring Tool Evaluation and Analysis IDPS to NDE testing support; Continued support of IDPS interface testing Integrated, configured, and tested SAN disks with previously received 9222i Cisco switches Received two Dell servers to support StorNext Meta Data Control (MDC) Estimate shipment of MDC RAID from LSI on October 29th Created the NDE Subsystem Boundary Diagram for security documentation COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  16. NDE Implementation Plans Continue work with IDPS on interface testing; Continue to receive and configure network, disk storage, and metadata servers hardware, and StorNext software Test Readiness Review for the Ingest Subsystem scheduled for November Begin development of the HDF to Net CDF Data Reader Prototype in November Define the NDE Security Controls by the end of November COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  17. NDE Systems IntegrationInterface Development • NDE-ESPC ICD • Signature version delivered 11/7/2008 • Goal: signed ICD by 2/3/2009 • NDE-CLASS ICD • Signature version delivered for review 10/24/2008 • Goal: signed ICD by 2/3/2009 • NDE-STAR/CE ICD • First Draft being prepared based on input from 7/7/2008 • NDE-NWS/TOC ICD • NDE-SIC met with new TOC Director 10/6/2008 • Joint NDE-TOC team to outline way forward • Need to determine what document(s) needed between TOC-AWIPS Technology Infusion, and NDE-AWIPS-TI COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  18. System Integration - Users • AWIPS Technology Infusion Project • Coordinate schedules, architectures, smart push-pull for data • Work with NWS HQ to identify product requirements • Collaboration with Hydrometeor Testbed • HMT gets enhanced data to support forecasts/warning • NDE gets data/expertise to validate precipitation products • Outreach and Training • Identify new applications and new users • Develop/support training modules for products • Exploit existing resources • COMET, NWS Training Division, VISIT, SHYMET COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  19. NDE -COPC Issues • Distribution of NPP NUPS to COPC Partners • Determine detailed requirements – formats, volumes, etc. • Establish interim methodology & protocol • NDE Distribution Build will not be complete until 2011 • Adequacy of Network • Encourage co-development by NDE and the DoD Centrals • For data product development • NDE and NOAA CoastWatch users would like VIIRS proxy data • For tools and system elements • NDE data tailoring tools may be of interest to AFWA • For (user) training • Back-up options for ingest data, processing, and distribution in the NPOESS era COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  20. NPP Status • VIIRS status • Senior Government Manager on site at Raytheon, appointed as COTR • EMI testing regression ongoing • April 2009 delivery to NPP doubtful • NASA maintains LRD 14 months after VIIRS delivery • Tri-agency Team established to evaluate several NPP options • NDE prepared to evaluate impacts on current baseline and identify its resource requirements for each option COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  21. Back-Up Slides COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008

  22. NPP Reformatting to Support JCSDA COPC Meeting Offutt AFB November 13, 2008