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Title page. Production elements AHX. LIGHTING. COMPOSITION. ACTING. sOU nd design. Editing. Camera technique. Film stock. quotes. Story elements American beauty. Opening sequence.

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Title page

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  1. Title page

  2. Production elements AHX




  6. sOUnd design

  7. Editing

  8. Camera technique

  9. Film stock


  11. Story elements American beauty

  12. Opening sequence After the scene with Jane and Ricky, and the title of the film, we see a zoom in of this neighbourhood narrated by the protagonist and main character, Lester Burnham. “...”

  13. characters

  14. storyline

  15. Time pov setting Set in suburban america. Main places of shooting are the neighbourhood where the burnhams live, smiley mcsmileys etc. Present time. Some things go to flashback and previously filmed things. The starting scene also reappears in the movie. At the times that it is narrated it is lester whose point of view that is shown. Revolving around lester.

  16. Cause and effect Carolyn, through meeting up with Buddy Kane and going to the shooting range, builds up the courage to kill Lester. Lester realises that his fantasies cannot become reality when it comes to Angela. Lester, after he sees Angela dance and is infatuated, breaks free of his “sedation” and this motivates him to change his life.

  17. Symbolism

  18. Symbolism Of The Burnham House This house symbolises a lot of things. The red is a consistent colour in the movie, and symbolises a lot of things as highlighted in the previous slide. The windows are structured as being barred, like a prison, in which Lester is trapped. The white picket fence is a stereotypical object for a suburban house, it symbolises perfection, as does the semi-symmetry of their house. This shows Carolyn’s materialism and quest for perfection, when the people who live there are far from perfect. Lester exiting the Burnham residence in the first scene, Carolyn and Jane are already waiting at the car.

  19. Closing sequence The audience sees the same street from the opening sequence, the narration has changed from cynical to appreciative. “...”


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