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Track & Field Meet Manager Notes PowerPoint Presentation
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Track & Field Meet Manager Notes

Track & Field Meet Manager Notes

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Track & Field Meet Manager Notes

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  1. Track & FieldMeet Manager Notes

  2. Why Use T & F Meet Manager? The ability to run any Track & Field Meet from school to International levels Transfer information between Meets with ease Produce reports in various formats- entries, start lists, programs, results

  3. Setting up the MeetOnce the Program has been loaded this is a fairly easy procedure

  4. Meet Set Up

  5. Meet Set Up

  6. Preferences

  7. Preferences

  8. Preferences - Seeding

  9. In this sample the yellow just indicates that the meet is set up for 9 and 10 lanes

  10. Preferences - Reports

  11. Preferences - Reports

  12. Preferences Reports Punctuation… Footer if you have a sponsor… Printer options and # of copies

  13. Preferences – Entry Scoring Add the number you wish to score points..if you want to limit this Check out the other options but it is unlikely you will want to change these for athletics

  14. Regions

  15. Divisions set up in same way as Regions

  16. LanguageTranslation of Keywords Change from US spelling to Australian or change to whatever you wish – e.g. Men could be changed to Boys Also the number of characters you wish to allow Similarly you can do this for Phrases and Event Names

  17. Enter Events Select Add to enter events

  18. Enter Events Select Add

  19. Enter Events Make your selections

  20. Multi Age Groups • To combine ages but receive results per age section select Multi Age then set up as shown

  21. Individual Entries – Method 1 • Firstly Add Teams – Houses, Schools etc.

  22. Individual Entries – Method 1 • Secondly – Add Individuals – this could be hundreds or thousands. Do this for 6 students You will be able to select Team from drop down menu and enter times if you need to do so for seeding in Entry Mark

  23. Method 2Hopefully this will make you feel more likethis than this

  24. Importing Names • Set up a spreadsheet in Excel • Change the date of birth format to US from Aus • Copy file to Word • Change from table to text • Save as Text File • It is now ready to import into MM through comma delimited entries

  25. Set up Spreadsheet Note : These are not the correct school codes – used an old file for example

  26. Highlight the date of Birth Column (not the header)

  27. Change the DOB Format

  28. US Format

  29. Copy Columns A-I to MS WordDo not copy headers

  30. Open Word & Paste in Word

  31. Select Table Then select convert to text

  32. Change from Table to Text Select other and add a semi-colon then OK The result should look like this

  33. Save as a Text File

  34. Save as a Text File When this box comes up just select OK

  35. Open Track & Field Meet Manager Program

  36. Import Athletes to T & F MM

  37. Find the Import File

  38. Hopefully you will get the message on the right!!!!! Click Yes to both boxes as they come up one after the other Go to the Athletes menu and you should see your Athletes have been imported. Note the change of DOB to AUS format

  39. Entering Athletes in Events Enter time/distance without stops e.g. 1754 not 17.54. It will automatically covert it.

  40. Competitors Numbers - Choose how you would like thiseg. Team order start number

  41. Competitors Numbers OR Alphabetically by Athlete with higher starting number

  42. Competitors Numbers Select OK and you will receive a message similar to this depending on your choice

  43. Relays • Make sure you have a relay event in Events

  44. Select Relays • Highlight Relay to add names • Select School double click- OK

  45. Drag appropriate names across to enter them into the event (or double click) You can change order by dragging or remove from event by double click

  46. SeedingTrack Event Go to Athletes menu and selectEnter 18 eligible students inan help with this use the age filter just enter any times (remember don’t use full stops)

  47. Seeding Select the Seeding Menu then select the event in which you entered students and start Seeding (top left)

  48. Seeding- Track Event

  49. Seeding- Track Event