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  2. How to Work the presentation • Clicking the left mouse button will advance to the next statement or slide. • To start this Presentation Press ‘F5’ • To Quit Press ESC • Swimming Rule Book extracts have letters and numbers preceding SW is a FINA rule and CSW is S/NC rule

  3. Swim Alberta Code of Conduct • Swim Alberta values the work that officials provide on deck during meets. • The officials code of conduct documents the relationship that Swim Alberta has with officials and also the expected relationship that officials have back to Swim Alberta. • Please take a moment to review the Code of Conduct.

  4. Swim Alberta Code of Conduct • If you have any questions on Code of Conduct, please direct it to a member of the Alberta Officials Committee (AOC). • I have read and agree to abide by the Alberta Officials Code of Conduct

  5. The clinics should be taken in the following order: • Level 1 • Stroke and Turn • Chief Timekeeper • Clerk of Course • Chief Finish Judge • Recorder Scorer • Starter • Meet Manager May be taken in any order

  6. The clinics should be taken in the following order: • Level 1 • Stroke and Turn Level 1 clinic, mentoring, and deck evaluations should be completed before other clinics, followed by Stroke and Turn.

  7. The clinics should be taken in the following order: • Chief Timekeeper • Clerk of Course • Chief Finish Judge • Recorder Scorer These clinics may be taken in any order

  8. The clinics should be taken in the following order: • Meet Manager • Starter These clinic may be taken in any order but should be taken after the officials gains experience

  9. List of Abbreviations used AFC - Aquatic Federation of Canada ASSA - Alberta Summer Swimming Ass. CIS - Canadian Intercollegiate Sports FINA - Federation International de Natation FISU - World University Games Organization - e.g. In New York City 1998 IPC - International Paralympic Committee

  10. List of Abbreviations used LC - Long Course Para - Swimmers With A Disability PS - Provincial Section SC - Short Course S/NC - Swimming/Natation Canada TF - Time Final PSO - Provincial Section Office CofC - Clerk of Course

  11. Decision to Host a Meet • Decision to host a swim meet should be made at least one year in advance. • Club executive in concert with Head Coach should discuss & agree on the type of meet & start planning immediately. • Become familiar with the Swim Alberta Competition Guidelines (SACG) • New clubs, with inexperienced officials, consider hosting a developmental meet first, • Move to more complex meets e.g. - invitational or provincial meets as the club gains experience.

  12. Decision to Host a Meet • Have the ability to supply at least 50% of officials • Get information about meet calendar for the area. This will affect your ability to attract swimmers, & availability of officials.Year Around Clubs ASSA • Complete the S/NC or ASSA online meet application at the S/NC or ASSA Event Database.

  13. Meet Options • Sanctioned/Approved/Time Trial • Is the meet open to Para swimmers • Closed Meet - a pre-selected (restricted) number of clubs are invited • Circuit/Developmental Meets - ½ day • Invitational- 2 ½ days or 3 full days. • May be run as time final events, preliminaries & finals, time final for distance events, etc..

  14. Meet Options • SA Provincial Championships • Generally, Provincial Championships are 3 ½ day meets with preliminaries & finals. Guidelines set by PS. • An official application must be made in writing to Provincial Section in advance. • ASSA Chapter 7, 8, and 9 • Time Standard or No Time Standard. • Short Course/long course - single/double ended. • Refer to Page 2-4 of SACG for additional information.

  15. Meet Considerations Made in concert with Coach Consistency with training/development schedules. Timing - Meet Calendar - Pool Schedule. OfficialsRequires level 4 & 5 as Advisory Referee

  16. Meet Considerations Availability & training sufficient number of volunteers for positions e.g. - Safety Marshall, Timers, Stroke & Turn, Clerk of Course, Marshalling, CFJ, RS Availability of Senior officials from other clubs, for mentoring, training, & positions e.g. Starter, Session Referee

  17. Bid Meets Advanced Meets • Regional, Provincial Championship meets awarded by bid. • Available meets announced on PSO or Regional web sites, by Email • Terms subject to Provincial/Regional policies, usually set out in bid information • National Meets usually awarded to Provincial “team”, in conjunction with local Meet Committee • Information for Provincial Championships are supplied by mail out by the PSO

  18. Meet Manager Duties The Meet Manager is the general manager of the competition: • His/Her skills are crucial to the success of the meet. • It is advisable for the Meet Manager to have an understanding of the various positions of the officials on the pool deck. • There is an enormous challenge to the position & satisfaction is achieved when the job is well done.

  19. Pre-meet Preparation • plan well in advance • delegate work to volunteers • allocate sufficient time for your work • organize the work you have to do • Meet office & results

  20. Pre-meet Preparation • Initial assignments of officials (in conjunction with Officials chairperson & Advisory Referee) • Eligibility of swimmers • Chairperson - Jury of Appeal • Chairperson - coaches technical meeting

  21. CSW…………………..Meet Manager CGR 9.3.1. ……………………..Jury of Appeal CSW 3.4…………………………...Time Finals CSW 3.6.5 ………………………. Deck Entries SW 2.1.6 ………Reporting of Disqualifications CSW …………………Safety Marshal APPENDIX D………..Warm-up Procedures APPENDIX C ……………..Masters Swimming Refer to S/NC Rules

  22. Refer to the IPC Swimming Rules • The latest IPC Swimming rules are the rules to be used to judge Para swimmers. • Technical Official (TO/TA) will be present at S/NC Designated Meets which include Para swimmers

  23. Refer to the IPC Swimming Rules • When no TO/TA, the Referee is responsible to download rule exceptions for the swimmers with a disability from S/NC or PS website. • Function Disabilities FCS - S1 to S10, • Blind S11 to S13, • Mentally Handicapped S14. The higher the number the less disabled the swimmer has.

  24. Establish Your Meet Committee Fill key positions as early as possible, • Referee & individuals in charge of office, • Officials • Concessions • Awards • Sponsors etc. • Refer to page 11 -15 of SACG.

  25. TYPICAL MEET ORGANIZING COMMITTEE Meet Manager Meet Office Chairperson Advisory RefereeOfficials Chairperson Awards Chairperson Concession Chairperson Publicity Head Coach Sponsors Chairperson

  26. Activities of Committee • Organize meeting 6 months before meet • Assign responsibilities. • Team building • Reporting procedures • Confirm facilities & services (electronics) • Budget – Sponsorship possibilities • Contribution to Club Finances • Prepare Meet Package • Event listing • Qualifying standards • Specific information to that meet

  27. Activities of Committee • Consult Meet Manager Checklist • Coordinate with Head Coach • Prepare and submit online sanction application, attach copy of complete meet package to application located at to page 5-7 of SACG). • The following information needs to be included in your meet package when you are sanctioning your meet with S/NC.

  28. Activities of Committee Rules - Timed Final Competitions Para Swimming Meet • All Para Swimmers (S1-S14) must be licensed by IPC Swimming and have a minimum Provincial Classification designation to be eligible to compete in the meet. Licensing and Classification information is available at

  29. Activities of Committee • All S14 Para Swimmers must have a National Classification prior to the first day of competition. • The Para Swimmers will be judged using the most current version of the IPC Swimming Rules. • Classes eligible for competition are S1-S10; S11-13 and S14.

  30. Activities of Committee • All Para Swimmer entries must include the swimmers classification numbers (i.e. S4SB3SM5). • The most current S/NC Performance Points Charts will be used to determine ranking in all multi-disability events. Ranking will be from highest to lowest point score.

  31. Prepare A Meet Budget • A sample budget (slide 83) is included in this clinic • If sponsors are to be major component of meet, appoint coordinator to handle this component. • You do not want to sacrifice meet management time to find sponsors.

  32. Prepare Meet Package • Work closely with head coach & committee. Coach to establish qualifying times/de-qualifying times (if they exist), events & order of events • Components of the Meet Package will vary depending on the type of meet • One/ two pages for developmental meet • several pages for invitational meet

  33. Prepare Meet Package • Make certain you have current emailaddresses of swim clubs you intend to invite. A current list is available at Year Around • ASSA (Alberta Summer Swimming Associate) • All information for the Provincial Championships supplied by email by PSO.

  34. Prepare Meet Package • Upload Meet Package to the SNC website. • This can be done without a sanction and can be updated once the meet is sanctioned • The information can be updated with the sanction number later • Distribute Meet Packages at least 8 weeks before meet.

  35. Some of the following may not be required for a development meet. Sanction # Meet classification open/closed invitational, developmental, championship, etc. Dates of the meet Sessions starting times for heats & finals, warm-up times, actual start time Facility name, location and helpful information (parking, access, hotels) Contents of Meet Package

  36. Contents of Meet Package • Entry Limit (if any) • Entry deadline (Refer to page 8 of SACG) • Qualifying times, de-qualifying times • Format: time finals, heats and finals • Deck entries • Entry Fees (Refer to page 8 of SACG) • S/NC Safety Rules • Contact information • Meet Rules

  37. Contents of Meet Package • Age Groups • Scoring • Pool details • Awards • Scratch Deadline • Results • Distance events – specifics (i.e. 2 swimmers per lane ?) • Accommodation information • Coaches' Meeting

  38. Contents of Meet Package • Event Schedule • Hytek computer entries • Responsibility for swimmers – each individual club is responsible for their swimmers; during and between meet sessions • Para information (Swimmers with a disability)

  39. Entry Procedures • If possible, make the entry deadline to have two weekends to process information prior to meet. • Not always possible, e.g. - provincial/national meets where entry deadline (10 days) stipulated by Provincial/National Section. • You should receive: • Hytek file - email, or hard copy of entry grid sheets • Entry fee cheque

  40. Entry Procedures • Prepare check-off sheet, to keep record of information enclosed, e.g. cheque amount & number, Hytek file and/or grids. • Keep all entry information in a file easily transportable. • Take file with you to meet. You have a record to cross-reference with a coach when questions arise re: entries of their swimmers. • Insure all Swimmers are registered with their sanctioning body (S/NC or ASSA).

  41. Entry Procedures • Hytek file and/or entry grids – Emailed, couriered, special delivery to home, club office • If receiving grids by FAX, Hytek, or e-mail, ensure clubs send hard copy in mail as well. • Some clubs are lax about entry deadlines. • If you are expecting a club to participate in your meet & do not have entries by deadline, call the club & inquire about entries.

  42. Entry Procedures • Copies of Hytek entry information should be given to Meet Office Chairperson. • Good communication between Meet Manager & Office manager vital. • Once entries complete, Office Manager can communicate queries re: entries to Meet Manager e.g. too many entries for a swimmer, incorrect entry times - too fast or too slow, etc.. • Meet Manager can then contact club re: such entries. Sorting out questions before the meet starts saves time & confusion at the beginning of the meet.

  43. Timing a Meet • Meet Managers work closely with Organizing Committee particularly Advisory Referee to ensure length of each session no longer than 4 hours in duration. • Sometimes it may be necessary to limit size of some events to fit all events in time allocated. • Heats should be controlled in length to approximately 3 - 4 hours, if possible (See page 10 of SACG). • ASSA meet sessions could be longer.

  44. Timing a Meet • Finals usually require 2 - 3 hours to complete. • For a short course (25m) preliminaries meet, swim double ended, if possible. • Use two watches per timekeeper reduces time between heats. Recording done after next heat in the water • As you will notice, a long course meet with 2000 swims will require more pool time to complete.

  45. Calculating Timing • Look for the slowest time for each heat in each event & allow another 40 seconds for each heat. • Timing out the meet is essential & if done correctly you can usually be within 15 minutes of the actual time it takes. • Hytek will provide a timed printout for each session. Inputting 40 seconds between heats provides extra time to deal with unexpected delays e.g. electronic malfunctioning, pad changes, disqualifications, etc..

  46. Calculating Timing • Double ended meets - short course as well as long course. • Senior Seed 800/1500 Free - fastest to slowest. Age groups may be separated out for results • If you are swimming two/lane - starts must be staggered entry for safety reasons. Provides each swimmer opportunity to start from blocks & avoids collisions that could potentially occur from simultaneous starts.

  47. Calculating Timing • Some ways to speed-up a meet • Consider Time Finals for longer events, particularly younger age groups, e.g. 400 IM, 800/1500 Free. • Limit number of entries in longer events • Start over heads of swimmers in water. • Use good Referee, Starter & Marshall • Swim two/lane in longer events, e.g. 400/800/1500 Free. • Combine all ages then separate out for results.

  48. Producing Heat Sheets • Once entries inputted, corrections made you will have approximately 5 days to prepare heat sheets for copying. • Hytek will automatically pre-seed events. • When using this program encourage coaches to submit scratches when received from their swimmers. • This will give you opportunity to delete swimmers from events in which they are entered. • Do this prior to copying heat sheets.

  49. Producing Heat Sheets • Providing you have photocopying capabilities, it may be easier to - Copy session 1 prior to start of meet . • Receive any changes during the meet from CofC before printing subsequent sessions. • You will find less confusion with coaches, swimmers & spectators if you incorporate changes. • You have fewer empty lanes & may speed-up the meet. • With sponsors & advertising, you will likely want a well presented book to sell to competitors.

  50. Producing Heat Sheets • Try to find major sponsor to cover copying/collating costs. • They can place an ad in program. Programs may sell for $2.00 - $10.00 & should cover copying costs. • If you choose to print programs for each session, you can still incorporate ads into each program. • Arrange to have someone sell programs • Officials require approx. 40 copies of heat sheets/pool.