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Latin i-B clc Unit 2 (Stages 13-20)

word of the day. NOTES: *1 a day *Alternate words/phrases *Use in a sentence *Review previous by asking students to use in sentences. Latin i-B clc Unit 2 (Stages 13-20). word of the day. odious. odi ōsus. ‘hateful’. Cough syrup is so odious, it makes me want to gag!.

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Latin i-B clc Unit 2 (Stages 13-20)

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  1. word of the day NOTES: *1 a day *Alternate words/phrases *Use in a sentence *Review previous by asking students to use in sentences Latin i-B clc Unit 2 (Stages 13-20)

  2. word of the day odious odiōsus ‘hateful’ Cough syrup is so odious, it makes me want to gag! Latin i-B vesuvius - cruel schoolmaster (1)

  3. word of the day taciturn tacēte ‘be quiet!’ Sigmund is so taciturn that it is hard to know how he is feeling. Latin i-B vesuvius - cruel schoolmaster (2)

  4. word of the day umbrage umbra ‘shadow’ Those branches provide excellent umbrage for our picnic. Latin i-b vesuvius - cruel schoolmaster (3)

  5. word of the day deleterious dēlēvērunt ‘they destroyed’ Pollution has a deleterious effect on wildlife. Latin i-b vesuvius - cruel schoolmaster (4)

  6. word of the day salve salvē ‘hello!/be well!’ Put this salve on your bee-sting to help heal it. Latin i-B vesuvius - cruel schoolmaster (5)

  7. word of the day bestiary bēstiae ‘beasts’ The bestiary says that dogs are a man’s best friend. Latin i-b vesuvius - cruel schoolmaster (6)

  8. word of the day edifice aedificium ‘building’ What sort of edifice are they building over there? Latin i-B Stage 13 (1)

  9. word of the day incantation cantō, cantāre, cantāvī ‘sing’ While saying the incantation, the witches added the final ingredient. Latin i-B Stage 13 (2)

  10. word of the day custodial custōs ‘guard’ Zittia lives with her mother, who is the custodial parent. Latin i-B Stage 13 (3)

  11. word of the day diction dīco, dīcere, dīxī ‘say’ What sort of mood does this poet’s diction create? Latin i-B Stage 13 (4)

  12. word of the day traction trāhō, trahere, trāxī ‘drag’ I wear Stride-Rite shoes because they give me the best traction. Latin i-B Stage 13 (5)

  13. word of the day annul nūllus ‘not any, no’ Jane asked for her marriage to be annulled when she found out she married a dog. Latin i-B Stage 13 (6)

  14. word of the day ordain ōrdō ‘row, order’ We, the people of the United States, do ordain and establish this Constitution. Latin i-B Stage 13 (7)

  15. word of the day advent adveniō, advenīre, advēnī ‘arrive’ With the advent of television, kids never play outside anymore! Latin i-B Stage 13 (8)

  16. word of the day decorum decōrus ‘right, proper’ We expect you to behave with decorum while on the field trip. Latin i-B Stage 14 (1)

  17. word of the day deify deus ‘god’ After his death, Romulus was deified and became known as ‘Quirinus.’ Latin i-B Stage 14 (2)

  18. word of the day infidelity fidēlis ‘faithful, loyal’ Infidelity is a major cause of the breakup of marriages. Latin i-B Stage 14 (3)

  19. word of the day lavatory lavō, lavāre, lāvī ‘to wash’ Go to the lavatory and wash up; you look filthy! Latin i-B Stage 14 (4)

  20. word of the day regal rēx ‘king’ Those fancy robes make you look very regal. Latin i-B Stage 14 (5)

  21. word of the day donative dōnum ‘gift’ Some emperors use donatives to bribe their soldiers to be loyal. Latin i-B Stage 14 (6)

  22. word of the day domineering domina ‘mistress’ If Kookina weren’t so domineering, more people would be friends with her! Latin i-B Stage 14 (7)

  23. word of the day extramarital marītus ‘husband’ Hollywood celebrities always seem to have extramarital relationships. Latin i-B Stage 14 (8)

  24. word of the day claustrophobia claudō, claudere, clausī ‘shut, block’ Whenever Poopina gets into an elevator, her claustrophobia really affects her. Latin i-B Stage 15 (1)

  25. word of the day infraction fractus ‘broken’ For serious infractions of driving laws you could lose your license. Latin i-B Stage 15 (2)

  26. word of the day impediment impediō, impedīre, impedīvī ‘delay, hinder’ Gorphondus’ dyslexia was a serious impediment to his ability to learn language. Latin i-B Stage 15 (3)

  27. word of the day incontinent teneō, tenēre, tenuī ‘hold’ Because of his incontinence, Jorge’s mother put a plastic sheet over his mattress. Latin i-B Stage 15 (4)

  28. word of the day undulate unda ‘wave’ The snake’s body slithered along the ground in an undulating motion. Latin i-B Stage 15 (5)

  29. word of the day nautical nauta ‘sailor’ If you attend the United States Naval Academy, you will study nautical charts. Latin i-B Stage 15 (6)

  30. word of the day effigy effigiēs ‘image, statue’ The citizens were so displeased with the king’s taxes that they burned him in effigy. Latin i-B Stage 15 (7)

  31. word of the day commodious commodus ‘convenient’ This closet is so commodious that I can fit all of my 5,000 pairs of shoes! Latin i-B Stage 15 (8)

  32. word of the day auxiliary auxilium ‘help’ The auxiliary troops were sent into battle when all the main forces perished. Latin i-B Stage 16 (1)

  33. word of the day counsel cōnsilium ‘plan, idea’ Hoopaloopa retained counsel when she was sued by her ex-boyfriend. Latin i-B Stage 16 (2)

  34. word of the day delectable delectāre ‘to delight’ Most ancient Romans considered dormice coated in honey to be a delectable treat. Latin i-B Stage 16 (3)

  35. word of the day consummate (adj.) summus ‘highest, top’ Bogmeister is the consummate student; he studies every night and always does well. Latin i-B Stage 16 (4)

  36. word of the day fabricate faber / ‘workman’ 1. It will take the factory a long time to fabricate those complicated parts. 2. The judge believes that the criminal fabricated his entire alibi. Latin i-B Stage 16 (5)

  37. word of the day flourish flōs ‘flower’ Tomatoes tend to flourish when supplied with plenty of water and sunshine. Latin i-B Stage 16 (6)

  38. word of the day juxtapose ponere ‘to put, place’ The juxtaposition of the words “love” and “hate” in the poem drew our attention to these two emotions. Latin i-B Stage 16 (7)

  39. word of the day impunity punīre ‘to punish’ It always seems like the teacher’s pet can do any bad thing with impunity. Latin i-B Stage 16 (8)

  40. word of the day benign benignus ‘kind’ We were lucky that mother’s tumor was benign! Latin i-B Stage 17 (1)

  41. word of the day impetus impetus ‘attack’ Almost flunking out of college was the impetus Booboo needed to study harder. Latin i-B Stage 17 (2)

  42. word of the day inanimate animus ‘mind, soul’ Trying to teach Latin to inanimate objects like rocks and plastic bags is useless. Latin i-B Stage 17 (3)

  43. word of the day receptacle recipiō, recipere, recēpī ‘to recover, take back’ Trash receptacles are scattered throughout the park so that people won’t litter. Latin i-B Stage 17 (4)

  44. word of the day facility facilis, facile ‘easy’ My friend’s father had a facility for languages; he spoke over 50 of them! Latin i-B Stage 17 (5)

  45. word of the day gravitas graviter ‘seriously’ Voters felt that the old, distinguished Senator had the gravitas to be President. Latin i-B Stage 17 (6)

  46. word of the day paucity paucī, paucae ‘few’ During the war, there was such a paucity of food that it had to be distributed a little at a time. Latin i-B Stage 17 (7)

  47. word of the day littoral lītus ‘shore’ We often see littoral creatures such as mollusks and hermit crabs at the beach. Latin i-B Stage 17 (8)

  48. word of the day audacious audeō, audēre ‘dare’ The stunt man did progressively more audacious stunts, until finally he died during one of them. Latin i-B Stage 18 (1)

  49. word of the day recuse recusō, recusāre, recusāvī ‘refuse’ The judge recused herself from the case, because the defendant was her cousin. Latin i-B Stage 18 (2)

  50. word of the day sacrosanct sacer ‘holy, sacred’ Freedom of religion and of speech are two of the sacrosanct principles of our nation. Latin i-B Stage 18 (3)

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