welcome to 6 th grade n.
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Welcome to 6 th Grade

Welcome to 6 th Grade

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Welcome to 6 th Grade

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  1. Welcome to 6th Grade Rules, consequences, procedures, and expectations for Ms. Smith’s Math Class

  2. Classroom/School Rules • Follow directions the first time they are given • Keep hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves • Walk quietly in the building at all times • Use appropriate language • Be respectful to all students and adults involved in the work of the school • *Raise your hand to speak or leave your desk

  3. Ms. Smith’s Expectations • You are to respond “yes ma’am or no ma’am” (no exceptions) • Allow the teacher to handle problems; don’t take it upon yourself • Give me Five; Clap Once, Clap Twice, Good Job will be used as attention grabbers • Homework and classwork will NOT be taken lightly • Materials belonging to the school and to Ms. Smith WILL be respected • Restrooms: you will go during the designated times

  4. Consequences • Conference with student • Student is removed from the area • Loss of recess and or silent lunch • Contact is made with student’s parent by phone or letter • Student, parent, and teacher conference (counselor or principals may be involved) • Student’s parent visit the school/classroom

  5. Consequences - continued • Minor Offence Form completed • Major Offence Form completed • Loss of assembly or field trip privileges • Conference with Principals

  6. School ExpectationsVikings Stars • S- Stay Focused- Concentrate. Think about closely • T- Try your best- Devote efforts to something • A- Attitude- A way of thinking or behaving while interacting with others • R- Respect- Shows consideration for one’s values, standards, and beliefs. Also, take care of one’s property. In order to gain respect, you must give respect. • S- Be Safe- Take care of yourself. Avoid harmful or dangerous situations.

  7. Cafeteria (Morning and Afternoon) • Encourage others to sit quietly • Respect the views of others • Take ownership for one’s behavior • Work with others to keep the area clean • Enter and exit in an orderly manner

  8. Cafeteria (Lunch) • Show respect for others • Talk softly • Clean up your area • Respect cafeteria workers • Wait for directions from your teacher • *Can’t go back through the line

  9. Hallways • Total silence • Walk in a line • Be polite • Speak and act kindly • Stand on a full block

  10. Playground • Safety First (avoid horseplay) • Make smart choices • Play respectfully and share • Choose not to destroy school property • Wait for permission to cross the street

  11. Restrooms • Show respect for others • Only 1 monitor, 3 girls, and 5 boys • Be clean and quick • Honor privacy • Total silence

  12. Bus Area • Know your bus number or slot • Make smart choices • Show kindness towards students, faculty, and staff • Walk in a line on the sidewalk. Go directly to your bus • Remain in your seat

  13. Lobby • Move quickly to your designated area • Show respect for others • Total silence • Choose not to use rude language or gestures • Walk quietly inside the building

  14. Dress Code • Red or white tops; khaki or navy bottoms; red, white, khaki, navy or black outerwear; winter jackets of any color. • Tops may be long or short sleeved, collared or turtlenecks. Shirts must be tucked in with belts showing. Tops must be appropriate size, and T-shirts are not allowed. • Bottoms must be pants or slacks, shorts, skorts, skirts or jumpers. Baggy, holey, sagging or frayed bottoms, cargo pants, denim, jogging pants, rolled up pants, spandex, sweats, biker pants and nylon pants are not allowed.

  15. Dress Code- continued • If a bottom has belt loops, a belt must be worn. Shorts, skirts, skorts and jumpers may be no shorter than 3 inches above the top of the knee. • Outerwear must be a cardigan, crew neck, V-neck, vest or zipper sweater with an undershirt. Non-hooded sweatshirts may be worn if they are no more than one size too big or one size too small and are the appropriate color. • All outerwear must be free of sports logos or lettering, designs, pictures depicting group affiliations, drugs, alcohol or obscenities.

  16. Dress Code- continued • Athletic shoes are allowed. Shoes not allowed include house slippers, beach shoes, flip-flops, heels, platform shoes and backless sandals. • Caps, kerchiefs, bandanas, do-rags, head wraps, stocking caps or head bands are not allowed. Hats and scarves may not be worn in the building. No combs, picks, brushes or curlers are allowed in the hair. Medallions and necklaces may not be worn outside the shirt.

  17. Procedures in the classroom • Sharpening pencils: Must sharpen at least 2 at the beginning of class • Cubby holes: At the beginning of class you must get everything you need for my class. At the end of my class you will return those items and get what you need for Mrs. Moore’s class. • Restrooms: You will only be allowed to go during the designated breaks unless you have a medical condition.

  18. Procedures in the classroom- continued • Homework will be turned in to the designated box located at the front of the classroom. It must be turned in at the beginning of class. Late homework will not be accepted. • Classwork will be turned in to the designated box located at the front of the classroom. • Each cooperative team/group will have a designated “material helper” who will be responsible for collecting and passing out materials to everyone in the group. This will change weekly.

  19. Procedures in the classroom- continued • Cooperative team/group- We will work in this format constantly throughout the school day. Therefore, you need to be prepared to work with others to accomplish the task at hand. • Attendance- This will be taken when the bell rings. If you are tardy, you MUST stop by the office and receive a pass from Ms. Bolls. • Rewards- Tickets, Viking Bucks, Treasure Box