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Tier Exams

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Tier Exams

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  1. Tier Exams Start on Mon 19th November 2012

  2. Tier Exams Arghhh! What are Tier exams? Tier exams are a set of tests that take place in formal exam conditions. You will work on your own at a single exam desk in silence Why are we having them? Because we need to check that you are in the right tier for your ability level and this is one way of gathering that information.

  3. Tier Exams Will I move tier if I do badly? The exams are only one of a number of ways we decide which tier you are in. Will I have exams in all subjects? No, there are no formal exams in P.E, I.C.T. or the Creative Arts (Music, Drama and Art). You will have exams in: Science Maths English P.S.H.E French Technology R.E. German (8)

  4. Tier Exams Where do the Tier exams take place? Tier exams will mainly take place in the Concert Hall but you will get a timetable with all that information on so don’t worry. Where do I go if I haven’t got an exam? If you haven’t got an exam you just go to normal lessons.

  5. Tier Exams What equipment do I need? Here is a list of the equipment you will need… • A see through pencil case or A4 wallet to put your stuff in • 2 black or blue pens, 2 HB pencils and a sharpener • A calculator for Maths and Science • A ruler But we will remind you of this nearer the exam

  6. Tier Exams And what do I need to revise? Your classroom teacher will advise you on what will be in the exam and what to revise. And how do I revise? In the next few weeks you will be given an advice sheet on some useful revision techniques and how to plan for revision.

  7. SATs…Are you doing enough? So…to sum up… • Tier tests start on the 19th November • You will need to start revising soon • You will be given revision tips and an exam timetable before the exam • The exams are important as they help decide what tier you should be in.