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  2. CO2 and Heavy Oil – content of the presentation • What are the problems with heavy oil and CO2? • Some basic CO2 information • Ongoing, CO2-relevant projects • CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR) • CO2-logistics • Can heavy oil and CO2 coexist?

  3. What are the problems with heavy oil and CO2? • More energy- and CO2-intensive to extract compared to lighter oil • which results in higher CO2-emissions per unit of energy extracted • Can be more energy intensive to transport • Which results in higher CO2-emissions per unit of energy transported • Upgrading to consumer products calls for energy intensive processes • Which results in higher CO2-emissions per unit of energy of product • In sum: In a CO2-constrained world heavy oil has a handicap

  4. The Statoil CO2-’vision’Decarbonisation of fossil fuels to electricity and hydrogen

  5. Some basic CO2 information

  6. Super- critical area Phase diagram

  7. CO2 Dry Wash

  8. Miscibility of oil and CO2 – an overview 102 bar – 1500 psi Miscibility begins to develope 170 bar – 2500 psi CO2 has developed miscibility 68 bar – 1000 psi Immiscible CO2 Higher hydrocarbons (dark spots) begins to condense Final stage: Higher HC forms continuous phase- CO2 immiscible

  9. CO2 sources

  10. ”Pure” CO2-sources (green)Oil, natural gas and coal regions(red, black) Source: IEA GHG

  11. CO2 Sources

  12. Coal power with CO2 separation 1982 Lubbock, Texas. The plant was based on an oil price of 30$/barrel and was discontinued when the oil prices was sinking later in the 80thies. Only the MEA separation plant is shown. The power plant itself is still running and is located to the right of the picture

  13. CO2-capture Pilot Plant at Kaarstoe - Capture from exhaust gas by use of membrane/amine technology

  14. Ongoing, CO2-relevant projects

  15. Sleipner CO2-injection in the middle of the North Sea – 1 MtCO2/yr

  16. Snøhvit in the Barents Sea LNG production onshore, 160 km pipeline from land for injection of 0,7 MtCO2/yr CO2

  17. CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR)

  18. How oil production may develop over time Oil production Primary Oil production Water- flood CO2 flood Time

  19. Production Well CO2 Injection Recycled CO2 OIL CO2 CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery

  20. CO2–for-EOR in USA • 70 fields in operation with CO2-for EOR • 12% increased oil recovery on average • Natural CO2-sources have the capacity to produce 32 MtCO2/yr and industrial sources 11 MtCO2/ • On the average 71% of the CO2 remains in the reservoir • Backproduced CO2 is recovered for reinjection

  21. 16” B A C Gullfaks Tampen Miscible Gas Injection Sygna F Snorre B SFN SFØ Snorre TLP VIGDIS Tordis/Borg

  22. CO2-logistics

  23. Towards commercial CO2 solutionsUtilise Statoil’s expertise to develop carbon management solutions Sinks Sources Transportation Gas power plants Industry Natural gas production Increased oil recovery Re-use Final storage

  24. CO2 – Ship Concept, 20 000 m3 capacity

  25. CO2-storage in rock cavernsBased on experience with propane storage at Kårstø, Mongstad and Stenungsund Photo: AF Spesialprosjekt/Statoil bildearkiv

  26. CO2-pipeline and -ships in the North Sea ? 270 km (Karmøy Gullfaks) 280 km 485 km (Esbjerg - Karmøy) CO2-skip fra andre rene kilder ved havn

  27. Regina Weyburn Manitoba Estevan Saskatchewan Canada USA Montana North Dakota Bismarck Beulah Weyburn CO2-for-EOR oil field and Dakota Gasification Company • 250 million cu.ft. per day CO2 by-product of coal gasification • 95 million cu.ft. per day contracted for Weyburn project • 320 km pipeline • CO2 purity 95% • CO2 pressure 14MPa 36 BCF injected to date

  28. Can heavy oil and CO2 coexist?--- A balancing act?--- • Heavy oil has much of the same image as coal in a CO2-perspective • In some countries coal has very vocal political promotors • less so for heavy oil? • US led ‘Carbon Leadership Forum’ focused on coal and CO2-storage • but heavy oil can possibly benefit more than coal • I believe that heavy oil projects from day 1 should go for more direct CO2-management both in production and processing