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  2. COMPANY SUMMARY Provider of Competency-Based Talent Management Solutions Serve Mid-Market Customers Headquarters in Austin, Texas Seasoned Leadership Team Global Customer Base

  3. ABOUT CAREER PATHING Career Pathing Career Pathing is a systematic approach to career development, enabling employees to develop in their current role, map multiple career path scenarios, review job competencies and close skill gaps. TalentGuard’s Career Pathing software enables employers to offer a structured career development process to support career growth. Our software provides employees with tools to build out meaningful career paths based on their aspirations and interests, review skill gaps against current and future jobs and engage in relevant learning experiences that proactively prepares them to grow personally and professionally. Find the best job fit for your workforce based on comprehensive data.

  4. CAREER PATHING HIGHLIGHTS • Talent Framework • Job Description Creator/Manager (Admin) • Talent Profile Assessment and Management • Find and Save Job Roles • Build a Custom Career Path • View Existing Career Paths • Conduct Skill Gap Analysis • Development Plan Creation and Management • Career Development Planning with Management • Analytics and Reporting • Other Options: Assessments and Career Content


  6. CORE COMPETENCIES – INCLUDED FOR FREE Core Competencies We provide a basic free competency library. Organizations can build their own library or import a third-party. • Planning and Organization • Visioning and Alignment • Nurturing Innovation • Managing People • Managing Resources • Client Focus • Continuous Learning • Embracing Diversity • Leading Change • Teamwork • Commitment to Health and Safety • Project Management

  7. TALENT FRAMEWORK IMPLEMENTATION Professional competencies can be purchased. TalentGuard Competency Manager TalentGuard Competency Library Your Company’s Content Library Job Descriptions & Competencies Third Party Competency Models

  8. JOB DESCRIPTION / ROLE PROFILES LIBRARY Access, import, store and update unlimited Job Role Profiles Make a role critical, hide a role, delete, or edit job role details Search, filter and group job roles using several queries

  9. JOB ROLE PROFILE Include “day in the life” content and videos or testimonials from employees. Combine all of the relevant foundational, functional, qualification, preferences, smart goals, learning links and more to each job role profile Import or add job definition and profile information Set the progression paths for each role. For example, set the “feeder” roles for the accounts payable manager

  10. EMPLOYEE JOB PROFILE (EMPLOYEE ASSESSMENT) Employees can see their current job role profile, including all of the minimum job expectations such as skills, experiences, qualificationsand preferences Employees can the targeted proficiency expectations of the role and assess if they’ve have achieved that target level Employees and managers can use the embedded assessment to update the talent profile. They can add more skills as they gain more skills and experiences. Managers can “verify” the profile for accuracy Employees and managers can expand the proficiency levels to see the behaviors

  11. EMPLOYEES SEE MATCHING ROLES BASED ON PROFILE Access vacancies and view a gap analysis report. Employees never have to guess at what roles exist in their company. They can search roles using multiple criteria Employees can see the detailed gap analysis and review the full job role profile Employees can save their favorite roles

  12. EMPLOYEES CAN BUILD A CUSTOM CAREER PATH Save an unlimited amount of career paths Optional: See other employees in the same job and review their talent profile, solicit mentors and see how they progressed internally Automatically see “next moves” both upward and lateral with match percent Filter potential career paths based on various criteria including lateral moves, upward moves, department and more Optional: Review current job vacancies, assess your readiness and apply for the job. We could also serve up the “What People Say” links Employees can view the details of their current and past roles and add development options Quickly see a gap analysis breakdown by competency and skill area. The data is served up by the Framework View the comprehensive job role profile information served up from the Framework

  13. INCORPORATE GAMIFICATION INTO LEARNING (NEW) Employees can gain rewards or points for skills attained. Organizations can use points to highlight critical roles or skills

  14. GAMIFICATION SUPPORTS THE GROWTH MINDSET Create leaderboards and motivate employees through attainment and levels


  16. VIEW EXISTING CAREER PROGRESSION PATHS Determine starting job role and ending job role points Quickly see duration time to be proficient in next role and percent match today See all pre-built progression path options leading up to the ending job role Access gap and development details and save path to favorites and more Expand to see progression paths and assess gap analysis

  17. REVIEW GAP ANALYSIS JOB MATCH REPORT (NEW) Quick view of overall match percentage Match legend Target proficiency for the role and your assessed level of attainment Ability to serve up learning resources and mentors


  19. SMART GOALS & LEARNING LINKS AUTO-POPULATE INTO CAREER PLAN Solicit feedback from other peers, managers or people outside the company Quick access to progress so that you can monitor status Ability to update each goal individually or all of them at once to streamline coaching sessions Goals can be automatically added based on performance scores. Direct learning resources can also be served up. Click the link and the learning begins

  20. ADMIN REPORTS AND DASHBOARDS Various reports can be generated to assess job-role fit and more.

  21. WORKING WITH TALENTGUARD CUSTOMER SUCCESS • 1-2-3 Week Quick Launch • Over 900 pre-built job role profiles to support quick launch • High touch customer activation team, dedicated to customer success and time to value • End-user support so that HR does not have to take on any more work • Personalized customer support via phone, chat, and email • API’s for integration with other best-of-class HRIS providers • Rapid deployment timelines • Customer portal with tons of information • Integrated help throughout the product

  22. TALENTGUARD SOLUTION Find the best job fit for your workforce based on comprehensive data. Maximize the potential of your employees by measuring their progress. Ensure total compensation and rewards are fair and transparent. Enable employee-driven career development. Ensure job role compliance and monitor continuing education needs. Take advantage of employee centered feedback to drive improvements. Foster inspiration and high morale with accomplishments you can see. Engage your workforce with competency-based learning.

  23. CONTACT INFORMATION TalentGuard Inc. 512.943.6800 x1294