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Computime systems uk ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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Computime systems uk ltd

Computime systems uk ltd

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Computime systems uk ltd

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  1. Welcom to

  2. See How Our Time & Attendance Systems Can Help Your Industry Government & Local Authorities Time & attendance is very important to all sectors including the government and local authorities. The government needs to manage vast amounts of employee data including; time and attendance, complex pay structures, health and safety aspects, and many more. These can all cut into the budget and overall productivity of the government. Computime UK’s time and attendance and time tracking solutions can help keep control of employees and the overall costs of workforce management.

  3. Hospitality Staff are the most important assets in the hospitality industry and the company relies heavily on the staff giving the best quality service all the time to make sure the reputation is not tarnished. Our advanced time and attendance software can help make sure you have the right amount of staff all the time by forward planning holidays and checking on absences.

  4. Manufacturing Manufacturing has suffered greatly during the recession and the need to control the labour costs and improve productivity has become very apparent. Coupled with our access control systems, Computime UK’s time and attendance and solutions can provide a complete package that automates employee timekeeping and reporting.

  5. Retail Retail’s workforce is very challenging to manage due to the huge volume of staff, high staff turnover, complex shift patterns and complex labour laws. Employees must be managed and controlled so that it does not affect customer loyalty, compliance, employee and customer satisfaction and overall profitability. Computime UK’s time and attendance solutions can automate and simplify employee time tracking, backed with comprehensive reports to help manage the workforce.

  6. Logistics Logistics and distribution organisations benefit greatly from our time and attendance systems. Our range of data collections terminals can be configured to support a dynamic workforce, allowing drivers and office staff to clock in and out with ease. Escalating costs rapidly corrode margins so productivity must be maximized and deliver services at a cost which will not interfere with profit.

  7. Healthcare In the healthcare sector costs are rising due to the demand of quality services, therefore managing your employees’ time and attendance is crucial to streamlining services. Very important to make sure that you have the right level of staff coverage, minimise compliance risks and control labour costs.

  8. Contact_us City : Leeds State : West Yorkshire Country : United Kingdom Zipcode : LS16 6QE Phone no : 441132302002 Website :