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Key Features

Key Features

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Key Features

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  1. Key Features • Tactical Asset Allocation • Benefits of Indexing, Convenience of ETFs • Experienced Portfolio Management • Low Cost, Managed Solution

  2. Tactical Asset Allocation • Asset allocation accounts for more than 90% of the variability of a portfolio's return Source: Brinson, Hood, Beebower, 1986, “Determinants of Portfolio Preference”, Financial Analysts Journal, 42(4), 39-44

  3. Active vs. Passive Management • Funds that consistently beat the index are rare and difficult to select • Less than 11% of actively managed Canadian equity funds have outperformed the index since 2001* • Only 1 of the largest 20 Canadian equity funds outperformed the TSX over a 5 year period (2001-2006)* • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are designed to track the performance of well established indices • ETFs are ideal investment tools to implement asset allocation *Source: Standard & Poor’s

  4. Convenience of ETFs • What are ETFs? • Similar to traditional open ended Mutual Funds but are listed on an exchange • Typically track well known liquid indices or benchmarks around the world • Cover a range of asset classes: equity, fixed income, currency and commodities • Benefits of ETFs • Low Cost maintain a fully allocated portfolio at a cost typically required for a single asset class fund • Diversification offers instant exposure to a variety of asset classes • Transparency provides clear understanding of underlying securities • Flexibility enables high liquidity for fast, easy transfers among asset classes • Performance matches their benchmarks

  5. Fiera Capital Inc. Overview • Approximately $20B in Assets under Management (AUM) • Over $7B in Retail assets under management • Controlled and owned by its senior employees (77%) • More than 100 employees • Depth and expertise in: • Fixed income • Canadian and US equities • Asset allocation • Alternative and quantitative strategies • Offices in Toronto and Montreal

  6. Fiera’s Portfolio Construction

  7. Jov Fiera Conservative Tactical Portfolio • Exposure to fixed income & equity asset classes • Defensive asset allocation mix • Preservation of capital, with low risk tolerance • Seeks consistent long-term income & growth Portfolio Ranges Initial Target Allocations

  8. Jov Fiera Balanced Tactical Portfolio • Exposure to equity, fixed income & commodity asset classes • Balanced asset allocation mix • Moderate risk tolerance • Seeks long-term growth & income Portfolio Ranges Initial Target Allocations

  9. Jov Fiera Growth Tactical Portfolio • Exposure to equity & commodity asset classes • Growth asset allocation mix • High tolerance for risk and volatility • Seeks long-term growth Initial Target Allocations Portfolio Ranges

  10. Low Cost, Managed Solution • Tactical Asset Allocation • Fiera Capital Inc.’ssystematic division and risk management of investment dollars among various asset classes helps reduce portfolio risk and volatility • Low Management Fees • Lower management fees than the average actively managed mutual fund • Performance • Potentially higher risk-adjusted returns and performance

  11. Low Cost, Managed Solution (con’t) • Transparency • Clearly defined baskets of securities that track their benchmarks and change only when the underlying index changes • Monthly Distributions • T Series units provide monthly tax-efficient distributions, ranging from 4% to 6% annualized

  12. Monthly Distributions • T Series Portfolios • Based on an initial net asset value of $10/unit, T Series units have a targeted monthly distribution of: Jov Fiera Conservative Tactical Portfolio: 4% per annum Jov Fiera Balanced Tactical Portfolio: 5% per annum Jov Fiera Growth Tactical Portfolio: 6% per annum

  13. Ideal for Investors Who: • Are seeking a low-cost managed solution • Want broad diversification through a single portfolio • Want a consistent monthly income stream** • Have a long-term investment horizon **T Series Version Only

  14. Summary • Tactical asset allocation combined with index investing outperforms traditional active management • Direct access to asset classes via ETFs • Low-cost solution (management fee of 1.95%) • T Class portfolios available

  15. Advisor Tools • Product Brochure • PowerPoint Presentation • Supplemental ETF and Asset Allocation Fact Sheet • National Conference Call • Web Presentation from Manager • Ad Materials • Prospecting Letter

  16. Fund Details Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.

  17. Appendix

  18. Competitive Product Breakdown

  19. Jovian Capital Corporation

  20. Jovian Capital Corporation • Jovian Capital Corporation is a publicly traded financial services holding and management company that manufactures and distributes investment solutions through a family of well known Canadian wealth and asset management companies. • Jovian currently manages over $14.6BN in client assets ($5.4 BN in Assets Under Management, $9.2BN in Assets Under Administration). • Murray Edwards (Chairman of Canadian Natural Resources as well as other companies) holds a 31.5% interest