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Dirt Bikes

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Dirt Bikes

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  1. Dirt Bikes

  2. What is Dirt Biking.? • Dirt biking is a competitive sport. It first started in the United Kingdom on the dirt bike trails. Motocross is a form of motorcycle sport or all-terrain vehicle racing held on enclosed off road circuits. It evolved from trials, and was called scrambles, and later motocross, combining the French moto with cross-country. BMX, or bicycle motocross, is the equivalent sport for non-motorized dirt bikes

  3. Why I like dirt biking .? • There is a few reasons why I like to go on dirt bike. • It’s fun to go out and hit jumps and wheelie around on roads while your getting chased by cops. • Gives you something to do when you get bored and it takes a lot of practice.

  4. Equipment needed. • Helmet to protect you head so you don’t get drain injuries. • Boots so when you wipe out you don’t break you ankle. • Chest protector so you don’t hurt your shoulder while wiping out.

  5. Dirt biking in are Environment In Goose Bay there is no where we can go on dirt bike as in like race tracks. Here in goose bay we usually just hit and ride the trails and make are own jumps.

  6. Why dirt bike is so much fun .. • Dirt bike is so much fun because it is something good to do with your friends and you are out side instead of being in side.

  7. Dirt biking Organizations • There is none in goose bay.. • There are only a few places we are aloud to go in goose bay and if we go somewhere where we ain’t aloud the cops will chase you.

  8. Dirt bike popularity • Patrons of Team Canada provide the major portion of our funding and insure our success. Patrons pledge $3,000 to $5,000 toward Team Canada MX's effort to assist Canadian Riders. They raise this money through donations as well as fundraisers and T shirt sales. Team Canada Patrons receive 50 of our current year T shirts recognizing them as Supporters of Team Canada. They also receive a special certifcate with an autographed Team Picture from the current years Team.

  9. Dirt bike Destinations • There are a few of dirt bike destinations in Canada but there are a few in Newfoundland Labrador. • Belles island • Stephen Ville

  10. Best part about Dirt Biking • The best part of dirt biking is when you are getting ready to hit a jump. • Also another good part is when you are going down the road wheeling away from cops.

  11. Injuries • Worst injurie that I ever had on dirt bike is when I was going down the road pulling a cat walk and I flipped and got road rash on my arms and knees.

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