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Agri-Business Incubation Trust Investing in Zambia’s agripreneurs! PowerPoint Presentation
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Agri-Business Incubation Trust Investing in Zambia’s agripreneurs!

Agri-Business Incubation Trust Investing in Zambia’s agripreneurs!

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Agri-Business Incubation Trust Investing in Zambia’s agripreneurs!

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  1. Agri-Business Incubation Trust Investing in Zambia’s agripreneurs! A public-private sector initiative led by: Implemented with DANIDA support through

  2. UniBRAIN Partners • Forum for Agriculture Research in Africa (FARA) – Lead • Pan-African Agribusiness Consortium (PanAAC) • African Network for Agriculture, Agro-forestry & Natural Resources Education (ANAFE) • Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa (ASARECA) • Agribusiness Incubator of the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics(ABI-ICRISAT) • West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF/WECARD) • Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development in Southern Africa (CCARDESA)

  3. UniBRAIN Incubators • The Agri-Business Incubation Trust (UniBRAIN-AgBIT) focusing on tropical fruit; Specific value chain: Local tropical fruits & Vegetables • The Incubation and Diversification of Banana Products for Agribusiness (UniBRAIN-IDBPA) focusing on Smallholder staple food and cash crops; Specific value chain: Banana • The Sorghum Value Chain Development Consortium (UniBRAIN-SVCDC) focusing on smallholder dry land food grains; Specific value chain: Sorghum

  4. UniBRAIN Incubators • The Creating Competitive Livestock-bias Entrepreneurs in Agribusiness (UniBRAIN-CCLEAr) focusing on Smallholder livestock; Specific value chain: Livestock • The Innovative Centre for Agro-forestry (UniBRAIN-CAF) focusing on agro-forestry products; Specific value chains: non-timber forestry products, cereals and fruits • The Consortium for enhancing University Responsiveness to Agribusiness Development (UniBRAIN-CURAD) focusing on plantation cash crops; Specific value chain: Coffee

  5. AgBIT Partners • Frontier Development Associates (Frontier) • University of Zambia (UNZA) • Mulungushi University (MU) • Zambia Agricultural Research Institute (ZARI) • National Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research (NISIR) • Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre (KATC) • Natural Resources Development College (NRDC)

  6. Collaborating Partners • National Technology Business Centre (NTBC) • Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) • Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA) • Zambia Bureau of Standards(ZBS) • Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock (MAL) • Ministry of Education, Science & Vocational Training (MESVT) • Ministry of Commerce, Trade & Industry (MCTI)

  7. Zambia’s Overview of Incubation Support Ministry of Education, Science, Technology & Vocational Training • Innovation / Research Grants • Equity • Science Parks concepts • Business Incubation National Scientific Technology Council (NSTC) National Institute for Scientific & Industrial Research (NISIR) National Technology Business Centre (NTBC) Technical Educational Vocational Training (TEVET) Policy Research Commercialization /Technology Transfer Training Ministry of Commerce Trade & Industry • INCUBATION SECTORS • Tourism • Agribusiness • Gemstones • Leather • Metal Fabrication Finnish Support Zambia Development Agency (ZDA)

  8. AgBIT’s Overall Goal Commercializing the local agribusiness industry in Zambia and increasing its productivity and competitiveness by fostering business innovations and incubating nascent and growth-oriented ventures in the sector.

  9. General Objectives • To enhance innovation in the agribusiness sector. • To create an enabling environment, through business incubation for start-ups. • To provide both physical infrastructure and soft support services including training, mentorship, technology packaging, financing facilitation and marketing, needed to create an environment that provides SMEs with the opportunity to grow into independent, competitive businesses.

  10. General Objectives Cont’d • To improve the chances of survival of start-up agribusinesses during their formative years when they are most vulnerable. • To provide SMEs and agripreneurs access to a pool of highly qualified and experienced technical experts and shared-use facilities with modern equipment. • To establish a centre of excellence in agribusiness incubation and agro-technology development and transfer.

  11. General Objectives Cont’d • To facilitate the production of agribusiness entrepreneurs and innovators by improving agribusiness curricular, teaching and training. • To facilitate sharing and up-scaling of innovation outputs, experiences and practices through networking with other business incubators, agro-technology development and innovation promotion institutes, research institutions, universities and agricultural colleges, science and technology parks, and private sector.

  12. Benefits to members of the Trust • Income from consultancy fees for some services provided to clients through the Trust • Increased opportunities for conducting industry-driven research and technology development • Support for new and ongoing research relevant to the Trust’s goals • Increased access to finance for commercialization of new technologies

  13. Benefits to members of the Trust • Wide dissemination and increased adoption rate of newly developed technologies by target users • Increased collaborative research opportunities • Support for development and upgrading of relevant agribusiness-related curricula • Support for student internship placements and research

  14. Benefits to members of the Trust • Support to student entrepreneurs with innovations relevant to the Trust’s goals through business incubation • Benefits from a strong AgBIT brand resulting from its extensive pool of industry expertise • Access to AgBIT’s large network of regional, continental and international incubators, research and technology development institutions, universities, and private sector partners

  15. The Business Model Research Agri-prenuers /SMEs Private Sector Markets AgBIT Universities Input supply Investment/ PE Funds Development Agencies

  16. The Challenge Establishment of a Fruit Processing Plant Opportunities • Abundance of local fruits such as Mango & Guava - 80% goes to waste • Highly favorable climate • Long term investments through fruit trees can last more than 50 years • Growing demand for fruit juices, nectar in Zambia & Southern Africa • Institutional Support in place • Land availability • Strong R&D platform • Strong farmer mobilization, incubation & mentoring

  17. Capital Requirements & Financing • Total capital requirement US$3.5 million • Financing: • AgBIT US$2.0 million • IDAs US$1.5 million

  18. Financial Projections

  19. THANK YOU CONTACT US Frontier Development Associates LaBelva Court, 417 Chindo Road, Kabulonga. P.O. Box 320249, Lusaka, Zambia Tel. +260 977 859640/858513 Website: Email: Contact persons: • Executive Chairman Gulam Banda • Chief Executive Officer Brian Mwanamambo