controlled burns are they worth it n.
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Controlled Burns Are they worth it? PowerPoint Presentation
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Controlled Burns Are they worth it?

Controlled Burns Are they worth it?

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Controlled Burns Are they worth it?

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  1. Controlled BurnsAre they worth it?

  2. Breaking NewsDo Not breath. Why? Prescribed Burns ! • Wood smoke that comes from prescribed burns is 12 times more Carcinogenic than cigarette smoke ! • Prescribed burn smoke increases child and infant risk of lower respiratory infections, psychological problems, nervous system problems, and death .

  3. The smoke that comes from unfiltered wood smoke is extremely dangerous. It contains a toxic soup of 4000 different chemical compounds and harmful gases. Including: Arsenic, Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide , dioxin , and Nitrogen Gas. This form of smoke attacks the bodies cells 40 times longer the cigarette smoke. The respiratory infections in children linked to the smoke include: Pneumonia, and Bronchitis. The dagger shaped smoke particles are so small that they go deep into the lungs causing structural damage and chemical changes. Some of the smoke particles pass through the lung into the blood stream. Entering the circulation system . This could cause organ failure or premature death

  4. Why would we perform Controlled Burns with all the harm they cause.

  5. When we don’t the after math is worse then the burn itself.

  6. Because the Forest Environment Needs Fire Forest and fire go hand in hand. “The temperate world's forest ecosystem has developed with forest fire as a preeminent partner; fire is a re-generator, a rejuvenator”. (About .com, Steve Nix 2011) Before man fires in the forest were started by nature as well as extinguished by nature Forests burned and grew with fires help. (About .com, Steve Nix 2011

  7. What Fire does for the forest environment. In the forest, the burning promotes seed germination, flowering, and resprouting of fire adapted native plants. (Alan J Long). Burning also helps remove any vegetation that competes with the indigenous population of the forest (USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service 2006). Animal life flourishes in the area after a burn was preformed

  8. To fix the problem we, (humans) created! • In the first century of this county the rules regarding fire in the forests was “total suppression” (Tony Vernetti 2005.) • the wildfire policy wasn’t changed until 1968, because of this there is to under growth in all the forest around the United States. • If This under growth is not burned or taken care of fires such as the “big blow up”. That burned 3 million acres will occur more often.

  9. About the Attack on the Air • Fire does not have any positive effects on air quality. • The information that does need to be addressed controlled burns are conducted by skilled professionals. • A when they do light controlled burns there are strict guide lines that must be followed.

  10. Guide lines that must be followed • 1. Burn only on days permitted by the states Air Resources board. • 2. Burn when wind will carry smoke away from population centers. • 3. Burn when inversion is not present, or at elevations above inversion layer. • Strive for high dead to live ratios (35-45%) (Richard E Hafenfeld Fire Management Officer BLM)