regional traffic management n.
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Regional Traffic Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Regional Traffic Management

Regional Traffic Management

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Regional Traffic Management

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  1. Regional Traffic Management Method and Tool Henk Taale

  2. Henk Taale Contents • Dutch traffic and transport policy • Traffic management • Sustainable traffic management • Regional Traffic Management Explorer • Functionality • Development • Case studies • Next steps • Summary

  3. Henk Taale Mobility in The Netherlands • 16.2 million inhabitants • 3.1 trip per person per day • 32 km per person per day • 1 hour per person per day • 6.9 million cars • 16 million trips per car • 250 million car km per day • 120 congestion locations • Average length 3.2 km • Average duration 65 minutes

  4. Building: “very effective, expensive, long” Pricing: “politically difficult” Traffic Management: “effective, less expensive and quick” Henk Taale Traffic and Transport Policy

  5. Henk Taale Traffic Management Long Ago

  6. Henk Taale Traffic Management 21st Century

  7. Henk Taale Traffic Management Measures Control Incident Management Inform

  8. Henk Taale Evaluation studies Control Incident Management Inform

  9. Henk Taale Overview important impacts Control Incident Management Inform

  10. Henk Taale Investment and Effects of ITS

  11. Technical development Application Result First measures are explored Measures are applied at multiple locations Measures are coordinated throughout the network Henk Taale Next Steps • More investments and better ITS not the fundamental solution • From technique to result oriented approach

  12. 1 make a good start! know what you want to achieve 2 know what you want to achieve together (prioritise) 3 draw agreed collective policy on a map 4 formulate reference values know what is happening 5 picture actual situation 6 spot conflicts come up with solutions 7 formulate solution directions 8 formulate measures 9 take decisions take decisions 10 implement measures put decisions into practice 11 prepare use of measures 12 operational traffic management Henk Taale Good Traffic Management is …

  13. Henk Taale Nine Steps

  14. Henk Taale Handbook Sustainable Traffic Management

  15. Henk Taale Applications • Some 40 projects in progress • From ‘just started’ to ‘completed’

  16. Henk Taale From a Traffic Control Strategy …

  17. Henk Taale … to Operational Management “Delay here = free flow ahead”

  18. Henk Taale Regional Traffic Management Explorer • Sketch planning and modelling tool • Facilitate process of sustainable traffic management (STM) • Quantify benefits of services and measures • Simple and fast model for networks (motorways, rural roads and urban streets) • Compare different scenarios • National tool, independent of consultant

  19. Henk Taale Structure RTME RTME plug-in OmniTRANS user interface Dynamic Assignment model (MARPLE) Input network and OD matrix from other model

  20. Henk Taale Functionality RTME (1) • Use of modelling input for control strategy and frame of reference • Current situation, bottlenecks and effects of services and measures are simulated with a dynamic model • All results are presented based on the indicators chosen in the frame of reference • Results: • Travel time and delay per OD pair • Travel time and delay per route • Speed and flows per road section or route

  21. Henk Taale Functionality RTME (2) • Routes can be defined • Bottlenecks are presented with respect to the actual situation or the frame of reference • Effects of scenario can be compared with the actual situation, frame of reference or other scenario • Applicable in regional and urban networks • Traffic signal control • Can be applied in workshops and back-office

  22. Henk Taale Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model • Model for Assignment and Regional PoLicy Evaluation (MARPLE) • Developed during PhD research on the interaction between traffic control and route choice behaviour • Based on realistic travel time functions, also for controlled links, roundabouts and priority • Route choice for predefined routes (deterministic and stochastic) • Traffic flows through the network based on capacities of links and nodes (blocking-back)

  23. Henk Taale Screenshot RTME

  24. Henk Taale Case Studies for Testing • Development RTME started in 2003 • June 2004 first version ready for testing • 9 consultants: test RTME for 9 regions • Model testing • Learning process for consultants • RTME input for 9 regions • Version 1.0 ready end of October 2004

  25. Henk Taale Regional Networks

  26. Henk Taale Case Heerenveen-Skarsterlân A7 A7 A6 A32

  27. Henk Taale Policy Objectives • Accessibility • Good external accessibility of the northern and western part of The Netherlands using the A6 and A7 motorways • Guarantee accessibility of the region Heerenveen-Skarsterlân from the western and northern part of The Netherlands • Guarantee accessibility from towns to the main road network • Improve the flow in the city centres Joure and Heerenveen • Maintain and improve current quality of public transport services wherever it is possible • Safety • Improvement of traffic safety on all types of roads • No through traffic through residential areas • Liveability • Improvement of the use of public transport and bicycle

  28. Henk Taale Control Strategy Through traffic Regional traffic Local traffic

  29. Henk Taale Frame of Reference • Priority 1 relations: delay should not exceed 20% of the free flow travel time • Priority 2 relations: delay should not exceed 30% of the free flow travel time. • Priority 3 relations: delay should not exceed 10 minutes or 40% of the free flow travel time (if the free flow travel time > 20 minutes). • For priority 3 or lower roads: volume should not exceed 5000 veh/24 hrs and the speed should be at least 40% of the allowed speed.

  30. Henk Taale Current Situation

  31. Henk Taale Bottlenecks A7 Undefined Low Middle High A32 A7 A6

  32. Henk Taale Services Limit the inflow Increase in/outflow Redistribute capacity Maximise capacity bottleneck

  33. Henk Taale Measures Speed regime (regional) Peak hour lane Adjustment traffic signal control

  34. Henk Taale Effects

  35. Henk Taale Next Steps • More regions initiate the STM process and using the RTME • Also used for planning projects for Rijkswaterstaat: one corporate tool • Extension with indicators for safety and environmental issues • Extension for road works • Model adjustments • Automatic calibration • Freight transport

  36. Henk Taale Summary • Traffic management is essential part of Dutch traffic and transport policy • Shift from technique to result oriented • Handbook ‘Sustainable Traffic Management’ structures process to come to operational traffic management • Regional Traffic Management Explorer is an essential tool to support this process

  37. Henk Taale Colophon Henk Taale Rijkswaterstaat AVV Transport Research Centre E-mail: Pictures: Rijkswaterstaat