6 th grade science unit 2 weather n.
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6 th Grade Science: Unit 2- Weather PowerPoint Presentation
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6 th Grade Science: Unit 2- Weather

6 th Grade Science: Unit 2- Weather

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6 th Grade Science: Unit 2- Weather

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  1. 6th Grade Science:Unit 2- Weather GROup PersuasivePrezi Presentation using Public Policy Analysis (PPA) Created by Olga Ramos for Ms. Soriano’s 6th Grade Science Class

  2. Introduction Throughout this Unit we have been learning about Weather. Weather is something that affects everyone no matter their current location. For this Assignment we will be looking at 2 Scientific Social Problems which our community is being faced with. These problems are: Air Pollution Greenhouse Effect

  3. Task: Your group will be assigned a scientific social problem and you will need to analyze the problem using some of the steps from Public Policy Analysis (PPA), as you did when you wrote your persuasive essays, in order to create your Prezi Presentation. Group B: Air Pollution Group A: Greenhouse Effect

  4. Which PPA steps will you be using for this assignment you ask? For this assignment we will not be using all of the recommended PPA steps, however, we will be focusing on the following: • Define the problem • Gather evidence • Identify causes • Evaluate a policy • Benefits & Costs

  5. REVIEW For a brief review of the PPA or Persuasive Essay Power point please click on the images below: Ms. Soriano’s Power Point PPA

  6. Expectations for each Step Define the Problem State your social problem, stance and location in one sentence Make sure you then explain at least 3 undesirable conditions that have been created by your problem

  7. Expectations for each Step (Cont.) Gather evidence & Identify Causes You must have a minimum of 4 sources Among your sources 3 of them must be articles by experts, case studies and statistics You must clearly identify factors which contribute to your problem

  8. Expectations for each Step (Cont.) Evaluate a Policy & Benefits/Costs Select a Government Policy that is currently in place which deals with your problem and discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages: Focus on Effectiveness, Cost, Enforcement and the Public’s Acceptance of the Policy As a group, discuss any improvements your feel can be made to this existing policy or present a NEW possible solution for the problem

  9. Conclude your Presentation Restate and paraphrase your group’s Social Problem and the stance you took Restate and paraphrase your finding regarding current and new policies Add any final thoughts your group may have GOOD LUCK