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Commercial Office Building

Commercial Office Building. Design and Construction Instructor: Dr. Cris Koutsougeras Advisor: Mr. R. Edward Rode’. By: Jeffrey McIntyre Joshua Achee Tamara Rozenbaum T. Purpose.

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Commercial Office Building

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  1. Commercial Office Building Design and Construction Instructor: Dr. Cris Koutsougeras Advisor: Mr. R. Edward Rode’ By: Jeffrey McIntyre Joshua Achee Tamara Rozenbaum T.

  2. Purpose The purpose of our project is to demonstrate everything that we have learned during the past few semesters in the Construction Engineering Technology Program at Southeastern Louisiana University. Our goal is to engineer, design and develop a commercial office building. This project will include every step, process and procedure that a real-world construction project would require, including construction estimates, site survey, plans, drawings, calculations and schedules that will satisfy and demonstrate the understanding of the construction and engineering industry.

  3. Spring Semester Deliverables • Research and establish a site location • Perform a site survey • Develop the elevation drawings • Research state and local building codes • Deliver the preliminary building design • Begin the preliminary cost estimation

  4. Fall Semester Deliverables • Develop final design and drawings of the office building. • Define the structural and foundation elements. • Complete cost and materials estimate • Create a schedule for construction of building.

  5. Site Location 11103 Park Place Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70818

  6. Site • The site address is 11103 Park Place Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70818 • It is located off of Hooper Road in Central, LA and is right next to BRCC’s Central campus. • The location is great because it is in close proximity to the Baton Rouge airport, and it is in a less developed part of the city, so traffic should not be much of an issue. • The lot is approximately 1.1 acres, and the actual building and parking lot will only cover an area of about 0.4 acres. This will leave plenty of room for future expansion. • The cost of property was $175,000. • The property located in an AE flood zone. This only puts the property at risk for the 1% annual chance flood.

  7. Site Survey

  8. Site Elevations • Highest Elevation- 59.69’ (4’2” on story pole) • Lowest Elevation-59’ (4’10.25” on story pole) • Manhole- 57.5 (4’11.75” on story pole) • Street Centerline- 59.9’ (3’11.5” on story pole)

  9. Flood Map

  10. Building Codes • LAC 55:305 Insulation and insulation assemblies shall meet the requirements of Section 720, International Building Code, 2012 Edition. • ~ Concealed and exposed insulation shall have a flame spread of 0-25 and a smoke developed of 0-450 in accordance with IBC 720. • ~ Cellulose fiber thermal insulation shall meet the applicable requirements of IBC 720. • ~ Foam plastic insulation shall meet the applicable requirements of IBC 720 and 2603. • ~ Thermal barriers shall protect foam plastic insulation in accordance with IBC 2603.4. • ~ Thermal barriers are not required if ignition barriers complying with IBC 2603.4.1.6 protect foam plastic insulation used in attics or crawl spaces, where entry is made only for service of utilities.

  11. Building Codes cont. • 101:, 101:, and IBC 1008.1.1 A doorway in a means of egress shall provide at least 32" in clear width (consider installing 36" wide doors) and at least 6'-8" in nominal height. Where a pair of doors is provided, at least one leaf shall comply with clear width requirement. • 101: and IBC 1008.1.5 through 1008.1.7 Provide level landings outside exterior doors that are within 1/2" of the interior finish floor elevation. • 101:38.2.4 and IBC 1021 Provide two remotely located means of egress. • LAC 55:V:307 Periodic observation of construction shall be made by a licensed architect or civil engineer. A Certificate of Completion containing the signature(s) of the responsible design professional(s) shall be presented to the Inspector at time of final inspection for occupancy

  12. ADA Compliance • ADA-ABA:208 Provide 1 accessible parking space. One of every 6 accessible spaces but not less than one shall be "Van Accessible" (96" wide space plus 96" wide aisle OR 132" wide space plus 60" wide aisle) as per section 502. And as per Section 216.5 provide signage at accessible parking as per Section 502 where there are 5 or more parking spaces on a site. • ADA-ABA:302 Floor and ground surfaces shall be stable, firm, and slip-resistant. • ADA-ABA:216.2 Where signage identifies permanent rooms or spaces OR EXITS, the signage shall comply with Sections 703.1 - 703.5 (raised characters, Braille, visual characteristics, height). • ADA-ABA:212 The sink in the break-room or kitchenette shall be provided with clear floor space, knee clearance, AND a 34" maximum height to the sink rim as per Section 606.

  13. Floor Plan

  14. Not the actual building

  15. Building Assessment • The office will be a one story building • 3 executive offices with private bathrooms • 8 standard offices • 2 Restrooms for office use • 1 Restroom for public use • Open cubicle space • Reception • Conference Room • Filing room • Break Room

  16. Estimate • Concrete Foundations and Floor Slabs • Metal Building • Steel Erection • Rough Carpentry and Masonry • Storefront Systems • Drywall Material and Labor • Finishing and Painting • Mechanical • Electrical • Plumbing • Acoustical Ceilings • Millwork • Flooring • Parking Lot

  17. Conclusions In conclusion, this project has helped and will continue to help display the skills that we have developed while at Southeastern, and it will help to familiarize us with the type of work we may do after graduating. The research, site selection, surveys, and preliminary design that we completed this semester will provide a good foundation for the work we must do next semester to complete the construction plans and estimates. The ultimate goal of this senior project is to present an example of a completed construction project that is consistent with the expectations of a reputable construction company

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