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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Marketing

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  1. PAID Facebook Lead Generation Methods LEADSCRIBE

  2. FACEBOOK • Just like other Pay-Per-Click Advertising channels can generate extremely targeted leads to your website or landing pages, Facebook’s paid advertising can significantly expand your influence in this social network, creating more targeted leads in the method. Not just any lead, but relevant leads that may ultimately transform into a faithful paying client – if you do the process right.

  3. The best method of lead generation on Facebook using paid methods. • Know your targeted audience(age bracket, gender, location, educational level, user device, profile interest). This process is really essential because targeting people not engaged in your products and services will just waste your time and your expensive promotion funds. • Determine if you needed to directly advertise your products and services or build a lead generation sales and marketing funnel.

  4. Split Test everything and analyze the actual data. This is also an important part of the method because this is where you will see what’s working and what performs better. • Organically (free posts), a regular post can only reach a maximum of 16% of your network. Using Facebook Ads however will boost this by as much as 70% and generating more social signals (likes, comments, shares, etc) to your posts, links, photos, video, questions, and other content. The following can guide you on how you can set this up. • Standard Guide for Setting Up a Facebook Ad • You can either advertise a Page or just a particular post when you make use of a Facebook Ad. • When you promote a Facebook Page, social signals such as likes and shares will rise as your posts generate more reach. • When you advertise a particular post, you can do it directly by clicking on the Boost Post tab.

  5. The highest reach of your ad depends on the maximum daily budget you specified. You should also specify what particular Facebook users, targeted audiences – should be shown these ads. • To maximize the effectiveness of Facebook ads in generating leads, make sure that your links and posts will eventually drive your targeted audiences to your landing pages.

  6. Facebook Paid Advertising Models • Various companies have several ways of generating leads. Their targeted audiences vary in so many ways, so digital marketers must make use of a particular Facebook Paid Advertising Model that will attract their targeted audiences. • Paid Post Engagement – You can set this up by either using the ad manager or directly boost through the Boost Post tab integrated with your post which is only visible through your page’s timeline. The process is simple and straightforward as follows: • Select a post • Click on Boost Post tab • Set daily budget • Select your targeted audiences

  7. Page Likes – Subscribers to your Facebook Page joined in by clicking on the “Like” tab. Page Likes not only to indicates the current reach of your page but it will also create greater awareness of your brand. This may produce more extra leads from people who are already interested in your type of business. • Clicks to Website – Just like PPC advertising, Facebook Ads can also be used for generating clicks to your website or landing page. • Website Conversions – You can also promote not only your website as a whole but also the specific action you intend your audiences to take when they visit your pages. • App Installs – Facebook Ads is a great way of promoting a new App you have just created, enticing targeted audiences to install. • App Engagement – Installing your app should not only be the action you would like targeted audiences to take, but it should also generate engagement from users. • Event Responses – Facebook Events is a great way for promoting a particular event, either online or physical, and you can use Facebook Ads to generate even more Event Responses. • Offer Claims – Facebook Offers are also a great way of establishing your branding and increasing reach to targeted audiences. Facebook Ads can be used to generate more Offer Claims that will generate traffic that will eventually join your Offers. • Facebook is a very effective tool for marketing and generating leads that have successfully integrated the social aspect that is very important in this current online atmosphere. Unlike traditional media marketing that has no or one-way interaction, Facebook caters to the inherent human need to socialize – even though online methods – generating highly valuable leads for your business.

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