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Facebook Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

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Facebook Marketing

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  1. Everyone knows that Facebook is the number one social media platform. Mostly people use this only for chatting and sharing things with friends but apart from these, Facebook is an important marketing tool for any business. Media Junkies is describing here some free Facebook marketing tips by which you can improve the Facebook presence of your Business.

  2. Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips

  3. 1. • Share Photos, Videos And Create Business Posts Regularly- Create posts regularly about your products. You can include photos, videos and use emoticons to make your post impressive. Business Posts

  4. 2. Use Facebook Insights And Adverts- Facebook provides a service named Insights that analyzes each of your posts. By using this tool you can know about your audience’s interest and likes. It helps you to target a specific audience.

  5. 3. • Create Custom Tabs- You can create custom tabs to give additional information and service. For example, if you have products to sell then you can create a shopping tab.

  6. 4. Engage With Your Audience- Always get engaged with your audience through commenting, tagging, sharing and messaging. This trick will help you in making permanent customers.

  7. 5. Add An Impressive Display Picture And Cover Photo- Use proper and good quality photos in your profile. Add a display picture of size 180 px height by 180 px width, Cover photo of size 315 px height by 851 px width and shared photos of size630 px height and 1200 px width.

  8. 6. • Put Contest And Events- Put contest and create events to attract more audience. You can also distribute prizes.

  9. 7. • Create Or Join Groups- Create or join groups similar to your business. This will help you to find right audience and customers.

  10. 8. • Concentrate On Quality, Not Quantity- Always concentrates on quality because most of the people prefer quality not quantity.

  11. 9. • Give your posts a suitable title, Meta description, and keywords because these things are important for searching and ranking. Title- Description- Keywords-

  12. 10. • Add A Button- Add a button to your business page so people can easily reach to your products. For example, if your products are on your website then you can a visit website button so that people can go to on your website directly, the second example if your business is offline then you can add a call button so that customers can call you. Here are some examples of buttons 07 5588 3625

  13. These are the most important tips you need to remember. Doing all these things can lift up your business and increase your sales or services. If you have any doubt or questions Visit Now- Thank You