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University of Kentucky Brent Salisbury brent@uky PowerPoint Presentation
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University of Kentucky Brent Salisbury brent@uky

University of Kentucky Brent Salisbury brent@uky

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University of Kentucky Brent Salisbury brent@uky

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  1. University of Kentucky • Brent Salisbury • Partnership between IT, CS, CCS, and Researchers. • Liberation of research traffic from generalized institutional policy constraints. • Focused on enhancing data-intensive scientific research. • Campus transit and processing. • Regional and national processing and sharing. • Researcher defined resource reservations integrated with the GENI network. University of Kentucky CC-NIE Planning

  2. Pre-Grant: UK Network Today Legacy Path KyRON / Louisville MX960 KyRON / Lexington MX960 State R&E network I2 connector KyRON UK POP Existing Campus Network Internet2 UK Internet POP Routers Campus Edge Firewall UK MPLS Backbone Core Chem/Physics Building UK Data Center UKIT & Computer Science Buildings

  3. Post-Grant: Converged SDN and Legacy Networks Legacy Path KyRON / Louisville MX960 KyRON / Lexington MX960 SDN Path State R&E network I2 connector KyRON UK POP Internet2 Existing Campus Network NSF Funded Infrastructure UK Internet POP Routers -Converged hybrid Core native/SDN (Vendor code dependent) -Overlays are the alternative solution. At least one GENI rack per block of buildings. All circuits are 10Gbps Campus Edge Firewall UK MPLS Backbone Core Stitch OF islands with Vlans or L2 Pseudowires Through Existing Core GENI Rack GENI Rack GENI Rack UK Data Center IT & Computer Science Buildings Chemical/Physics Building

  4. Inside of an SDN “Island” • The network infrastructure objective is to provide both OpenFlow forwarding and legacy packet forwarding via the FIB in the same physical network. • If code and/or hardware support is not available for the existing hardware in the campus core, path isolation will be done with L2 Vlans and L3 MPLS/VPNs. • OF Controller(s) and GENI racks are distributed in each switch block. • Hardware from the distribution down will be replaced if it cannot be retrofitted with new software with OF support. • Hybrid Forwarding logic: • IF: there is a match in the OF pipeline on the packet-in then; match + action. • Else: No match is found in the controller from the packet-in event, the flow is passed to the “normal/local” FIB for L2/L3 packet forwarding via the native FIB. OpenFlow Path to Internet2 Stitched via KYRON OpenFlow or L2 Path to Lateral UK OF Islands Link Placement Dependent on OF SW Availability in the core Campus MPLS Core OF Controllers and/or GENI GENI rack in each SDN Block (3 Total) All hosts including non-research have SDN paths available.

  5. GENI Research, Faculty and Staff Contacts • Network Integration Contacts • Brent Salisbury • Cody • Lowell Pike • GENI Research Projects: The INSTOOLS, Shadownet, and GEMINI projects are developing instrumentation and measurement tools for GENI • Educational Use: GENI is being used in our networking and operating systems courses. • Faculty: James Griffioen and ZongmingFei. • Key Research Collaborators: • Vincent Kellen Senior Vice Provost • James Griffioen                Computer Science • Kenneth CalvertComputer Science • ZongMingFei                    Computer Science • Nathan Jacobs                  Computer Science • JinzeLiu                             Computer Science • Terrence Draper              Physics • Eric GrulkeChemical and Material Engineering • Kei Fei                                 Lui Physics • Mary MolinaroUniversity Libraries • SubbaPalliEntomology • Isaac ShlosmanPhysics and Astronomy

  6. Hardware/Software –(Hardware Reference Slide) • "I think we'll see a Balkanization where the traditional SDN interface will be more suited for research and educational type uses, and where applications like network virtualization are customer and product focused,” --Martin Casado • GENI Racks: • On or coming to market Cisco, IBM, HP and Dell. HP racks are deployed today. • Edge Hardware: • POE – POE limits hardware vendor selection greatly. Most OF 1U enabled switches are Trident chipset based TOR switches missing POE. • Non-POE switches are only candidates in the Data Center. • OpenFlow v1.0 agent. • Candidate HW Platforms: HP, Pica8, Cisco hardware(leverage existing 6509), (Dell still stealth split-data plane), Brocade and Juniper. Hardware reviews begin in January 2013 since many announcements are slated for Q1. • Track VC startups as their products become GAin 2H2013. Particularly data center and Optical with hardware and channel strategies. Plexxi, Adara, Plumgrid. • Distribution: • 10Gb Uplinks. • OpenFlow v1.0 agent. • Hybrid OF_local and/or OF_normalsupport. • Native FIB and Flow table pipeline interaction is vital for quality hybrid support. • LSR Roadmap Support • Candidate HW Platforms – Juniper MX, Brocade MLX and existing Cisco 6500. • Whitebox PE nodes are attractive but unrealistic within 1H 2013. • KY Regional Network and I2 Connector: • Openflow enabled Junos image for RON nodes. Junos 12.0 has a beta image 1Q2013 that is GA in Q4. • Controllers/SW - Needs Research for GENI Integration: • Candidate OF controllers: Cisco Alpha, HP Q1, Big Switch Q1, Floodlight- Open Source, RYU (NTT). • NOS – Open vSwitch as OVSDB firms and Vmware control plane strategy is articulated. • OVS is the base of many vendor OF agents. OVS v1.3 support is in progress.