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Mind-ey, Mind-ey

Mind-ey, Mind-ey

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Mind-ey, Mind-ey

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  1. Mind-ey, Mind-ey Dedicated to the powerful ACT trainers that have touched me

  2. I’ve been struggling with thoughts since I don’t know when So I made up my mind to try accepting them Just as they are, not as they say they are Right here and now, I am starting to lose control I’m showing up and I’m letting go

  3. My mind hooks me into everything And defusion is a wonderful thing Oho-whoao!

  4. Mind-ey Mind-ey, There you go again Thank you! How could I resist you? Mind-ey Mind-ey Just let go again Mind, mind, don’t think I would miss you

  5. With the eyes closed experiential I discovered my self’s contextual Chessboard; is this cup a good cup? Mind-ey Mind-ey; now I really know Thank you: I can never let you go......

  6. Now when I’m angry and sad and don’t know what to do I turn to the power of ACT and it helps me get through How have I learned; it’s a no-brainer I simply turned and I discovered my saviours: These powerful ACT trainers:

  7. I was a wreck I couldn’t get any worse Sonja Batten baby, you were my first Oho-whoao!

  8. Kelly Wilson, Robyn Walser too, Sonja How could I resist you? Jay Luoma, Joanne Dahl and you: Steve Hayes Guess how much I missed you!

  9. And I get a little satisfaction When I see you on ACT in Action It’s like Steve’s talking directly to me. Kelly Wilson now I really know My my, I will never let you go.

  10. Kelly Wilson, I wait outside your house Just to see when you are coming out Hero worship is not ACT consistent But you taught me how to be persistent

  11. Kelly Wilson, I know this is disordered But please, will you drop the restraining order? Kelly Wilson, now I really know My my, I will never let you go

  12. Look how flexible I have become; I’m hanging out with Joe the Bum He too gets messages from Steven Hayes… What’s the numbers? Mary had a little? Milk - Milk, milky, milky, milk, milk!

  13. Mind-ey, mind-ey; now I really know Thank you: I can never let you go......