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  1. 2 Minute Edit how were anansi and anenediferent from eachother in the story how did Anene trick Anansi by playing the same kind of trik that anansiwouldve played.

  2. The Ch’i-lin PurseRetold byLinda Fang

  3. Title: The Ch’i-lin Purse Reading Goal: Genre Structures:Folktales Team Cooperation Goal: Explain Your Ideas/Tell Why Genre: Folktale Author: Retold by Linda Fang

  4. Team Cooperation Goal Explain Your Ideas/Tell Why Why is this important?

  5. legendary:famous Everyone in the town knew the legend of how the airplane came to sit In the town plaza, it was a famous story.

  6. satisfied: fulfilled The student was satisfied with the way the painting turned out, she was fulfilled by her joy of finishing it that she hung it in her room.

  7. annoyed: upset The cow was annoyed with the flies that were buzzing around, it made her so upset she used her tale as a swatter.

  8. vain: unsuccessful The boy tried in vain to fix his computer but his attempts were unsuccessful that he gave up.

  9. recommend: suggest “I recommend reading the manual before you start building the toy,” suggested the girl to the boy.

  10. Seldom: rarely It seldom snows in Pacoima, if it did, it would be a rare occasion.

  11. Review Vocabulary with Partner • Can you say it? • Can you define it? • Can you say it in a sentence?

  12. Vocabulary Vault

  13. Let’s go back and apply our reading goal to our Listening Comprehension book

  14. Anansi and Anene • How were Anasi and Anene different? • How did Anene trick Anansi? • What was Anansi’s response? • TPS-Moral or lesson of the story • Let’s look for this in The Ch’i-lin Purse

  15. What were the characteristics of a folk tale? Folktale Characteristics • Stories that have been told through generations • Characters have distinct traits • Has a simple problem • Teaches a moral lesson

  16. Listening Comprehension After reading Anansi’s Fishing Expedition… • What was the story about? • What happened so far? • Who is Anansi? • What is the problem of the story?

  17. Building Background What has happened in the story so far? What are the main events in the plot so far? Let’s predict what will happen. What would be a good questions up to this point? How did Hsiang-ling lose her home?

  18. Story Map What has happened so far?

  19. Folktale “markers” How do you know when you are reading a folktale? Folktale Characteristics • Stories that have been told through generations • Characters have distinct traits • Has a simple problem • Teaches a moral lesson

  20. Team Talk Questions • How did Hsiang-ling get a job with Yuan-wai Lu? Explain your answer. (CE) • What happened after Hsiang-ling followed the ball? (SQ) • Why was Mrs. Lu angry with Hsiang-ling? (CE) • What do you think will happen in the story? (PR)

  21. Partner Read- 15 minutes • Put 2 sticky notes on words that are new or unfamiliar to you • Read and restate pages 197 & 198 • Read page 198 & 199 silently • Discuss with team words you clarified • Find vocabulary words

  22. Team Discussion-15minutes • Discuss answers to team talk questions • Team Talk discussion cards • Write answers to question 1 and 4 • If done early look at the Adventures in Writing

  23. Class Discussion • What words did your group clarify? What markers made it clear that this was in fact a folk tale?

  24. Writing Adventures- 15 min The purse holds special meaning to Hsiang-ling. What is something that is special to you? Describe it with at least two details.

  25. Scoring Guide You answer the question 25 points Your answer explains or describes with at least two details 25 points Your answer makes sense and has Part of the question in it 20 points Your answer is written in complete, correct sentences 20 points Your writing has correct capitalization and punctuation 10 points

  26. Vocabulary Practice-10 min • Divide your words with partner. Choose a word from your list to use in a meaningful sentence.

  27. Fluency – 5 min • Pg 192, paragraphs 4 and 5 • Pg 193, paragraph 1 • Pg 196, last sentence • Pg 197, up to break • Pg 198, last sentence

  28. Fluency Rubric 100 points Expressiveness Smoothness Rate and correctness 90 points Smoothness Rate and correctness 80 points Rate and correctness 70 points Correctness