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_ Rohan’s Book Report PowerPoint Presentation
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_ Rohan’s Book Report

_ Rohan’s Book Report

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_ Rohan’s Book Report

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  1. _Rohan’s Book Report Plot Setting Characters Genre Vocabulary

  2. Plot What happened in the beginning of the book? It tells how Eddie Ball was a poor kid and how his father died. Also, it tells that his mother works at Finkle Foods. What happened in the middle of the book? In the middle of the book Eddie goes to play basketball and he meets this girl named Annie and Eddie finds out that her dad works with his mom at Finkle Foods, too. What happened at the end of the book? At the end of the story Eddie finds out his mom and Annie’s dad got fired so he enters a competition and wins the prize of getting to shoot a million dollar shot in the NBA finals. Also, Annie’s dad teaches him the secret to shoot foul shots. At the NBA finals he shoots with his eyes shut and he won the million dollar shot competition. Plot Place Book Cover Image Here. Return to Homepage

  3. Setting Where did the story take place? Setting is the where and when of the story. The story mostly took place at the basketball courts where he practices. Place Book Cover Image Here. Return to Homepage

  4. Characters Eddie: An 11 year old kid that wins the million dollar shot. He must practice so he can make the shot, for sure. Annie: Annie is Eddie’s best friend. She loves poetry. She is very nice because she didn’t get mad at Eddie when he used her poem to enter the contest. Annie’s dad: Annie's dad is Eddie’s coach. He is the one who teaches Eddie the secret to making the shot. He also works for Finkle Foods. Eddie’s mom: She also works for Finkle Foods. She has to put the swirls on the Finkles. Then, one day she finds out that she was fired. Place Book Cover Image Here. Return to Homepage

  5. Genre What genre is your book? Fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, horror, humor, mythology, realistic fiction, adventure? Why did you choose that genre? Give an example from the book that supports the genre you chose. I think the genre is realistic fiction. In the book, when Eddie is going to shoot the foul shot, he says,” I can’t do it, you have to shoot for me.” I picked that because when you are about to shoot a shot in front of more than a million people, you would be nervous. Place Book Cover Image Here. Return to Homepage

  6. Vocabulary Write any words that were unfamiliar to you as you were reading the book. Include the definition of the word. You can create your own definition or use a dictionary. Luckily, I was able to understand pretty well ALL the words in the book. Place Book Cover Image Here. Return to Homepage