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Christopher Richard Jones PowerPoint Presentation
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Christopher Richard Jones

Christopher Richard Jones

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Christopher Richard Jones

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  1. Christopher Richard Jones

  2. Business Goals • Educate Consumers • Skin Damage • UV Degradation through sun exposure • Stress • Cold dry air • Chemical Irritation • Skin Health • Sickness • Eczema • Diabetes • Aging • Preventative maintenance • Importance of moisturizing and UV protection • Superior Eucerin Product Technology • Key moisturizing emollients • Itch relief ingredients • UV filters for sun protection

  3. Business Goals Marketing Influence the users of the website through product education that they need to incorporate these products into their everyday lives. So much so that the user is inclined to make a purchase at the computer or next time they visit a physical store. Convincing the users that the Eucerin brand is better at improving skin conditions than its competitors.

  4. Target Audience Ages 16 up The website has information that is too advanced and too technical for children under the age of 16 although it is expected that parents will provide these products for children of a younger age. Primarily Women Although men are prone to developing skin conditions as well women are the typical purchasers of beauty and cosmetic products. Women have a multi purpose role. Purchasing for themselves, their children, and significant others. Dermatologists Many of the products are recommended by dermatologists so the website can not only show consumers that these are recommended products but the site can inform dermatologists on what new products are being offered and their benefits.

  5. Competitive Analysis

  6. Competitive Analysis Perfect alignment with no scroll bar allows all content to be viewed at once.

  7. Competitive Analysis

  8. Competitive Analysis Education Organization Online Storefront

  9. Competitive Analysis Best Product Menu

  10. Heuristics • The website speaks the user’s language but many terms and descriptions are ambiguous. • Limited feedback. No click path. • No clearly marked “Home” button such as on Lubriderm website.

  11. Heuristics Poor error reporting- Search results for store location <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <response><item>007214063628</item><itemDesc>Eucerin Calming Creme 14 oz..</itemDesc><requestZip>06611</requestZip><requestCityState>Trumbull CT</requestCityState><radius>5</radius><storesFound>10</storesFound><errorMsg/><store><storeid>0946880</storeid><name>Super Stop & Shop</name> <address>100 Quality St</address><address2/><city>Trumbull</city><state>CT</state><zip>06611-3143</zip><phone>(203) 4451006</phone><distance>0.3 mi W</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>W</distanceDirection><latitude>41.25603</latitude><longitude>-73.216777</longitude></store><store><storeid>2636120</storeid><name>Target Store</name> <address>5065 Main St</address><address2/><city>Trumbull</city><state>CT</state><zip>06611-4201</zip><phone>(203) 8732013</phone><distance>1.4 mi S</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>S</distanceDirection><latitude>41.230189</latitude><longitude>-73.219935</longitude></store><store><storeid>1761290</storeid><name>Walgreens</name> <address>4083 Main St</address><address2/><city>Bridgeport</city><state>CT</state><zip>06606-2302</zip><phone>(203) 3742784</phone><distance>2.1 mi S</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>S</distanceDirection><latitude>41.215946</latitude><longitude>-73.213174</longitude></store><store><storeid>0802624</storeid><name>CVS Pharmacy</name> <address>3710 Main St</address><address2/><city>Bridgeport</city><state>CT</state><zip>06606-3613</zip><phone>(203) 3711279</phone><distance>2.3 mi S</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>S</distanceDirection><latitude>41.211777</latitude><longitude>-73.210038</longitude></store><store><storeid>0946698</storeid><name>Super Stop & Shop</name> <address>2600 Madison Ave</address><address2/><city>Bridgeport</city><state>CT</state><zip>06606-2631</zip><phone>(203) 3720688</phone><distance>2.5 mi S</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>S</distanceDirection><latitude>41.210732</latitude><longitude>-73.224295</longitude></store><store><storeid>1832557</storeid><name>Walgreens</name> <address>275 Monroe Tpke</address><address2/><city>Monroe</city><state>CT</state><zip>06468-2246</zip><phone>(203) 2681216</phone><distance>2.6 mi N</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>N</distanceDirection><latitude>41.302948</latitude><longitude>-73.223433</longitude></store><store><storeid>3606811</storeid><name>Super Stop & Shop</name> <address>470 Monroe Tpke</address><address2/><city>Monroe</city><state>CT</state><zip>06468-2357</zip><phone>(203) 2680589</phone><distance>3.2 mi N</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>N</distanceDirection><latitude>41.315624</latitude><longitude>-73.217194</longitude></store><store><storeid>0627660</storeid><name>CVS Pharmacy</name> <address>535 Monroe Tpke</address><address2/><city>Monroe</city><state>CT</state><zip>06468-2382</zip><phone>(203) 2619334</phone><distance>3.4 mi N</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>N</distanceDirection><latitude>41.318935</latitude><longitude>-73.214181</longitude></store><store><storeid>1536212</storeid><name>CVS Pharmacy</name> <address>1 Hawley Ln</address><address2/><city>Stratford</city><state>CT</state><zip>06614-1200</zip><phone>(203) 3837734</phone><distance>3.4 mi SE</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>SE</distanceDirection><latitude>41.23158</latitude><longitude>-73.151869</longitude></store><store><storeid>1785572</storeid><name>Walgreens</name> <address>960 North Ave</address><address2/><city>Bridgeport</city><state>CT</state><zip>06606-5750</zip><phone>(203) 3346368</phone><distance>3.5 mi S</distance><distanceUnit>mi</distanceUnit><distanceDirection>S</distanceDirection><latitude>41.191941</latitude><longitude>-73.196812</longitude></store></response>

  12. Checklist • No click path or road map to indicate position on site. • Navigation bar is not logically organized. • Product pages have poor alignment. • Excessive unused white space which leads to unnecessary scrolling. • There is consistency among the various pages. • Product lists cover product images on mouseover.

  13. Checklist Page size exceeds window size. Alignment not used effectively. Grouping not used effectively. Not aesthetically pleasing. Image quality is great. Colors are consistent throughout the site. Fonts are legible and large enough.

  14. Data Collection • 3 Female test subjects. There were 3 tasks that are essential to business goals and consumer’s expected tasks. 1. Find a lotion that will moisturize dry skin. 2. How should a person with diabetes care for their skin? 3. Find the nearest store you can purchase a Eucerin product. • The goal was to determine how long these tasks take the subjects and how many clicks to get them to the right answer. • These task are each able to completed within 30 seconds and 4 clicks.

  15. Data Analysis

  16. Data Analysis • Great amount of confusion and uncertainty about where to go when searching for care advice. • Skin Wisdom vs Skin Health was unclear to users and caused incorrect click paths. • Led to trial and error process . Negatively affected scores. • 2 users stated that all the lotions claim to cure dry skin when tasked with finding a dry skin lotion. • Search results could be better optimized. One user searched “skin care diabetes” and search returned 54 results. • Store location error results left users stranded although store results were buried in the code.

  17. Recommendations • Reorganize main navigation bar to better align with consumer needs and business goals. • Condense ambiguous tabs on navigation bar. Skin Wisdom and skin health. • For skin health conditions the website needs one page where you can view all the possible conditions with links that take you to how to cure them. • Redesign product page function by making product lists not cover product images. • Implement Aveeno’s best product for: x condition • Implement an online storefront as opposed to a shopping bag that takes user to • Realign pictures and text on product pages. • Improve error reporting with clear terminology and links to get back to a usable state. • Improve user feedback by displaying clickpath links. • Make the social media more prominent. It is currently understated as well as the footer navigation bar. • Rethink product positioning strategy and ways to describe products. When the test subjects were asked to find a lotion for dry skin there was almost always some confusion as all of the products claim to be for dry skin.

  18. Thank you for your time.