an outline of a new tourism brand for finland n.
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An outline of a new tourism brand for Finland PowerPoint Presentation
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An outline of a new tourism brand for Finland

An outline of a new tourism brand for Finland

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An outline of a new tourism brand for Finland

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  1. An outline of a new tourism brand for Finland Jaakko Lehtonen Director General Finnish Tourist Board FTB

  2. a country brand should have clear objectives • - civic • - economic • - social

  3. December 2006: Government decision-in-principleon raising the development of Finland’s country image to top of agenda • Finland Promotion Board given permanent status of official committee headed by the Ministry for Foreign • Affairs • Members include Finpro, FTB, TAT Group and other organisations • Primary responsibility for development of the country’s tourism image vested with the FTB

  4. Finnish country branding efforts launched • Scientific viewpoint provided by independentworking group comprising Teemu Moilanen and Seppo Rainisto • representatives of major corporations and thecommunications sector act as sparring partners

  5. dimensions of the brand defined • - political, social and cultural country image • - a country image that supports corporate exports and internationalisation as well as the perception of Finland as a good investment environment • - tourism-oriented country image

  6. Deliberations on the form of the tourism-oriented country image started in 2007 • preparatory work on the commercial perspectiveinvolved people from the FTB, foreign ministry and tourism directors from Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Lapland as well as the Ruka ski resort • Consultancy support provided by Trainers' House / Ignis

  7. four dimensions beginning with the letter C finally sieved from the broad stream of ideas and proposals COOL credible contrasts creative

  8. the intention is not necessarily to use the four Cs as such in communications • however, communications and especially actions must support at least one of the Cs • companies in tourism as well as other sectors are quite interested in this • the Cs have not been shot down by any party

  9. however, they are still mere proposals andnot decisions

  10. FTB customer feedback: > Feedback • Many palavers with different groups scheduled

  11. in all, the development of a brand for Finland is a long road that will take decades to complete • involved are countless elements which must be aligned • money and personnel resources are, of course, also a part of the picture – continuity a key issue • in essence, this involves action – communications • alone do not a brand make, although communications are almost certainly also needed

  12. a successful branding effort will improve the perception of Finland and promote our country’s interests in many different spheres of life