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System Flowchart

System Flowchart. Terminator (Prompt1). GCN Alert. Web Browser. Web Server. Skynet. Terminator (Prompt2). Data Manager. Reduction Pipeline. …. Terminator (TTT). MySQL Database. Machines. User computer. FUNGRB. At Telescope. Linux cluster. GCN. Telescope-side flowchart.

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System Flowchart

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Presentation Transcript

  1. System Flowchart Terminator (Prompt1) GCN Alert Web Browser Web Server Skynet Terminator (Prompt2) Data Manager Reduction Pipeline … Terminator (TTT) MySQL Database Machines User computer FUNGRB At Telescope Linux cluster GCN

  2. Telescope-side flowchart Skynet Terminator Mount (TheSky) Focus (ASCOM) Camera (Maxim DL) Filter (Maxim DL) Weather Dome

  3. Website Database Users request observations through a web interface

  4. Website Database  Skynet Observation requests are stored in a MySQL database

  5. Database Skynet  Terminator Skynet dispatches observable jobs to the Terminator at each telescope

  6. Skynet Terminator  Data Manager Each Terminator controls telescope hardware with TheSky and MaxIm

  7. Terminator Data Manager  Pipeline Each Terminator sends FITS images back to the Data Manager

  8. Data Manager Pipeline  Website FITS images are run through a data reduction pipeline on a Linux cluster

  9. Pipeline  Website/FTP Users retrieve their data through the website or by FTP

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