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  2. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN The five challenges • Balancing future demand and supply sustainably. • Ensuring the adequate stability in food supplies. • Achieving global access to food and ending hunger. • Contribution of the food system to the mitigation of climate change. • Maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services while feeding the world.

  3. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN SIX DRIVERS OF CHANGE: Population increase Per capita demand for food Governance of the food system Climate change Competition for key resources Food ethics.

  4. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN Precision Farming • Managing each crop production input • 1.1.fertilizer, limestone, herbicide, insecticide, seed, etc. • On a site-specific basis – KearifanLokal • To reduce waste, increase profits, and maintain environment quality.

  5. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN Three questions in adopting precision farming…….. • How much do crop, soil, and environmental characteristics vary spatially? Temporally? • How much do the variations affect crop yield and/ or crop quality? • Can farmer get enough information and right technologies to profitably manage variabilities?

  6. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN Eight Solutions For a Hungry World 1. Farm the Desert – PertanianLahanKeirng 2. Growth with Precision – Precision Farming 3. Rebuild Rice – MembangunSawah 4. Replace Fertilizer – MenggantiPupuk 5. Re-Map a Continent – EvaluasiLahan 6. Use Robot Labor – Tenaga Robot 7. Resurrect the Soil – Menyehatkan Tanah 8. Make Supercrops – TanamanUnggul

  7. WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE? “SistemPertanian” yang menirusemirip-mungkinekosistemalami yang sehat Tujuannya: Menyediakan income pertanian yang lebihmenguntungkan (aspekekonomi). Ramah lingkungan (aspekekologi). Mensejahterakankeluargatanidanmasyarakattani (aspeksosial).

  8. WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE? Integrates three main goals… 1. Environmental health 2. Economic profitability Social & economic equity

  9. WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE? Reduces inputs. Uses ecological pest and weed management strategies. Cycles nutrients back into the soil for fertility and health. Strengthens rural and urban communities. Produces viable farm income. Promotes healthy family and social values. Brings the consumer back into agriculture.

  10. WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE? Types of Sustainable Farming Organic farming Biodynamic Permaculture Agroecological Systems Low input

  11. WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE? Examples of sustainable agricultural management practices: Select species & varieties that are resistant to pests & diseases – well suited to site Diversify crops and cultural practices to enhance the farm’s biological and economic stability Manage soil as a living resource Conserve soil & protect it from erosion Manage water to improve conservation & storage, reduce salinity and protect ground water from contamination

  12. WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE? • Plant Production Practices: • Selection of site, species, variety • Diversity • Soil Management • Efficient use of Inputs • Consideration of Farmer Goals and Lifestyle

  13. … Permaculture is .. …… a branch of ecological engineering, that develops self-maintained agricultural systems from natural ecosystems. The core of permaculture are: Care for the earth: Provision for all life systems to continue and multiply. Care for the people: Provision for people to access those resources necessary for their existence. Return of surplus: Reinvesting surpluses and wastes back into system to recycle into usefulness. .

  14. PERMACULTURE….. Seven Principles of Permaculture: Conservation - Use only what is needed. Stacking functions - In permaculture we speak about getting many yields (outputs) from one element (thing) in your system. Repeating functions - We meet every need in multiple ways. Reciprocity - Utilize the yields of each element to meet the needs of other elements in the system. Appropriate scale - What we design should be on a human scale and doable with the available time, skills, and money that we have Diversity - We want to create resilience by utilizing many elements. Give away the surplus - Create systems that are abundant and share the abundance rather than hoarding it for ourselves. .

  15. . Permaculture is …… ….. Permanent Agriculture "The more you understand, the more you can put nature to work for you, the less you need.“ .

  16. .. Permaculture is……. ‘Back to nature’ ….. a contraction of “permanent” and “agriculture.” Instead of using artificial fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides, instead of watering and irrigation, instead of planting in straight lines and single species, permaculture uses natural techniques to grow food and conserve resources like soil and water. It is sustainable farming, organic farming. ..

  17. ..Permaculture is ….. Mayan Agro-Forestry Systems: a wide diversity of edible and medicinal plants. The banana circles and swales, are integrated into the forest gardens . “Pekarangan”

  18. ….Permaculture is……. Agroforestry: The traditional landuse systems which combine trees spatially and/or temporally with agricultural crops and/or animals. It combines elements of agriculture with elements of forestry in sustainable production systems on the same piece of land. ..

  19. …Permaculture is … Integrated Mushroom & Duck Agroforestry System Integration of ducks into the laying yard brings more yields for the farmer, promotes effective slug control, and better utilized forest ecosystems in the farm landscape. Ducks are an under appreciated farm asset with the potential to sustainably manage pests while providing high quality products for market.

  20. …. Permaculture is …… TAMBAK SILVOFISHERY Tambaksilvofisherydigunakanuntukbudidayakepitingsoka (Soft Shell Crabs) danjenisKepitingbakau (Scylla serrata F). .

  21. ..Permaculture is….. Pekarangan – LumbungPanganKeluarga ManfaatPekaranganadalahuntukmenyediakanPangandanGiziKeluargadengancaraditanamiberbagaijenistanaman yang kemudiandapatdipakaidalammenigkatkankeragamanpangankeluarga.

  22. ..Permaculture is….. Pekarangan – Lahanpekaranganditanamianekajenistanaman : jagung, kedelai, kacangtanah, sayur-sayuran, kelapadanbuah-buahan. .

  23. …..TUMPANGSARI TEMBAKAU + KOPI…. Tembakausebagaitanamanutamadan kopi arabikaditanamditeras-terasdengansistemlajur. Hasil kopi danhasiltempakaudenganmudahdapatdijual. ..

  24. Toward Sustainable Agricultural in the 21st Century Agriculture system should be to optimize the integration of each resource in an efficient manner that improves the environment.

  25. 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming A vision for the future of farming are working to create high-tech tools to help make agriculture more precise. ..

  26. Toward Sustainable Agricultural in the 21st Century Pursue high yields within a healthy ecology : They are not mutually exclusive and policy & research must reflect that. ..

  27. Achieving Gender Equality in Agriculture Women and Men play any vital role in advancing agricultural development and food security. ..

  28. The Vertical of Farming (VF) Year-round production No crop failures due to droughts, floods, pests Food is grown organically Eliminates agric. runoff Returns land to nature Reduces the incidence of infectious diseases Converts black and gray water into potable water Reduces fossil fuel use Creates sustainable urban environments Creates new employment opportunities. .

  29. Vertical Farming and the Future of Food Vertical farming is a closed system, from seed to product, and one that reuses and recycles it byproducts. .

  30. Rice field conversions affect food security Although Indonesia is a rice-producing country, it still has to import 1 to 2 million tons of rice every year due to high domestic consumption. .

  31. rice-field-ubud Getting away from the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ Ubud .

  32. SAWAH MASA DEPAN “Rice Master Grower” is aimed at promoting good agronomic practices among growers and encouraging them to adopt sustainable growing methods : Sustainability and Profitability. .

  33. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN Alley cropping  requires tress to be planted in rows, and then crops are planted between the rows of said trees.  Before the growing season, the pruned tree clippings will be used a type of living mulch to protect crops from wind and erosion, lock in heat and moisture, and provide additional nutrients (and soil organic matter) for the crops. .

  34. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN Agroforestry System in South and Central America. This is an example of people taking their future into their own hands. .

  35. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN The young are the future Educating the next generation is very important, and it is often easier to change the ways of the young than of older people. .

  36. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN Brighter prospects for cassava Demand for cassava starch continue to increase in the world, in the next years cassava as raw material for food, confectionery, beverages and ethanol. .

  37. PERTANIAN MASA DEPAN GM sugarcane trial planting The GM sugarcane was developed in the US by Syngenta. The variety is tolerant to herbicides, pests and the stem borer. .



  40. KERANGKA KONSEP: STRATEGI PENINGKATAN PRODUKSI PADI Energi mata-hari BO & Hara Dari tanah Kemasan beras Tanaman Padi NPK humik plus; UHA Booster Tanah Kompos plus Mikoriza Booster Energi CO2 Fotosintesis khlorofil Kemasan Metasilikat Unit Penggilingan Gabah Booster Energi Penyakit Karat Daun & Tahan Roboh Glu-kose Pengeringan Simpanan pati bulir dan butir padi Di sawah Booster Rendemen Booster Rendemen Glukose Sukrose Di daun Bendera

  41. PAKET TEKNOLOGI UNTUK PENINGKATAN PRODUKSI PADI KOMPOS plus Mikoriza Kompos masak diperkaya dengan mikoriza PUPUK NPK HUMIK plus Mg & Unsur Mikro UREA-HUMIK Rasio N/P/K berdasarkan hasil analisis contoh tanah Memacu aktivitas mikroba tanah, meningkatkan ketersediaan hara BOOSTER TANAH Memperbaiki kapasitas fotosintesis dari klorofil BOOSTER ENERGI Memacu sintesis Pati dari Gllukosa BOOSTER RENDEMEN Memperbaiki kualitas gabah kering-giling Pengeringan Kemasan Menjaga kualitas beras kemasan

  42. KLINIK PERTANIAN: MENJAWAB PERMASALAHAN NYATA BERDASAR TEORI DAN RISET Dialog dengan pelaku usaha Pelaku usaha berkonsultasi Pakar ke lapangan DIAGNOSIS PROBLEMATIK YANG ADA DI LAPANGAN Diskusi Tim Pakar + Formulator + Laboran ANALISIS ALTERNATIF SOLUSI PENYUSUNAN “RESEP” PENYEMBUHAN Diskusi Tim Pakar + Formulator + Laboran Diskusi Formulator + Laboran FORMULASI TEKNOLOGI + SOP PELATIHAN –PERCONTOHAN Pelaku Usaha + Klinik UJI TEKNOLOGI PENDAMPINGAN Pelaku Usaha + Klinik RISET …… ! MASALAH TERJAWAB ….. ??

  43. STRATEGI PENINGKATAN PRODUKSI PADI Konsultasi Klinik Petani / Kelompok tani padi sawah Konsultasi Klinik Petani / Kelompok tani padi sawah

  44. KONSEP PENINGKATAN PRODUKSI PADI Workshop Mencari alternatif solusi untuk menjawab permasalahan yang dihadapi petani Workshop Peningkatan Produksi Padi Secara Lestari

  45. KONSEP PENINGKATAN PRODUKSI PADI Penyusunan Resep “Penyembuhan” masalah “rendahnya efisiensi urea pada padi sawah” Slow Released Urea Teori Pembentukan Kompleks Inklusi Urea (Ohlan, 2008).

  46. KONSEP PENINGKATAN PRODUKSI PADI Formulasi Teknologi untuk “penyembuhan” FORMULA STABILISASI PUPUK N UHA Urea Humic Acid Black Urea NPK-Humic Plus • Keunggulan: • Slow Release N • Efisiensipupukmeningkat • Kehilangan N Minimum • Dosispupukdapatdikurangi • Diperkayaunsurmikro • Degradasi Tanah minimum • Penyimpananlebihmudah Formulasi teknologi untuk “Penyembuhan” masalah dengan mempertimbangkan kompetensi petani

  47. KONSEP PENINGKATAN PRODUKSI PADI Pendampingan Uji Teknologi Aplikasi NPK-Humik plus Booster Rendemen, Pada fase Masak Susu Pendampingan monitoring perkembangan hasil Aplikasi teknol;ogio di lahan petani Efektivitas Daun Bendera Selama periode pengisian gabah