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Daniel F. Packer, Jr. President & CEO Natural Energy Corporation LLC PowerPoint Presentation
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Daniel F. Packer, Jr. President & CEO Natural Energy Corporation LLC

Daniel F. Packer, Jr. President & CEO Natural Energy Corporation LLC

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Daniel F. Packer, Jr. President & CEO Natural Energy Corporation LLC

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  1. Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurs Committee Board of Directors Meeting Report Dot Harris Chair June 13, 2009 Randal D. Pinkett President & CEO BCT Partners Michael F. Harness Chairman, President & CEO OSKYACorporation Daniel F. Packer, Jr. President & CEO Natural Energy Corporation LLC Vicky Bailey President Anderson Stratton International, LLC Milton Scott Chairman and CEO The Tagos Group Stephen L. Hightower President & CEO Hightowers Petroleum Inc Lonnie G. Johnson President and Founder Excellatron Solid State, LLC

  2. Recap of EC Purpose • To increase the awareness of our AAEs value-added products and services available to corporations and government agencies to help meet the growing demands of our Energy industry • To create a mutually beneficial business, service and community-based environment for African Americans and the energy companies that service this demographic

  3. Key Strategic Plan Premises • 1. Strengthen Economic Outlook of Energy Companies while Building Greater Black Community Relations Through Business and Employment Opportunities • Black businesses traditionally hire from Black communities • 2. Meet Energy Efficiency Objectives by Engaging the Black Community • Black businesses are able to relate to and understand the best strategies to assist energy companies in educating our communities • 3. Utilize State/Federal Legislative and Regulatory initiatives to assist major corporations with their product and service needs. • Help our community/businesses find opportunities via the Stimulus Plan • 4. Leverage AAEs to address multi-cultural needs in meeting local content requirement driven by increased international sourcing • Black businesses are well suited to develop relationships w/ businesses in Africa/Caribbean to facilitate local content requirements

  4. Strategic Action Steps Facilitate and/or support development of model consortiums of AAEs to go after larger contracting opportunities Encourage & support joint venture/partnerships with Corp/AAEs Identify and adopt or develop and oversee a mentor protégé program between energy companies and AAEs Annual award to a Corp/AAE for profound relationship developed in new and emerging markets Develop a think tank where entrepreneurs and coalition participants (e.g. Rainbow Push, National Urban League, NAACP, etc) can discuss ideas, emerging issues and projects Lead the development of a local business content program for selected countries in which participating corp/gov’t will benefit from the partnership w/ AAEs Develop a model MOU with financial institutions/venture capital firms to support opportunities for AAEs…example The Marathon Club

  5. Highlight Activities • AABE & NMSDC's Utilities Industry Group Collaborative Effort • SD Leaders: Tarece Johnson Hassell-AGL; Jerry Fulmer – We Energies; • Emmett Vaughn - Exelon • Increase participation/membership (AABE & NMSDC) • Create overall industry/business transparency (corporations & suppliers) • Develop relationships with other supplier diversity professionals & suppliers • Discuss industry specific supplier diversity best practices (benchmarking) • Identify & share minority suppliers specific to industry (utilities database) • Help develop minority owned businesses; assess how many energy companies engage in supplier diversity • Discuss industry opportunities & challenges (sustain SD efforts/results in any economy) • Discuss supplier diversity strategies, supplier management & process improvements (industry strategic plan) • Professional development (peer coaching for effective implementation – change agents)

  6. Purpose: • The purpose of the collaboration between AABE & the Utilities Industry Group is to cooperatively identify and implement supplier diversity best practices; develop diverse suppliers and become world class supplier diversity organizations through research, collaboration and change management. • Time Commitment: • * Annual Program Manager’s Seminar - Chicago (July 15th & 16th) • * NMSDC’s Annual Conference/EXPO - Louisiana (October 27th – 30th) • * 4 conference calls per year - Join in with AABE’s conference calls • Supplier Diversity Professionals: • * AABE’s Annual Conference – (April) • * AABE’s Board Meeting – DC (CDC) (September) • * 1 hr. per month related to preparing/gathering/sharing information • 2009 Group Deliverables: • * Design & administer benchmarking survey • * Industry Specific Database – SDP contacts & suppliers (AABE) • * Advisory Council (AABE)

  7. African American Women Owned Construction Companies The current national emphasis on improving the energy efficiency of  buildings the construction industry has given rise to a new focus on incorporating “Green” building and construction standards; more properly known as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Certifications.    “Professional Women In Construction”    President Obama’s Planned Trip to Ghana July 10 – 12, 2009 AABE Member Firm, Community Alternative Energy Resources Group is working through its Advisory Board Member Dr. Yaw Akoto, to establish a U.S. – Ghana energy industry trade group reception during the planned visit for President Obama to Ghana, July 10 – 12, 2009.  Dr. Akoto is the former Managing Director for the Ghana’s oil refinery and production facilities, and is currently under consideration to join the new Ghana President John Evans Atta Mills Administration.

  8. Sponsors the : ENTERPRENEURS FORUM 'Sustainable Energy For A New Economy: Implications for the Entrepreneur' Panelists : Monday, June 8, 2009 5 to 8:00PM Energy Hall PECO ENERGY 2301 Market St. Phila. PA AABE Philadelphia Corporate Members Include: Commentators : Exelon PECO Sunoco SJGas First Energy PGW DuPont PJM • Willa Hightower, PECO, Manager, Regulatory Support; President – Phila.AABE • Carolyn Green, VP Sunoco; Chairperson,AABE National Board of Directors • Tonja Wicks, Florida Power & Light, Co-Chair National AABE Entrepreneurs Committee Networking/Business Card Exchange Following the Panel Discussion RSVP By 5/29 to or AABEPHILLY@yahoo. 1st Regional Entrepreneurs Forum!

  9. DOE –WAP Proposals: Bill Johnson/Walter McLeod • AABE to participate in WAP $5B Program by: • Expanding AA participation in new jobs • Expanding AA participation in contract opp – AAEs • Expanding AA property owners’ participation • Deliverables: Education, assistance & recruitment workshops; program consultants, training and project mgt • Leverage our 36 chapters in 30 states • Facilitate AA Wealth Creation: from $5B WAP budget to $620M AA 12.4% population to $62M DOE 10% PM fee to potential $20M for AABE

  10. DOE –WAP Proposals: Bill Johnson/Walter McLeod • Issues/concerns raised by the AABE Executive Committee: • 1) Legal - Under the 501(c) 3 status, are we able to conduct for-profit services under AABE?  Is this type of service indeed part of the membership application of the Charter of our organization?? • 2) Potential AABE Reputation Damage - Are we engaging or extending ourselves into unfamiliar territory that we are not equipped to support and tarnish our AABE name in the Industry? • 3) Qualification of our AABE members or our Contracted Companies to Perform This Effort - Do our Chapter members have the necessary skills/experience/time to effectively administer such a visible DOE program?  Do we have the qualified project mgr/training companies to partner with to execute this program?? 

  11. AABE Entrepreneurs Database: Goes Live Next Week! • EEC Database Listing with Search Functionality • Search filters are by Company Name, Sector, Product & Services, and Region

  12. Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP • Green Lane Energy LLC • Ground Level Solutions, Inc • GSM Development • Henry Consulting LLC • Hightowers Petroleum Co. • HTS Enterprise LLC • Johnson Research & Development Co., Inc • Medellin and Associates • Metals and Materials Engineers LLC • Natural Energy Corporation • Osyka Corporation • R.E. Technology, LLC • SLKing & Associates, Inc • Southeast Safety Supply • Superior Energy, LLC • Synergetic Design Inc • The Tagos Group, LLC • Trice Construction Company • Upepo Energy Group • Walker-Miller Energy Services LLC • Amni International Petroleum Dev. Co. Ltd. • Anderson Stratton International LLC • Andisa Corporations • Arcadia Chemical Inc • Austin and Austin P.A. • Barnes and Thornburg, LLP • BCT Partners • BlackEnergy, LLC • Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc • Charles Pulliam Consulting • Clean City, LLC • Community Alternative Energy Resources Group, LLC • Davenport and Associates • Diamond Vantage • Digital Consulting & Software Services • Dyson Engineering & Technical Services • eCo-Capital, LLC • Energy Works Consulting LLC • Excellatron Solid State, LLC • Foresight Solutions LLC • Geneva Pipeline