do s and don ts dropped fallen down damaged hard drives n.
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Fallen Down Damaged Hard Drive Recovery PowerPoint Presentation
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Fallen Down Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

Fallen Down Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

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Fallen Down Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

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  1. Do’s and Don'ts Dropped / fallen down damaged Hard Drives

  2. Quick View If your hard drive has been damaged by fallen or dropped down, it’s important that you should take care of the issue as quickly as possible to have the best chance of recovering the data from the hard drive. Don’t assume that leaving the hard drive alone for a few days won’t hurt your data. Hard drives are delicate, and can be easily damaged from mild bumps or drops. So never try to switch and power on your computer system, laptop, storage box, external USB HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or your Server etc.

  3. Don’ts Fallen / Dropped Damaged Hard Drive

  4. Don’ts If the hard drive is dropped or has fallen down, do not connect the hard drive to any device or try to switch / power on. Why? Almost 100% of the time the client tries to plug it in to see if it still works. They usually won’t detect clicking noise, scratching noise, grinding Noise, knocking noise, beeping noise, slowly clicks & beeps noise.

  5. Don’ts This is the worst thing anyone can do to see if the drive is damaged, or to see if it still works. If this happens to your drive and you turn it on then the arms will drag the bent metal across the platters scratching them and in this condition your data can’t be recovered.

  6. Don’ts The second worst scenario we hear from clients when they report a dropped hard drive is that they have opened the drive, potentially moved the arm and heads off the platter. Some drives parking place are in the center of the platter, and the arm actually belongs there. On others, they park on a ramp.

  7. Don’ts Moving any of these parts unnecessarily or incorrectly will cause damage to the platter, the head slider, and make your data unrecoverable.

  8. Do’s Fallen / Dropped Damaged Hard Drive

  9. Do’s If your data is important then you should contact professional service providers to open & analyze your drive to confirm the status of its internal parts. I

  10. Reason for Damage & Data loss The following ways are the reason for damage: • The actuator arm has come off the parking ramp and hit the platters • The heads are damaged in some way (slightly or physically) • The heads have hit the platter and stuck

  11. Reason for Damage & Data loss • The actuator arm has become out of alignment • The spindle has been damaged from impact • Read/write head sliders have come off

  12. Reason for Damage & Data loss The PROBLEM occurs as power is applied to the drive. When the drive gets the signal to start, all of these components begin to work, the platter spins, the actuator arm moves, and the read/write heads begin to index.

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