vocabulary day one n.
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Michelle kwan

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  1. Vocabulary day one Michelle kwan

  2. amateur • Sentence: My dad, the amateur hockey player , goes out and plays hockey all weekend long just for fun! • Definition: someone who engages in an athletic activity for fun rather than play.

  3. amateur • Example: little league, or high school sports • Non-example: professional teams: NFL, NHL, NBA

  4. artistic • Sentence: The audience marveled at the artistic dancers as they showed their well- practiced moves. • Definition: showing skill and good taste

  5. artistic • Example: Dancing with the Stars dancers, or swans in a lake • Non-example: a little kid dancing Non- Example:

  6. audience • Sentence: We sat in the audience enjoying the other fans before the concert started. • Definition: the people gathered to see and hear a performance

  7. audience • Example: your family watching TV, or your class at an assembly • Non-example: you playing, or you performing

  8. compete • Sentence: We competed in the Annual Talent Show at our school. • Definition: to take part in a contest

  9. compete • Example: participating in a Spelling Bee, or relay race, or racing your best friend to the fence and back • Non-example: you running home by yourself

  10. elements • Sentence: The well- written paper had all the elements the teacher was looking for. • Definition: the parts of which something is made up

  11. elements Elements of a craft project. • Example: Elements of an “A” paper: neat, organized, words spelling correctly, great ideas, etc. • Non-example: The book is not an element of a good story. Elements you will learn about in science...

  12. judges • Sentence: The judges decided the race would end in a tie since Joe and Sue crossed the line at the same time. • Definition: people who decide who wins a contest

  13. judges • Example: the person who rules in court, or decides who wins American Idol • Non-example: contestants in the contest, or people who watch Not Judges Judges

  14. presentation • Sentence: We practiced for hours so our presentation would go well. • Definition: performance

  15. presentation • Example: singers singing on a stage, or giving a report in the front of the class • Non-example: answering a question during class

  16. pressure • Sentence: The kids were under a lot of pressure from their coach to win the game. • Definition: urgent or forceful demand

  17. pressure • Example: what you feel when you know you have do well on the test • Non-example: what you feel when you are taking a test and you know ALL the answers

  18. technical • Sentence: The coach wanted us to get the technical part of the game right. • Definition: having to do with technique or skill

  19. technical • Example: how you bounce the basketball, or how the ice- skater twirls and spins • Non-example: a basketball game

  20. required • Sentence: The teacher requires that we have our name and date on all of our papers. • Definition: necessary; essential

  21. required • Example: You are required to come to school everyday. You are required to follow the rules at school. • Non-example: May Do’s are not required.

  22. Talk to your Partner! • What word do you like the best? Why? • What word do you think you will need to practice so you remember it’s definition? • As you go through your day remember all the things that are required of you! Can you think of something that was required of you this morning?