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Michelle Kwan

Michelle Kwan

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Michelle Kwan

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  1. Michelle Kwan Heart of a Champion Genre: Autobiography

  2. Meet the Author Kwan was inspired to become a world-class skater after watching Brian Boitano win a gold medal at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Just seven years old at the time, she thought, "Okay, tomorrow I'll go to the Olympics." She quickly learned that realizing her dream would take many years of hard work!

  3. Key Vocabulary

  4. Amateur (n) Definition: a person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity Example: A young ice skater begins as an amateur for fun.

  5. Artistic (adj.) Definition: satisfying standards of art Example: Michelle’s skating moves are very artistic.

  6. Audience (n) Definition: a group of people who considered spectators watching an event. Example: A good audience watches, listens, and applauds.

  7. Compete (v) Defintion: To strive for something usually a prize or acknowledgement. Example: Michelle had to compete against other skaters.

  8. Elements (n) Definition: a component or part of something Example: Michelle had to learn and perform the required elements.

  9. Pressure (n) Definition: A condition that is hard to bear and usually is related to stress Example: Michelle was under a lot of pressure to perform.

  10. Technical (adj) Definition: Skills usually having to do with a technique and how well it was executed and performed. Example: Michelle had to master the technical skills of skating.

  11. More Words to Know

  12. USFSA USFSA stands for United States Figure Skating Association.

  13. elite Sasha Cohen and Michelle Kwan are elite skaters.

  14. Lutz The Lutz jump was named for Alois Lutz.

  15. revolutions Elvis Stojko does many revolutions when he jumps.

  16. choreographers Choreographers create the moves a skater performs.

  17. Nationals Many skaters compete in the Nationals competition.

  18. gnarled Hands, feet, and tree branches can become gnarled.

  19. distributed When your weight is distributed evenly, it is harder to fall.

  20. eligible Skaters practice long and hard to be eligible for the Olympics.

  21. professional Professional skaters put on shows and get paid.

  22. scholarships Scholarships help students and athletes get training and higher education.

  23. overwhelmed People and animals can feel overwhelmed by events in their lives.

  24. images Creating a positive image about yourself can help you succeed.

  25. Vocabulary Review

  26. eligible required presentation overwhelmed revolutions audience

  27. images gnarled artistic professional distributed Nationals

  28. amateur USFSA scholarships Worlds pressure elite

  29. compete Lutz choreographers elements technical judges