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  1. Household Pollution

  2. Fertilizer on your grass can really make your lawn look good. But it won’t do good for the planet. When it rains, fertilizer will wash off into the runoff and get into a body of water. To prevent this pollution, you can get a filter so it won’t get through to water as easily.

  3. If rain washes through a rusted pipe you have at home, then the rust will collect in the water and run off and pollute the closest water. Pipes should be cleaned or replaced every once in a while, or you could get “anti-rust”.

  4. Most people wash their cars on their driveway, but the soap and dirt can wash off way easier and into a storm drain. If people washed their cars on their lawn, then the pollution would be diluted.

  5. Industrial Pollution

  6. A lot of industrial factories create pollution by releasing their chemical-infested smoke into the air. They should probably use less chemicals, and don’t just carelessly release it into the air.

  7. Some types of industries can release really harsh chemicals into the of them being carbon dioxide. It displaces oxygen, making it harder for people to breathe. Factories shouldn’t let their chemicals free in the air, and should stop using so much carbon dioxide.

  8. Carbon dioxide isn’t the only major industrial pollution problem. A lot of oil spills are a big flaw for a lot of factories. One of the most major ones in history began in April 2010 and lasted until September. More advanced equipment can definitely be used to prevent this type of pollution.