kombis tmm8003 installation power supply n.
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KOMBIS TMM8003 Installation Power Supply PowerPoint Presentation
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KOMBIS TMM8003 Installation Power Supply

KOMBIS TMM8003 Installation Power Supply

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KOMBIS TMM8003 Installation Power Supply

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  1. KOMBIS TMM8003Installation Power Supply

  2. Power SupplyBlock Diagram

  3. Power Supply

  4. Power Supply Graphic Symbol 1. DIN Terminal X52 The machine is powered by electricity using copper cable with 5 wires (3 phase wires + neutral wire + ground wire). The thickness of the wires should be at least 4mm2(5 x 4mm2 ). The power cable is connected to a DIN terminal block X52, located at the bottom of the main cabinet. The machine is protected within enclosures rated at IP20 (protection against the solid objects larger than 12mm). When the machine is supplied with 4-wire cable make a bridge (short circuit) between the blue and green terminals of the terminal block X52. Location X52

  5. Power Supply Graphic Symbol 2. MAIN SWITCH The main power switch of the machine is a cam-type rotary switch. Turn ON Turn the switch in a clockwise direction until the knob stands in a vertical position, the contacts are now closed and electricity is supplied to the machine. Turn OFF Turn the switch in a counterclockwise direction until the knob sits in a horizontal position, the contacts are now open and the electricity supply to the machine is stopped. Location

  6. Power Supply Graphic Symbol 3. MAIN CIRCUIT BREAKER The main circuit breaker is an automatic three-pole switch (3x400V / 25A). It is located on the bottom row within the main cabinet of the machine. • PURPOSE • To protect the electrical circuits of the machine from short-circuit currents. • To protect electrical circuits from overloading (working currents above 25A). • To disconnect the wiring of the machine from the power network. • Note: • If the main circuit breaker TURNS OFF automatically, call an electrician to investigate and remedy the cause! Location

  7. Power Supply • 4. GROUND FAULT INTERRUPTER • Located on the second row within the main cabinet of the machine. • Purpose: • To protect people and property against direct and indirect contact with current-conductive parts of the machine. • To prevent currents leaking from the machine. • To turn off the power network to the machine in case of a voltage leak to the metal housing. • To turn off the power network to the machine in case of fire. • Attention: • The metal casing of the machine must be grounded for the ground fault interrupter to work properly. • Note: • If the ground fault interrupter TURNS OFF automatically, call an electrician to investigate and remedy the cause! Graphic Symbol Location

  8. Power Supply Graphic Symbol • 5. MONITORING RELAY • Located on the second row within the main cabinet of the machine. The monitoring relay is a device for measuring electrical parameters of the phase voltages. When it detects a change outside its thresholds the monitoring relay interrupts power to the machine’s actuators. • The KOMBIS TMM8003’s monitoring relay has the monitors the following functions: • voltage of the 3-phase mains with adjustable thresholds (MINand MAX) • phase sequence and phase or neutral failure • monitoring of the asymmetry with adjustable threshold (ASYM) • adjustable tripping delay. Location

  9. Power Supply 11 9 8 13 6 • The following controls are located within the main cabinet on the second row, next to the ground fault interrupter (from right to left): • Emergency stop switch [6] • Circuit breakers for the power supply [8] and for luminescent lighting [9] (two-poles). • Circuit breaker [11] for the operating power supply unit. The power supply converts 220VAC into 24VDC used by sensors and valves, control buttons and switches and other low power devices. • Circuit breaker [13] for the controllers power supply units (main controller "Beckhoff" and motion controller "Trajexia").

  10. Power Supply 6. UPS unit Uninterruptible Power Supply unit (UPS) is an intelligent electrical device that provides emergency power to the loads by supplying energy stored in batteries, when the input power source (mains power) fails. The on-battery runtime uninterruptible energy is relatively short (only a few minutes) but sufficient to start a standby power source or properly shut down the protected equipment. The KOMBIS 8003’s UPS protects the Control Voltage which supplies the control system and sensing devices of the machine. When the mains power is interrupted the main controller initiates a shut down and turn-off procedure, during this time the machine's monitor displays a "POWER OFF“ error message. Graphic Symbol Location

  11. Power Supply Graphic Symbol 7. Operating Power Supply unit This is a device that converts mains electricity of 110-240VAC to a lower directand stabilizedvoltageof 24VDC. The device can supply 320 watts of power. It is equipped with electronic protection from short circuits in its output and a trimmer to adjust the output voltage range from 22 to 26 volts. Voltage produced by this device is called the Operating Voltage. This voltage supplies all electrical components that require 24VDC, participating in the drives, the control and the diagnostic of the machine. These are: all sensors, solenoid valves, relays, switches, control units, stepper motors, signal lamps, etc. It is located at the left side of the machine’s main cabinet. Location

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