the lovely bones n.
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The Lovely Bones PowerPoint Presentation
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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones

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The Lovely Bones

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  1. The LovelyBones By: Alice Sebold

  2. The books represent Mr. Harvey because we don’t know very much about him. At the beginning he seems like a good man but then we get suspicious, like you want to know or read more about him. The mask represents Mr. Harvey because he says tries to convince Susie that he is really a great man so that she will go into the hole that he dug. Also he said he was sorry about what happened to Susie but really he didn’t care at all. He is two faced.

  3. Susie’s sister, Lindsey, is like the pie because when she is trying to get through the death of her sister, she doesn’t even act like she cares or doesn’t let anyone see that she cares. She is like the inside because she does really care and is hurting but doesn’t want anyone to know. The parents felt like they were getting beat up because of the pain and sorrow they were going through in that time in their lives.

  4. The lonely tree represents the people who knew Susie but after her death felt so alone and like no understood or cared for them. The bird in the cage represents Susie because when she was in the hole and she couldn’t escape, she must have felt so helpless. She just wanted it all to just go away.

  5. The die with the question marks on it represents the confusion that the family felt not knowing where their daughter/sister was or is, if she is for sure dead or not, who killed her, and lots more things. They just want answers. The happy face represents the little brother because at the beginning of the story he doesn’t know what has happened and is unaware. All he is worried about is having fun with his friend. He doesn’t know what happened because his parents just tell him she is gone somewhere.

  6. The hat represents the part of the plot. The part of the story when the father thinks that is was Mr. Harvey that killed his daughter. No one thinks it would be him because he seems like a lonely man that doesn’t like to see other people. The poppies represent the memorial that they had for Susie. It represents the thoughts and stories they remembered about Susie. Also it tells her and the family that they will never forget her.

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  8. The END By Jillian Martinson