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Temperate Rainforest

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Temperate Rainforest

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Temperate Rainforest

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  1. Temperate Rainforest By: Anthony R. A.P. Environmental Science Academy Teatown Lake Reservation

  2. Mid Latitudes. 1000- 1200 mm of Rain per year average some receive more. Winter temperatures rarely drop below freezing. Summer Temperatures rarely exceed 80 degrees. Mild wet winters and cool, foggy and clouded summers. Climate

  3. Temperate Rainforest Around the World

  4. The flora is mostly coniferous trees. Other plant life includes Mosses and Linches Fir Tree: Abies balsamea the Balsam Fir is used as Christmas trees, cold remedy, glue and paper. Flora

  5. Hemlock: Tsuga heterophylla State tree of Washington, needles can be used to make teas, Bark can be eaten. Flora Continued

  6. Black Spruce: Picea mariana used for paper making and is the Provincial tree of Newfoundland Flora Continued

  7. Big Leaf Maple: Acer macrophyllum is commonly found in west coast forests, can be used to make maple syrup and the largest recorded Big Leaf Maple was 101 feet tall with a trunk diameter of 11 feet and 11 inches Flora Continued

  8. The Fauna includes various insects, Birds and mammals. The Banana Slug: Ariolimax columbianus they are detritivores, spread seed and spores as they move. Fauna

  9. The Black Tailed Deer: Odocoileus hemionus also known as the mule deer, feed from conifers during the winter months. Different from the White Tail Deer, have black spot on tail and antlers grow differently. Fauna Continued

  10. The Blue Grouse: Dendragapus obscurus Their breeding habitat is the edges of conifer and mixed forests in mountainous regions of North America Fauna Continued

  11. The Black Bear: Ursus americanus Eat carrion and insects, berries, fruits along with small rodents and deer, elk and moose calves. Fauna Continued

  12. Temperate Rainforest Food Web

  13. One Instrumental value is the Biodiversity of organisms. Another Instrumental value is its aesthetic value. The Educational value of the Temperate Rainforest Instrumental values

  14. Limiting Factors of the Biome include: Population size, availability of food, predation pressure, disease, Natural disasters, hunting, human activity, Limiting Factor

  15. Logging occurs in the Temperate Rainforest Loss of habitat and loss of biodiversity Hunting of Black Tailed Deer Humans that live in the area of the biome have distanced them selves from the biome. Some human activity does occur, logging and hunting. Locus of Concern

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