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Electra Elite IPK II July 2007

Electra Elite IPK II July 2007. IPK II Performance Highlights. Over IPK II 16,000 systems shipped (02/06-06/07) Average 5500 IPK II Master quotes each month Average System Size is 20-40 extensions. Applications Voice Mail attach rate has stabilized 80%

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Electra Elite IPK II July 2007

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  1. Electra Elite IPK II July 2007

  2. IPK II Performance Highlights • Over IPK II 16,000 systems shipped (02/06-06/07) • Average 5500 IPK II Master quotes each month • Average System Size is 20-40 extensions. • Applications • Voice Mail attach rate has stabilized 80% • Unified Messaging growing opportunity • Application Sales have grown 30% over the last year. • 16Line Display set (black) most popular telephone

  3. Telecontroller • All Participants eligible to win Telecontroller • If viewing this as part of a group send email to • jgerber@necunified.com • Subject:Webex Participant • Include Name, email and company name • Winner will be notified by Friday 12:00 pm CST

  4. Telephone Attributes Time and Date Display (static time and date) LCD Contrast Control Volume Control in handset and speaker mode Scrolling Speed Dial Directory Handset/Headset Selection Ring Tones Line Key Colors (Red & Green) Message Waiting Hands-free Operation Customized Message Basic Call Processing Incoming Call (CO, ICM) with Conference, Transfer, Ringing (With Vol. Control) When one Digital Phone is attached Outgoing Call /automatic answer Hold Transfer Conference When two Digital Phones are attached. Incoming and Outgoing Calls between Digital Phones Hold Transfer Automatic answer Conference. Telecontroller

  5. InACD Operation Logon, Logoff, Break & ACD features InMail Voice Mail Soft key - A simulation of accessing the voice system. Send and cancel a message with soft key and MW Lamp (Red, Green). . Telecontroller Applications

  6. IPK II Telephone Demo

  7. IPK II Telephone Demo

  8. Migration Opportunities *As of 6/30/07

  9. It’s not about the features……

  10. Discussion Topics • Applications • LX VM with UM • InACD • PC Attendant • PC Assistant • Hotel/Motel • Conference Bridge • Conference Unit • Call Analyst • MobileConnex • 2U Platform

  11. Voice Mail Overview

  12. IPK II Voice Mail Options • InMail (2-4 ports) • VMP LX VM/UM (2-8 ports) • CTP LX (4-16 ports)

  13. IPK II - InMail • Installs on CPUII • Reliable (compact flash) • Max 4 port Voice Mail • 128 subscriber mailboxes • 8 hours of recording • Programmed using System Programming • Target customer • Cost effective voicemail

  14. IPK II Voice Processing Choices InMail VMP LX CTI LX

  15. IPK II - ACD Overview

  16. IPK II - ACD at a Glance • 256 agents • 64 ACD groups • 2 Delay Announcements per group (48 per system + Standard Messages) • 64 Supervisors • 1 System Supervisor

  17. InACD Features • Supervisor Monitor Main/Selection Screen Choose the Agents to display Overall call center summary Choose from available real-time graphs Pick the Queues to monitor

  18. InACD Desktop Status window indicates what ACD state the agent is in and for how long Ticker style display keeps the agent abreast of call center activity and in touch with Supervisors and other agents with text messages Pull down menu provides easy access to common ACD functions

  19. InACD Features • Sample Reports Agent Report Queue Report

  20. Agent Time Management Agent Performance Summary Agent Traffic by Hour Agent Call Summary Agent Login/Break Timeline Group Call Summary Group Call Summary by Hour Group Call Summary by Day Group Call Traffic Group Call Traffic by Hour Group Call Traffic by Day Abandoned Calls Abandoned Calls by Hour Abandoned Calls by Day Group Service Level Group Service Level by Hour Group Service Level by Day Call Detail by Queue Individual Call Detail IPK II - ACD Reports

  21. Graphs: Queue Monitor Graph Queue Performance Graph Queue Summary Graph Queue Summary by Hour Graph Tables: Agent State Agent Summary Queue Monitor Queue Summary Call Center Monitor Call Center Summary IPK II - ACD MIS

  22. PC Attendant Overview

  23. Workstation Workstation Workstation LAN Server IPK II – PC Attendant • PC Attendant/Assistant provide access to a centralized directory database

  24. Main Screen

  25. Answer an incoming call Place the current active call on hold Transfer the current active call Disconnect the current active call Initiate an outbound call Initiate a conference call Send a Quick Message Start/stop recording of current call Initiate a page using the telephone’s paging system Transfer the active call to a park location Retrieve a call from park location Activate night mode Barge in on an extension Perform a call pickup: Directed or Group Voice over to an extension who is active on a call Set/cancel the Call Forward or DND for the PC Attendant Use this “more” button to view any additional options which are not displayed in the toolbar Function Toolbar

  26. PC Attendant Features • PersonalInformation Manager • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook, ACT! 2005, or Goldmine 6.7 or higher • Screen Pops • An incoming number is located in the contact database, and a screen pop will appear showing the caller’s information as maintained in the Contacts list of Outlook, ACT! 2005 or Goldmine 6.7 or higher

  27. PC Attendant Enhancements • Quick Message to Telephone LCD • Quick Message functionality to use the phone LCD display and soft keys to receive and respond to messages. . • Speed Dial Functionality: • New speed dial functionality accessible through a tab on the Attendant main window

  28. PC Attendant Enhancements • Quick Message to Telephone LCD • Quick Message functionality to use the phone LCD display and soft keys to receive and respond to messages. . • Speed Dial Functionality: • New speed dial functionality accessible through a tab on the Attendant main window

  29. PC Assistant Overview

  30. PC Assistant / Attendant Enhancements • Outlook plug in : • Expanded functionality with an Outlook plug that allows dialing functions from within Outlook. • To use your Outlook to dial the phone number, simply select the contact from outlook or from a screen pop and click on the new dial icon included on the tool bar of the PC Attendant / Assistant.

  31. Workstation Workstation Workstation LAN Server PC Assistant • Specifications • Up to 256 users

  32. PC Assistant Main Screen

  33. On-screen call control On-line directory Call history log Answer incoming call Setup a conference call Page Pickup a ringing call Barge in Setting background music Transfer a call Forward a call Park a call/Unpark call Do not disturb Callback request Auto callback Hang up on a call Create a custom message Voice over split Auto redial Screen Pops Conversation Recording Personal Greeting Features

  34. Call Log Screen Transfer Pop Up Screen Conference Call Pop Up Screen PC Assistant Screens

  35. Hotel/Motel Overview

  36. Hotel/Motel • Wake Up Call - Guests are greeted with music on hold, a prerecorded message or a prerecorded message followed by the time • The front desk is alerted of unanswered wake up calls indicating rooms that may need extra assistance or another wake up reminder • Single Digit Dialing is one digit access to hotel/motel services • Flexible Numbering Plan– The IPK II’s numbering plan can be set so the room number and extension number are the same • Facilitates calling guest rooms by matching the telephone system’s numbering plan to the room numbers

  37. Hotel Motel Features • Room to Room Calling Restriction– Guest rooms can be prevented from calling each other • Dual Toll Restriction Check In Mode – Two different toll restriction modes may be set. This allows guests to dial freely when the room is occupied but when vacant the room’s telephone can be restricted • Room Status – Status of each guest room can be monitored including, Checked In, Checked Out, Maid Required, and Maid in Room

  38. Hotel Motel Features • Room Status Printout– An up to the minute summary report of all room’s and their Status, Calling Restrictions, Do Not Disturb Status, Message Waiting Status and Wake Up Call status can be generated for management review • DSS Console Monitoring Mode – DSS console used to provide at a glance monitoring status • Do Not Disturb– A guest desiring privacy can set their telephone in Do Not Disturb • Prevents unwanted calls and pages so the guest can work or rest uninterrupted

  39. Hotel Motel - Property Management System (PMS) Integration • Interface protocol available; • NEAX protocol (Model 90) • DSS Console Efficiency • A Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console can have to have a shift key to expand the capacity of a console. • Two pages (or sheets) are available. • In Page 1 mode, keys 01 ~ 54 are available for DSS/BLF function, feature access, etc. In Page 2 mode, an additional 54 keys (keys 01 ~ 54) are available for DSS/BLF function, feature access, etc. Keys 55 ~ 60 do not shift.

  40. Multimedia Conference Bridge

  41. Conference Creation • Easy conference setup • The users can specify duration, number of participants • Each participant gets unique password • Intuitive GUI, no special user training required • Online help

  42. Multimedia Conference Bridge Enhancement Improved Host Features • Conference can be declared ended • Conference can be extended • Lockout the conference bridge from additional participants making the conference more secure. • Add ports to the conference (if available free) by accessing Web Interface – edit conference.

  43. Audio Conference Units • Analog Wired Audio Conference Unit • NEC Conference MAX • Analog Wireless Audio Conference Unit • NEC Conference MAX Plus Wall Analog Line AC Power Analog Line Wireless AC Power

  44. Call Analyst

  45. Call Analyst • Three versions with the same feature set • Up to 20 seat version • 20+ seat version • Network Version

  46. Call Analyst Report

  47. Call Analyst Report

  48. Branch and Gateway Products

  49. 8 Port IP Branch/Gateway • What is it • Higher Port Density Solution • MobileConneX Application • Configuration Examples

  50. What Is MobileConneX? • A software feature that puts IPKII features and dial tone on cellular and touch tone phones • Software feature is included with the 8 port IP Gateway at no additional cost

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