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Nian The Beast

Nian The Beast

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Nian The Beast

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  1. Nian The Beast By Patrick Walton

  2. Nian the beast was a gigantic horrible beast who raided villages on Spring Festival Eve. Nian would burn crops and eat people and animals alive. It came to the point were people would leave the villages and hide in the nearby mountains.

  3. After years of hiding in the mountains a wise old man came into the villages just as they were preparing to leave for the mountains. The wise old man would ask for shelter and in return get rid of the horrid beast Nian.

  4. On Spring Festival Eve at midnight Nian would rise out of the ocean to the surprise of the house where the wise man was lit with candles. The beast rushed to the house but just before he got to the door the wise old man lit fireworks off inside of the house. Just then the old man jumped out in only red and scared the horrible beast whowas afraid of red and the sound of fireworks

  5. The villagers came back surprised to see the old man eaten alive. The wise old man then told the villagers what he had done and how Nian would never return. So from that point on the villagers would live in peace and harmony and celebrate Spring Festival Eve together.